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Projects Tudorfritz slowly builds a Model A (build thread)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tudorfritz, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. I got the drivers side door just about all final sanded. I wipe the panels down with wax and grease remover after I block them to check my progress. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1397967380.584028.jpg
    So far I'm pretty happy with the way it's turning out. I'm hoping to have it ready to paint in a few weeks.

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  2. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400015831.389983.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400015846.965941.jpg
    I painted a hand full of parts the other night.
  3. Rusty Cheese
    Joined: Oct 11, 2010
    Posts: 336

    Rusty Cheese

    Very Cool!!
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  4. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400085096.775733.jpg
    Just finishing up blocking the last panel. I should be ready to paint it next weekend.
  5. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400959212.901072.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400959232.587498.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400959262.480633.jpg
    I painted the underside of the body last night. I'm working on the out side right now, pics soon.
  6. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400959372.955624.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400959390.294954.jpg
    Just about ready to pull the trigger.
  7. Sealer is drying ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400963763.442707.jpg
  8. First coat of color. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400969016.272272.jpg
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  9. That looks fantastic! Really digging the color! This may have been asked before but what kind of primer is that? Never seen primer that color before, or is it the sealer that always gives it the gray color?

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  10. Thanks man, the funky color primer is PPG ncp270. They gray sealer is PPG DP epoxy primer that works as a sealer also. Heading back to the shop now to shoot some clear on it.
  11. Hop2it
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    I am impressed with the paint job and want to give you a big thumbs up. I wanted to see it from the start but could not get the pictures to load up I waited more than 10 min. and gave up,I would really like to see the whole post so will try again later

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  12. Thank you very much. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400983118.894585.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400983136.427106.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1400983152.445383.jpg
    First coat of clear, gonna be a long night. Gotta wait 1/2 hour between each coat.
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  13. brady1929
    Joined: Sep 30, 2006
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  14. Thanks guys, it was a long night. I put 5 coats of clear on it. I finished spraying at 1:30am, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Gonna let it sit for a week before I start blocking the clear and buffing it out. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036519.335981.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036532.151620.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036547.712876.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036564.123407.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036584.781822.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036601.120771.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401036614.942340.jpg
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  15. Spent most of the day cleaning the garage out with the leaf blower. Had to get it cleaned up because my son has been bugging me to go for a ride in the Shoebox. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401049843.050049.jpg
    Joined: Jun 25, 2012
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    from KS

    Love it! A lot of hard work & craftsmanship there. Very nice!!!
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  17. daddylama
    Joined: Feb 20, 2002
    Posts: 930


    mmmm, shiny paint.... refreshing to see a shiny A! (nevermind the primer/rusty one in my garage)
    looks bitchin!
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    Joined: Dec 27, 2009
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    Looking Great Scott. I'll have to stop and see the finished

    VR&C - Mark.
  19. Thanks Mark, absolutely next time your around stop by.
  20. inkstain27
    Joined: Feb 8, 2006
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    Awesome build, great color choice!
  21. Looking good you will be driving her around in no time.took me two weeks after paint
  22. Thanks guys, I still have a lot of work to do before this thing see the road. I'm gonna paint the motor this weekend so I can start assembling it and get it back in the frame with the transmission. Then I'll start on brake lines and fuel lines so I can get the body back on the frame. I just had to bolt a couple things on the body so see what it looked like with a little chrome against the blue. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401311448.724933.jpg
  23. Lukydevl
    Joined: Feb 23, 2010
    Posts: 700

    from Arizona

    Looks Bad Ass!!! Great color..
  24. Thanks man, I'm headed onto the fun part of the build now. I painted the last major part last night, the engine block. I had to set some of the parts on it to see what it will look like. Makes my pants a little tighter when I look at it now. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1401631179.113360.jpg
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  25. Got the clutch and transmission all bolted up and mounted in the frame. Working on brake and fuel lines now. ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1402322955.173515.jpg ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1402322991.592626.jpg
    Joined: Jun 25, 2012
    Posts: 659
    from KS

    Your entire build thread is exceptional talent & results. I need to go back thru in detail a couple of times. :cool:
  27. Thanks man, I worked on the pedal set up last night. I had to weld a bracket to hold the stop ImageUploadedByH.A.M.B.1402424348.812863.jpg light switch. I blasted it to clean it up then painted the master cylinder and pedal bracket.
  28. bengeltiger
    Joined: Mar 3, 2012
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    That's the same color I plan for my '30 coupe (of course I need to start working on it first!) Great build, thanks for sharing it!

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  29. Thanks, yea I love the color. It looks even better out in the sun. At first I was gonna paint it moss green, I'm glad I didn't now.

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