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Vintage minibikes

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by INJUNTOM, Jul 7, 2006.

  1. Best match that I can come up with is a deckson hunter, but that's an Aussie bike. Anyone know the American version of that if there is one? They could be had with 2 stroke or 4stroke

    image.jpg image.jpg
  2. I had a Rupp, when I was like 14? Sold it, when I was 15 7/8, to help fund my '69 Nova SS purchase.
    Really wish I still had it. It was SO much fun!!
  3. Prepping my Honda "QA70" for the upcoming race season
  4. LONG
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    yes, I'm a new member there and those dudes will hook you up. go to the WHAT IS IT section. they've already ID'd 2 bikes for me.
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  5. aldixie
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    Can anyone ID this mini bike frame I just got. A dear friend passed away last week aged 92 and we have been clearing out the junk. This was on his junk pile. It looks like it was originally metallic blue with white pin striping. Thanks.

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  6. curtalcorn
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    My '77... whatever the hell it is. Found it in a field when I was 10, finally getting around to getting it together again, now that my brother has a '73 Keystone. Posted it in OMB's "What is it?' section, need to figure out what it is, I need brake shoes and some other stuff.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  7. Marty Strode
    Joined: Apr 28, 2011
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    Marty Strode

    I am working on this Bonanza, and wondering about gearing. It has an automatic clutch, with 12 teeth, and a 72 tooth rear sprocket. Don't know the HP of the Briggs engine, will it haul a 185 lb person, without a jack-shaft or torque-converter ? IMG_5657.JPG IMG_5658.JPG
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  8. Im thinking K&S Hornet. Kinda hard to tell from the angles you show.
  9. Your 12-72 gearing should work fine. My Taco had 12-70 gears and ran great with a 3 1/2 horse Briggs.
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  10. JSHAW
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    A couple of us got together for a ride Memorial Day in downtown Phoenix. It was a Blast!!
    PicsArt951432587871976.jpg 20150525_084318.jpg IMG_9143.jpg IMG_6390.jpg IMG_1414.jpg
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  11. image.jpg
    Picked up from the powder coater
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  12. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Anyone know what brand this one is? Bought it off EBay yesterday and drove 3 hours both ways this morning to pick it up in N.C.. Can't find any I.D on it yet. Got a lot of good stuff on it as far as aluminum hubs and big brakes. What brand of motor is it?
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  13. rodsNchops
    Joined: Jun 19, 2015
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    I love that this thread exists. I just picked this up.

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  14. image.jpg Just found out mine is a Bird Engineering brand. Lots of cool sites about minis.
    It's a Bird 'Sprite'.
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  15. Yours is a bird Engineering Mini Bike. I have two. Notice the location of the rear axle on the red one. I moved it up to lower the Mini Bike, I also Shortened the front forks. The gold one is getting redone, and it has the same modifications now. Here's some sites to look at.
    100_0708.jpg Orangewheels008.jpg
  16. I like the lowering idea. Did these come with Tecumseh engines? I guess that's what this one is, but all the covers are gone along with the carb. Does have the original seat and muffler, also been converted from the scrub brake to a hub brake. Also missing the cool kickstand. Is there a source for those?
    That red one of yours almost matches my truck.
  17. How's that lowered rig work/ride/turn?
    Appears that the pegs are into the dirt with just a slight turn/lean.
  18. wrljet
    Joined: Feb 25, 2015
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    It's a Tecumseh.
    Send a picture of the intake/exhaust/carb area for better I.D.


  19. Thanks Bill. Here's a pic of the engine. image.jpg
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  20. Radford46, 3 hours to buy a minibike???? Hell yeah :cool:

  21. Yeah, but to be fair, it's through some of the most beautiful farm and country land in Virginia and Carolina. I ran through 1 hometown parade and 3 different car shows on the 2 lane road route I took. Working on a Go Devil acquisition right now. Damn, this stuff is like crack!
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  22. Crack? Yes it is, I wanna open up a Taco Minibike dealership, here in O-town.

    Hey 31vickiwitha hemi, That would fit in the trunk of your Hot Rod, in case you ever break a spare.
    Hows life up in my favorite town?? Miss Cleveland so much. Wanna trade? Only been 95 last 2 weeks.
  23. Lots of rain.
    Sun comes out just long enough to get everything unbearably muggy, just before it drys out the rain comes again.

    Everyone i see has a bad attitude and a case of swamp ass. Lots of muffin tops too. I'll trade

    Typical Orlando beach
    Typical cleveland beach
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  24. That's the one, even has the bag, and powder coated. I'm trying to weasel him down from 399.00. It's in pieces. What's a good deal?

  25. I have no idea, but having all the pieces is pretty important. Otherwise you gotta hunt them down first & then pay thru the nose. Or make them.

    Ever notice that these things (old minibikes) are worth way more apart than together? I'm almost fully convinced you could make 3-5 times more money taking complete bikes apart and selling the pieces than you could ever make putting them back together. I have a Harley 90 shortster that needs parts.
  26. Looks like the only real problem is a typical broken rim on a wheel, that's besides trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle of parts. Fuji motor is intact and looks good.
  27. 41FordVert
    Joined: Sep 1, 2013
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    My son's '58 Cushman Cast Iron Eagle. 5 hp Husky engine. Coral paint. All original bike. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1434943007.798597.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1434943035.497990.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1434943089.781498.jpg

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  28. curtalcorn
    Joined: May 31, 2015
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    I had a GX200 sitting around, came with a pressure washer. It made some noise when you spun it over by hand, so I took it apart to see what was wrong, and couldn't find anything. Going to give it a quick hone, GX160 head with port work, cam, rockers, push rods, billet rod and flywheel, Mikuni carb, and see how it goes from there. Probably not HAMB friendly, but whatever, more power is more better.

    Got bored and decided it needed to be shiny, so I started off with the case side.
    With the longer shocks, the upper rear part of the frame sat really steep, so I sliced the welds enough to put a jack under it and adjust it. I found a chunk of an old moving dolly that my dad cut up for soapbox derby cars a while ago, which happened to be the only piece of scrap tubing, and the right length. Notched it out, set it in place, and thought the bend looked perfect, and allowed the tank to sit high in hopes of clearing the motor. I'll be whipping up some gussets for everywhere on the top portion of the frame, so no need to worry about that. Sort of going for a cafe racer look. Planning on spraying it in some fancy white Endura with red and polished accents.

    Couldn't find the gas cap for the Toro snowblower gas tank, but I found the cap off my old John Deere JDX440 snowmobile. It was the right size, but needed to be half the length. So I chopped it down, corrected the shaft that the float rides on, and now it works flawlessly. The cork needed to drilled out to accommodate the tighter twist.
  29. wrljet
    Joined: Feb 25, 2015
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    Your engine appears to be an H30 of H35. (3 or 3.5HP).
    The only way to distinguish between those without the numbers is to measure
    the cylinder bore. Since your cylinder head bolts are loose you likely won't be
    running that engine again without a new gasket. So when you have the head off
    you can measure the bore with a ruler. Going from memory, the bore of the
    3.5 HP engine is 2-1/2".

    The reason I asked to see that side of the engine is because the HS40 (4 HP)
    engines which were common on minibikes of that vintage have the intake
    and exhaust ports swapped around with the intake on the PTO side.



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