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Hot Rods UPDATE FOUND! Minneapolis Dark Red Rose 1932 hiboy sedan.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Roadsir, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Tonight at a cruise in I ran into a local guy that had a Minnesota Hot Rod with some roots back to the mid-fifties, when it was featured in Cars and Clubs, and he sold it in the early to mid 1990's.

    So here's the run down. It was a 32 Ford sedan with a heavy chop, fenderless, blue metallic, with I believe a black beltline and black chassis, It had a 425 nailhead, I think 2-4's, buick drums. I can't recall the wheels at the time it was sold. They may have been Halibrands.

    He said it went to Milwaukee and one year after the sale the guy called and was under some financial duress and offered it back to him but he passed, and then lost track of the guy...and car.

    I've always been curious where the car went....Anyone know?

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  2. 40 & 61 Fords
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    40 & 61 Fords

    That's always been a "if I won the lottery car" for me!
    I'd love to see that car brought back to how it looked on the cars & clubs cover. If I remember correctly, it still had the horizontal tube grill in it, which help to identify it.
    I was with a buddy who looked at a 32 2 dr that Jim Z. in New Ulm had about 15 years ago. I remember thinking that was maybe the cars & clubs 32, but then learned it wasn't.
  3. Finding the car and getting it back into it's original look in the Cars and Clubs magazine would be beyond cool.

    Surprised no one has posted up...It was really hammered, and had a lot of unique stuff that make it stand out.

    I know exactly where the two door sedan project is that you mentioned. It is still apart, and is mini-tubbed (maybe 2" on each side), so it take a little work to get it right by todays standards...

    Well back up for the Wisconsin guys.....

  4. Back up to see if we can find out where this car went.

  5. Thanks to Barry for seeing the thread on my 32 three window and finding and scanning some pictures of the 32 Sedan that was in Cars an Clubs in 1958.

    Barry took these in June of 2000 right after Back to the 50's and he hauled the car from Minneapolis to Milwaukee.

    The giveaway is the grille insert (50's not 80's) and the unique bobbed frame. The car had American 5 spokes on it when sold.

    So who has it now??


    Same Car!!!
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  6. HA!! 2 cent stamp
  7. yes, the car did come to Milwaukee, northeast side. Before that, I saw the car for sale at "back to the 50's", kick ass chop, cracked lacquer paint, nailhead and more naturally acquired old style character and traditional look that can't be duplicated, no matter who tries. About 5 years ago, I had discussion with the Milwaukee owner, name forgotten, if I see him, I recognize him, he had sold the car and last he heard, the car was in Florida. Some time in the last 2-3 years, the car was for sale on eBay or Craigslist, that's all I have. Curt R
  8. I think the owners name was Tim Keller,(sp)?I was friends with someone that knew of him.
    I remember the car,it was kick ass!!Last time I saw it was out at the expo show in Waukesha,if I remember correct.
    I beleive he sold it years ago,not sure where it went. I haven't seen it for years,I'm geussing it went out of state.

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  9. Thanks for Bumping this...Looks like it paid off.

    Curt and Firepower...Thanks for these leads, one more dot is now connected, I had to change the post description to now include Florida.

    So now let's hear from the FLA guys. The current owner may not have much history on the car...


  10. A Boner
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    A Boner

    Does it have a quick change?
    Does it have split wishbones?
  11. Yes, and Yes. The car went to MN, then WI, then FLA and I'm wondering where it went and how it looks today.

  12. A Boner
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    A Boner

    Ok then, does the tie rod go through the modified split wishbones?
  13. Now that I am not sure of. The car had some othere distinguishing features like the grille insert and the bobbed front frame horns.
  14. Just talked to one of the previous owners. The car had a louvered pan under the gas tank that fit around the quickie. Along with the grille and bobbed front frame horns these would be some distinquishable features.
  15. Wow, Damn near two years exactly since my last post. In January I sold my 32 Roadster and was starting to get sellers remorse as I really hadn't found anything as cool, and certainly nothing that had some history.

    Last night I received a call from Ken who used to own this car in the late 90's and sold the car in 2000 at the MSRA BTTF's. Yesterday he received a call out of the blue from the present owner. He tracked Ken down from some history and information passed along with the car. He indicated that the car was going to be for sale and Ken could have first chance at it. Ken turned it down, and indicated that I would possibly have an interest. So last night I called and after checking out several emails full of photos I am now the owner of the "Dark Red Rose" featured in the May of 58 Cars and Clubs Magazine the issue that also featured the Rhythm Rods club, and a few pictures of my 32 three window. Needless to say I am looking forward to being the steward of this car for years to come.

    Heres a few teaser photos




    More crazed lacquer....! I love it

    Distinctive grille insert, bobbed front rails are original to the 50's build.


    Halibrand has been freshened. Quad straight pipes!

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  16. Squablow
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    I can't see any current pictures, but I love the red version on the magazine cover. Any plans to restore it to that configuration?
  17. Just uploaded......Sorry for the delay. Minor changes...Guides headlights, hot rod column, maybe reversed merc wheels and bias plys, or reversed F1's and baldy caps like the three window, back to some front hair pins like it had in 58.
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  18. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    Man, that's cool! Can't believe you started a thread to find a car, then update it two years later after buying it. Nice!

    Can't wait to see you swap some better wheels on that beauty. ;) :D
  19. titus
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    Hers a scan of the cars and clubs, some detail shots.

    Looks like those might be the original headlights stands other than they were moved behind the shocks.

    anyone identify the steering wheel?

  20. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

    oh man... how cool is that? you got it made! Historic cars rock!
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  21. I was talking to Ken about the wheel tonight. Merc? I need some help on that one.
  22. titus
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    this looks like it minus the horn ring, i recognize the car, i think it was owned by a hamber at one time


    i think this is the car
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  23. Squablow
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    I like the current paint and I like your planned changes. Full moon wheel covers would be neat too. Steering wheel looks like 51 Lincoln without the horn ring. They still had a keyway so they'd fit on an early Ford column.

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  24. mdcolby
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  25. Squablow
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    ^^ great minds think alike.
  26. titus
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    there ya go, that sure looks like it.
  27. A great story, with a happy ending. Congrats!
  28. Jon K the Rhythm Rods historian has been a fantastic resource in helping me find history on the 32 three window, as well as the 40 coupe locating a prior owner, has already helped me get a link to some family members of the 32 sedan. Hopefully this will yield some more details on the car.

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