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Vintage Ford Stock Cars. Hows and Whys??

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Enbloc, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. ford6man27
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    Do a search for vintage modifieds at Crawford County There is a link to a video of the last few laps of one of our vintage races.

  2. man-a-fre
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    radius rod nerf bars[​IMG][​IMG]
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  3. man-a-fre
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  4. man-a-fre....... love the photos . Boy do they bring back the memorys. not that patickular car but there were so many like it .Man I can see the dust just flying off the wheels now
  5. man-a-fre
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    Cut louvers with a torch in the back of the roof,and use braze whenever possible to make it that much harder for the guy to straighten it out years later.:D
  6. mickeyc
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    Get a copy of the book " Driving with the Devil" by Neal Thompson.
    A good read with a lot reference to early Ford coups and their set up for hauling liquor and the evolution to stock racing with the same cars. It does include some of the set up methods used by guys like Red Vioght
    who was the mechanic for Raymond Parker, one of the first multi car team owners.
  7. Thanks.
  8. Enbloc, Are you thinking of doing a build with the info you find hear on the hamb. I think that would be a bad ass build to say the least....
  9. Yes and no! :D

    I've got a '36 Coupe that I've started participating in hillclimbs, sprints and the like.
    As always the path of motorsports is a slippery slope and I'm constanstly looking to improve brakes, suspension, steering etc. But at the same time keeping to the Early Ford running gear and period mods.

  10. That is one beautiful '36 3 window, Enbloc..............................Don.
  11. Enbloc, I'd say that 36 is way to nice to do that to .Just my opinnion now mind you. There are still some 36's around that would be a candadate for such a project . Very few 36's around as nice as yours .....BEAUTIFUL CAR MAN......
  12. fuel pump
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    fuel pump
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    from Caro,MI

    I see Ron Tilley is shown as the driver. Is he a relative of Ray's?
  13. Don't get me wrong. I'm not about to cut the arches back and start pounding it around the dirt tracks!

    I thought I'd prod into the world of early stock cars and see if there was any tips or tricks to pick up.
  14. SUHRsc
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    Ray's brother...

    you've got her set pretty deep into the corner to be waving at the camera! ;)
  15. Ha! Yeh, I noticed that too.

    I think it was more a moment of trying to dial in some more steering lock!
  16. one thing you could do is upgrade your brakes to say 48 - 52 f1 truck 2 inch wide drums and shoes. Or late fiftys buick drums and brakes ... Brakes are the best performance upgrade for racing next H.P. No matter how fast you go you always have to slow down sometime....

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  17. PackardV8
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    Do you have aluminum heads, intake, radiator, water pumps, battery in the trunk?

    On thing I haven't seen mentioned is axle straps. One cheap fix was to take old aircraft seat belts and make strap loops under each axle and attached to the frame. When hard into a turn, body would roll and tighten the strap, attempting to limit the body roll, would almost pick the inside rear tire off an asphalt track. Of course, the welded spider gears would lock the axle so the inside tire couldn't spin.

    jack vines
  18. Yeah baby, I had forgoten about axel straps. We used a pcs. of chain welded to the frame and looped under the axel and back up then used a bolt through differenf links for adjustment .Great memory there PackardV8. that was cutting edge stuff back then. Thats whats so neet about this thread so many forgoten ideas recovered by fellow H.A.M.B. members. keep em coming fellas

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