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TV Lands top ten TV Cars

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Cadillacin Marcus, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Mutt
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    [ QUOTE ]
    Ivo's T bucket from 77 Sunset Strip has to rate somewheres in there

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Ivo's T was across the street at 76 Sunset Strip. Norm Grabowski's T was Kookies car at 77 Sunset Strip. [​IMG]
  2. Wally was cool. If you remember he found out he could part the car out and make more than selling it because it didn't run.

    If I remember correctly he used the term "selling it by the hunk".

    And Lumpy's ragtop Ruled!

  3. Beach Blanket Bingo
  4. Coupe-De-CAB
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    from Nor Cal

    [ QUOTE ]
    The Batmobile!! of Course!!

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I visited a guy in San jose awhile back that owns one of the original Batmobile Prop bodies used in the episodes, it was made of fiberglass and it was an awesome sight to see... and feel:) He showed me all these pics with him and Barris and all these photos of the car on TV sets that were never released to the public. He also owns a yellow jacket ( i guess that was given to him by Barris) that barris wore at times honoring him for his famous designs. He kept showing me pictures in photo albums for proof, just so i'd believe him! He also showed me a Eddie Munster "Coffin" mobile he built and also the Munster mobile and the Green Hornet carparked in his drive way under a car cover as well... i was amazed:) He told me that he used to built hotrods back in the day but got bored with it and started doing stuff for Hollywood instead. The car he has recently aquired a few months back that he's been after for a many years is the car from "Damnation Alley". I didn't get to see that one in person, but i saw pics and it was hella cool. A great guy know with tons of knowledge and very informative and talkative! I ended up meeting him through a mutual friend so I brought over my coupe to show him when i first got it and he was stoked on it. He offered to help me clean it up a bit and even get the interior finished for me and i said that's cool... i like it they way it is, maybe someday:) Haven't spoke with him in a while...wonder what TV show car he's working on now?
    this subject made me think of that story and when i got to see the Batmobile in person for the very first time, it was #7 of the Prop cars they used in the original show... it was Kool and i loved that show...still do! the Batcave Robin,
  5. McGrath
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  6. Jeem
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    Alliance Vendor

    1096, it was actually Bikini Beach. Just bought it. GBP dragster before(?) it was yellow, Ivo's FED (single engine) and his 4 engine deal and a whole bunch of others, awesome! Jeffries MantaRay is in there too along with gokarts, bikinis (of course), Don Rickles and some new kid, Lil Stevie Wonder. All the drag cars mentioned are shown in the pits/staging area as well as doing full passes. Really nice, clear footage, unlike alot of the old drag coverage. All of the GOOD footage was shot right there at Pomona Dragstrip. About 10 bucks at Borders.
  7. oldchevyseller
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    from mankato mn

    who is the hamber that got a ticket in the original batmobile, i remeber the post awhile back he posted a scan of it, that is the best, [​IMG]
  8. Rand Man
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    Rand Man

    The Batmobile was originally a Ford factory show car with a full bubble top. It was based on a Lincoln. It was in a movie with (Cliff Robertson? and Debbie Reynolds?) before the Bat conversion.
  9. HydroClyde
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    77 Sunset Strip....Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb....

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  10. HydroClyde
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    Wally's first car...

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  11. vwpete
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    TV's Beverly Hillbillies' decided it was time to drive a new car, they commissioned George Barris to build the "Beverly Hillbillies Hot Rod" for Jethro. Barris, trying to retain the old jalopy's image that had become the show's trademark, looked for and found a 1921 Olds Roadster. The body was removed and the chassis reworked to accept a '69 olds 442 engine, automatic transmission, rear axle and brakes. Firestone Indy tires and Cragar S/S wheels were used to put the power on the pavement.
    This is one of the coolest cars on TV and most people have never seen it this is only my opinion and that is not much.
    These are the modles of the car can't put my hands on the picture of the real thing.

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