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History Vintage Bonneville car pictures

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dean Lowe, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. The "Wee EEl II". Els was quite a character. The engine was a Morris Minor. He had the car on the salt in 62 with Demar Ray wrenching on the blown engine. Els was on a record run at something over 200 when he screwed up and shifted from second back to first instead of third. There was nothing left of the engine to save! Demar had months of dyno time invested. I thought he was going to choke the life out of Els. That was the end of that partnership. :mad:
  2. These two gave the Kenz & Leslie boys a run for their money.

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  3. The beginning of the Kenz & Leslie streamliner. Over 140 in 1949. The 31 A cab wasn't the most aerodynamic body choice. But the performance encouraged the team to morph it into the streamliner.

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  4. comp
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    from So. IN.

    good thread :D
  5. Fred Carrillo ran this one 240 in 53 without a blower. The 2 piece fiberglas body was very advanced. Another well engineered streamliner.

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  6. The Mal Hooper-Bob Bowen Shadoff Special. Another 240 mph unblown early hemi. Shadoff was an old time Chrysler-Plymouth dealership in old town Pomona with a 40+ year history.

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  7. The first Bonneville effort by Red Holmes and Jerry Kugel. They ran this 34 on the salt in 63 with a 300" sbc, I think around 160mph. look close and you'll see the scoops on the hood are made from an SBC valve cover cut in half. Jerry was always good at staying under budget!

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  8. Bruce Geisler's multi class record holding Stude on the salt in 63.

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  9. Athol Graham's ill fated Allison powered streamliner. Ran over 340, but crashed and took his life.

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    found these pictures ina thrift store in town. let's see if the scan will work..

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  11. denis4x4
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    from Colorado

    The Wee EEl is on display at the American Museum of Speed in Lincoln NB
  12. Found a copy on the net. 20 bucks including shipping. It came today. Still can't believe I missed that issue in '61. Thanks again for bringing the pic to my attention. :D
  13. RichFox
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    I bought this thing in '65 as an old drag car. This picture was taken in '78 just before it's first trip to the salt. XX/GCC record off the trailer

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  14. Kiwi Tinbender
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    Kiwi Tinbender

    The Wee Eel is actually in the foyer at the Nugget in Wendover....upstairs at the complex of rooms where the 200 MPH Club Banquet is held every year.....saw it again last week. Even though I don`t / can`t go to the banquet, I sneak up every year to see if I can see some living History....This year Otto Ryssman was staying at the Rainbow in the room across from me...I got to meet him and Art Chrisman....the fourth and fifth members of the 2 Club...and the oldest surviving...
  15. I could be wrong, but I think there was a Wee Eel I and II.
  16. RichFox
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    I think at first there was a Wee Eel with a Renalut engine in it that was replaced with Coventry Climax and a smaller car Wee Wee Eel built for the Renault engine
  17. Rootie Kazoootie
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    Rootie Kazoootie
    from Colorado

    The one in the pictures is a blown BMC 948 A series Sprite/Morris engine.
  18. George Zaft 1951
  19. mbstude
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    Studebaker Avanti with Andy Granatelli behind the wheel.

  20. What a cool roadster! Great push car too!!:cool: Roll bar standards wern't watched to closely in 51. :eek:
  21. The Xydias & Batchelor So-Cal streamliner. Built on the So-Cal tank's chassis, went 210 in 1950 with an unblown flathead.

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  22. TraderJack
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    Here's a black and white version.

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  24. M.D.
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    Aren't there more vinatage Bonneville pics lurking out there somewhere?
  25. WestCoastChris
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    from Vista

    Murray & Waters

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  26. ndebt
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  27. Been awhile - anyone have anything new?
  28. gnarlytyler
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    that stude is just wayy tough lookin'!!
  29. mac miller
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    mac miller
    from INDY

    Here is a small pic of the Bill Burke, Harley powered streamliner, in the early 50s. This car was based on the Factory MG Streamliner. It ran 152 MPH.

    The good news is that this car is restored and owned by Jerry Baker(Weeks) here in INDY. I was pleased to do the restoration of the fiberglass bodywork in my shop.

    This car returned to Bonneville this year for a reunion with its original builder and made a ceremonial run complete with timing sheet.

    There will be a nice multi page spread on this car in the Jan issue of Hot Rod DeLuxe mag.

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    Last edited: Nov 6, 2008
  30. The car looked great this year:


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