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Vintage Pedal Cars

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Ron Funkhouser, Apr 30, 2018.

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  2. jnaki
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    Disneyland for pedal cars and stuff, in the Shenandoah Valley.

    Hey Ron,

    We all would like to be your grand kids as they have a ton of stuff to do every time they visit grandma and grandpa. You/they are lucky to have such a cool place for them to spend countless hours of enjoyment. We have a few items left of our grand daughter growing up and playing with things. But, they are beginning to get packed up and stored away in cabinets of the garage as her interests and growth continue.

    Your collection of pedal cars reminded me every time I needed to get one of the family cars serviced for a California Smog Check Certificate. Our neighborhood mechanic has always had this cool roadster sitting on the cabinet in his office/workroom.
    As I am sitting there watching the smog test going on, I can't help but see that cool little pedal car.

    The shop's owner is the original pedal car owner and his kids have gone through the “growing up in that roadster” phase. He once had it on the floor of his shop and some visiting kid got stuck in it, so it now sits on top of a pair of filing cabinets. When our granddaughter was very little, I asked the owner if he would sell it, and at the time, his grand kids were using it when they visited grandpa. Of course, the answer was no… Today, he said that there were/are too many memories of past use.


    Yes, I ask him every two years when I visit his shop. No, is always the answer. But, maybe, one day???
    upload_2018-5-17_16-46-4.png real, removable, knock off spinner caps…
  3. raymay
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  4. Tritone
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    Me too! Goes well with my red kitchen, don'cha think?
  5. Sorry, I just noticed your question, it's a 1950s BMC. Is that you in the picture? Here's one that needs restored, if your interested.:) That's a cool old photo. Ron.... 380.jpg
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  6. 1low52
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    Ronnie gave me this one that he said he found in the trash and was too far gone for him to restore.
    I made a 'wagon' out of it and all my grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. love to go for rides.
    And yes, Ron has a toy collecting 'problem'. lol

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  7. Cool thread. I have never had a vintage pedal car of my own, but did restore a couple for other people several years ago. I wish I could find one like the red one I restored, but probably couldn't afford it if I did... I did buy a couple reproduction ones from Speedway for my own kids to play with when they were young and I suppose if I keep them long enough, they will be old someday. :D
  8. It's an AMC Skylark right? At least thats what I have found since the post. Yes that is me in the car. Probably 1963.
  9. Barn Hunter
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    Barn Hunter

    Sad face dump. All original paint and decals. Even still has the original cardboard seat insert. 20180620_110905 (2).jpg
  10. COOL PHOTO Jim, what I understand is, the early ones were BMC, and the newer ones, and do have the same body, are the AMF Skylarks. ;)
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  11. 1-SHOT
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    IMG_1455.JPG Here is mine all 12volts and will do wheelies has a disc brake.
    P.M. Me if interested ! Frank
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  12. paul philliup
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    paul philliup
    from ohio

    IMG_20170227_103500079.jpg IMG_20170204_130527528.jpg IMG_20170204_130511431.jpg My 90 year old neighbor did this complete with leather seat
  13. WQ59B
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    I've had a handful pass thru my hands. The 2 pictured here belonged to my wife's aunt (born 1926)- That's a Willys Overland on the bottom, tho I thought the US Mail plane was the coolest. I sold them in '99.

    Then I was able to sell the aunt's son's pedal stuff- how about a '65 Pedal tractor & a Lil Skipper pedal boat, both mint in box and never assembled.
    pedal plane & Willys 1800 '99.jpg
    MT-01 $500.jpg
  14. Dave B.
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    Dave B.

    Thought I'd post mine as well.
    Here I am at almost 3 years old - June 5, 1952 (thanks to my mom writing on the back of photos...): DavesStationWagon.jpg

    We lived in the country and there were no real sidewalks to 'drive' on; so, the pedal car didn't get a lot of use.
    I still have the "Station Wagon". Here's how it looks today:
  15. I thought this thread needed a bump. Lets see some more pedal cars! Here's a photo of my older grandson in his first car. He put a lot of miles on it in the basement of their home. It has a few dings, and scratches on it now. His Mom now has it hanging in their garage, and is keeping it for him. So he will always have his first car.:) 348.jpg
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  17. A old steelcraft that I found at a flea market for $400. A good deal??? 20190313_084413.jpeg

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  18. FlyinA
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    Saw this one at Turlock

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  19. raymay
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    This one was a rotted mess and missing most of the back when I found it. I rebuilt it several years ago as a combination stroller/pedal car for my Grandsons. I still have it and today my 3 year old Grand Daughter saw it in my basement and was playing with it.

    pedal1.JPG pedal2.JPG cruisers.JPG
  20. I just finished restoring this Mustang pedal car. They are a Ford Licensed product that was available at the dealership when the real Mustang made its debut. Sold then for 12.98..... Pretty much one of the last metal pedal cars... Mustang1.JPG Mustang2.JPG
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  21. Hemiman 426
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    Hemiman 426
    from Tulsa, Ok.

    plane1.jpg Aircraft are in my blood! Had to pick this up for the grandsons to use.
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  22. southerncad
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    Anyone know what make these pedal cars are that my Dad and Uncle are enjoying?
  23. ... My cousin's Austin pedal car made in England ...
    20200203_143332.jpg 20200203_142644.jpg 20200203_142614.jpg 20200203_142525.jpg 20200203_144709.jpg
  24. Sweet Austin, Thanks for posting. I could never find one in my price range. It would be soo cool to find a rough one, and make a gasser with it. I just got one of those mobility scooters. I'm planning on adding a 32 three window body to it. It's time I need to cruise the swap meets. I can't walk all day anymore. I'll post pictures when I finish it. It's the one in the photo I used it as a stroller. Lets see some more pictures of pedal cars. Thanks Ron..... 133.jpg
  25. Built these from scratch over the years.
    The RPU is all steel I built for my grandson. Handle drops off and it can be used as a gravity racer. It has steering, brakes and headlights.

    The Model A roadster is all aluminum. Built this to pull my buddy’s Chihuahua. Rodie the road dog.

    Hope you enjoy.


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  26. A couple more

    The doors open and so does tailgate.

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  27. This is a 1929 Mack Dump Truck. It cost a whopping $8.98 in that year. Of course that was over 90 years ago and in the middle of the great depression.It has a leaf spring rear suspension and a handle that operates the dump bed. DSCN0250.JPG DSCN0251.JPG DSCN0252.JPG

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  28. Thanks ( Chaz ) Great job on the restoration of your Mack Dump truck. I have an old rusty Mack fire truck. Ron...... 20200316_234117.jpeg 20200316_234222.jpeg 20200316_234256.jpeg

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