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Vintage Appliances

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by Maverick Daddy, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. What kind of vintage appliances are you still using? and what are you using them for?
  2. 101815170712.jpg 101815170728.jpg
    This is a 1955 G.E. apartment style stove, that my wife Purchased before we got married. its in almost perfect condition, and has all of the original paperwork still attached to the broiler drawer. we plan on putting it in the shop, for when we have partys.
  3. Osoty
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    Picked this one up at a building salvage place. Only needed a new plug 20180430_172210.jpg
    20180430_172210.jpg 20180430_172210.jpg 20180430_172210.jpg 20180430_172210.jpg
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  4. Moriarity
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  6. My Fridgidaire works, but needs a thermostat. Froze all the I store spray paint in it for now. 20180430_201557.jpg

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  7. CodeMonkey
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    from Moline IL

    I've had this since 1980 or so. According to the serial number tag it's a 1955 Vendo V-110 unit. I got it from a local real estate agent who was cleaning out a rental property. The price was right (free), and it sat largely unused on my front porch until we moved to Illinois in 1991. Redid the wiring, plugged it in and it would get cold enough to turn pop into slush once you opened the bottle. Fast forward 10 years without a problem until the thermostat failed and fried the compressor. By then we were using it too much to not get it fixed - the replacement compressor/condenser unit have been keeping things cool since then. The coin mechanism still works. That used to be the test - if you were too drunk to work the mechanism (or couldn't get the dime in the slot) it was time to quit drinking.
  8. winduptoy
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    Cordless. I know I'll be smelling coffee soon right after I hear the noise of her cranking the grinder.

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  9. 1947knuck
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    Here's a vintage looking faucet with an obvious use, does this count. 8a7221cbf7200bb7d6e2e8d770ce6324.jpg
  10. nunattax
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  11. Vanness
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    Not sure On the use???? Lol
  12. Works for me.... I need a faucet like that in my house.

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  13. Osoty
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    Cool soda machine. Your door poster is sweet
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  14. 3099.jpeg
    the kitchen in my brothers church. Lots of mid-century goin on here.
  15. IronTrap
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    Man I'd kill to have that in my kitchen. Looks to be in great shape!
  16. nunattax
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    J D on tap
  17. Truck64
    Joined: Oct 18, 2015
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    from Ioway

    I knew an elderly couple who weren't really poor, but they were frugal I guess you could call it. Came with the territory of living through the Great Depression and World War II rationing shortages I suppose. There was a shortage of housing after the war, and the single family homes built were awfully small by today's standards. Small lots, etc. Anyway they received a Philco refrigerator as a wedding gift in 1948, as of a few years ago at least they were still using it; not as their kitchen refrigerator but in the basement to store soda for grandkids. The original stove was still in daily use though.

    One thing you'll hear a lot on the "public service" ad council buys on the radio & television is that old refrigerators are wasteful of energy and you should buy a new one, take advantage of tax credits. This is basically nothing else than an unmitigated lie, if one were to measure the actual current draw these things use less energy, they just sip the juice, and are also very quiet. No automatic DeFrost also contributes to less energy use. There were some models produced in the 1970s that are energy hogs, I think that's where they derive their claims. In any case we're still only talking pennies a day to operate, so I'm not sure what the fuss is about in the first place. And the modern "Energy Star" appliances will not last 75 years, no fucking way. In many cases a better appliance is being replaced with another simply for cosmetics. I can see where someone would get tired of an outdated color scheme or whatever, but it's pretty sad from a technical and dollars and sense perspective.

    Someone should pencil out the energy required to ship scrap steel all the way to the other side of the planet and back again as a finished refrigerator (only to be replaced in ten years because it's a POS.) That's not "saving" energy.
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  18. nunattax
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    I AGREE 100%
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