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Technical Vin number

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by cammer8, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. gimpyshotrods
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  2. 911 steve
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    911 steve
    from nebraska

    vin check should be the 1st thing done before purchase, why buy a car you cant legally register???
  3. Mr48chev
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    I'd see if the state does "engine swap" titles, When I bought my 48 in Texas in 1973 the Texas title was branded "engine swap" and used the door post tag rather than the engine serial number.
    A simple "I need to update the title because I swapped engines in it, The old engine was junk" would seem reasonable when you show up with everything freshly painted and spiffed up engine wise. Not having the old block for show and tell might be an issue but because the title has been in your name for quite a while it shouldn't be a deal breaker.
  4. Ha ha, you said VIN number:p:D
  5. jimgoetz
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    This is true. The #'s weren't ever stamped that great either. If you still have the car apart check the other two locations and maybe find one that is more legible and hopefully matches the title.
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  6. Never2old
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    from so cal

    I stamped my TCI frame with the number that was on the original title, engine and frame. I then notched the fender so it’s easy to see. Had no problem here in California.

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  7. k80rvs
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    At some point does the SOS/ DMV use the cowl numbers for identifiers on the title instead of the numbers in the door frame? Just realizing this after 5 years of owning the car.
  8. FalconMan
    Joined: Sep 9, 2008
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    from Minnesota

    I sold my 32 coupe last year out of state... which required an inspection by the buyer's state. It was a Henry coupe ... with a new aftermarket frame with no S/N. I had a legit title with a 18-xxxxx S/N. It took a year to figure out the cluster F*&#.
  9. Buy a set of stamps and put the No. on the paperwork out there in the open near the steering box where it's easy to see, Oh you can make the star pattern using the V stamp and some tricky angles.
  10. jimgoetz
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    I have a 27 on a 32 frame that was last titled in PA to the 32 frame #'s. I had to have the number verified before I could get an Ohio title and I had it done while I had the body off. The title reads 1927 Ford Roadster. I did stamp the number on the K member where you can see it now when you remove a panel to access the master cylinder.

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  11. MO54Frank
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    A man who posts often on Stovebolt lived in NY state for decades then moved to NC. He had lots of trouble getting a NC title for one of his trucks he had owned for about 30 years with a clean/clear NY title. It took a court order to get it done. So, advice about what works or is legal in one state/province may not apply to another.
  12. Pat Thompson
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    Pat Thompson

    I know a guy here in Illinois who bought a 37 Plymouth "stock" not running. He went to get the title changed and they found out it has a 38 flathead six in it. Wrong ID number on the motor. . This car hasn't ran for years but they told him he didn't have the necessary info to get a title. The car has now sat in his garage for a good10 years because no title. How many streetrods, including mine don't have the original motor in them? How many Tv shows do they either go out and get another same year used frame or buy a new one and build the car on? Just food for thought. I know in Illinois it has become a challenge to get a pre 48 Streetrod titled and licensed. They want receipts for every newer part on the car and you have to have it inspected by State Police, at their inspection facility to get things done.
  13. Johnboy34
    Joined: Jul 12, 2011
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    from Seattle,Wa

    It was a simple question, does the number on your title start with 18- like a Ford that year should? Do the numbers you CAN read on the frame start with 18-? You haven't been back or bothered to answer? You might need to buy an old frame & title that match to get out of this mess. Don't be ticked off at everyone, you asked.

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  14. gene-koning
    Joined: Oct 28, 2016
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    Does your friend still have the original paper work for the 37 Plymouth?
    Times have changed in IL. Take the original title back in and try it again. These days, the state is more understanding about old cars having had the motors changed. Another option may be a bonded title.
    My Plymouth coupe is titled by the serial number on the door post. Gene
  15. 1946caddy
    Joined: Dec 18, 2013
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    from washington

    Looking to buy a 1930-31 Model A coupe that the title doesn't match the frame for 10 cents, opps, I mean 5 cents on the dollar. Let me take that problem off your hands. ;):):):)
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2020
  16. Budget36
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    What's your preferred method? I've a known good s/n on a frame that was ground down...not intentionally, but when the crossmember was put in, I was a bit zealous cleaning things up.
  17. Pat Thompson
    Joined: Apr 29, 2012
    Posts: 225

    Pat Thompson

    It s ben a few years. Originally they threw a it because the number on the motor didn't match the title. I'll tell him to try again, thanks.
  18. I think the bottom line on all of these title questions asked on the HAMB, is " Ask your department of motor vehicles". They are the law and they can tell you what you need to know instead of getting anecdotal answers from people in 50 different states.
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  19. Fabber McGee
    Joined: Nov 22, 2013
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    Fabber McGee

    More nit picking just for the fun of it, but the term hot water heater used in reference to automotive items would be a personnel heater that operates on hot water from the engine, as opposed to one that uses hot air from the exhaust manifold or a flame provided by gas, diesel, propane or some other combustible.

    Good luck with the VIN number number problem.
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  20. Magfiend
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    I know it's unrelated but I have an Illinois state issued S/N for a '32 "Two Door". Have the tag for the doorjamb as well. Never tried to use it to register my Tudor (which was sold several years ago as a project car) Not sure if your state would issue you a new one with the inconsistencies that you have going on...

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