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Tri Year Chevy Spindle Swap

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Hubnut, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. OK guys, I tried searching for some info on this without much luck. Here's the deal, got a buddy w/a 55 that he claims was converted to disc brakes using junkyard parts from a second generation camaro or trans am. The problem is that he did not build the car, and is just going by what the shop that did told him. Now, I have another buddy w/a 56 that is changing his over to roller type bearings using 64 impala hubs, but I'm trying to talk him into going the disc route. So what will work? I've heard about people using s10 control arms w/ camaro spindles and everything in between, but what will REALLY work?
  2. Classic chevy sells brackets that allow you to use early 70's chevelle disc rotors, and calipers. Carlg
  3. squirrel
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    drum brakes work fine....although I did put disks on my 55, since I like making boost with the old 6-71. I got the old style kit (basically just a caliper bracket for each side) from Classic Chevy that uses 69-72 Chevelle rotors and calipers. This setup does move the wheels out a bit, like 3/4" or so?
  4. jaybee
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    1st generation Monte Carlo (or Chevelle/Malibu and other GM variants of that chassis) discs will go right on the original hubs. I have the wheel bearing/seal numbers & such if you want but will need to dig them out of my files, just let me know. You can use either calipers from the same car or the "metric" caliper that was used on 82 & later GM A & G body rwd cars. Mounting brackets are available in the aftermarket but can be made from scratch. Because the bracket is sandwiched between the spindle and steering arm the steering stop pad on the steering arm needs to be ground thinner or the turning radius will be increased. The wheel mounting surface moves outward about 3/8" per side so it does affect back spacing if you want to max out the tire width.
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  5. Here's what I used on my '55 and seems to work OK.
    Heidt 2" dropped spindles with caliper brackets for 69-72 Chevelle calipers.
    69-72 Chevelle calipers.
    1985-1992 S-10 10 1/2" rotors which brought my wheels in about 3/4" from my previous 69-72 11" Chevelle rotors.
    The calipers scrubbed my earlier reversed 15" chevy rims so I went to 16" rims. The wheels needed 12 5/8" inside rim diameter to clear the calipers.
    The S-10 rotors needed metric lug nuts.
    The disc pads on the Chevelle calipers overhang the S-10 rotors by a fraction which is not a problem until the pads are well worn and the overhang tends to scrub the top of the rotors until they flake off.
  6. I did the Chevelle disk brake swap on my '55 before the aftermarked was making disk brake swaps for the Tri-fives. I had found an article in an early 70's Street Rodder Magazine that my dad had.
    The rotor was a bolt on... then you take the stock bolt on bracket, flatten the top out, weld the hole up and re drill that hole (for the big bolt). Then you cut one of the four backing plate ears off of the spindle. Finally, you weld a tab onto the bracket so the bracket can bolt onto the lower ear of the spindle... oh wait, you also have to machine down (I used a hack saw and a file) the boss for the big bolt on the spindle... a lot of work when you can just buy it... cheap.
  7. Packrat
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    On my 57 I did kinda like Johnny Angel, used Heidt's spindles with 92 S-10 rotors and S-10 calipers. Worked real good, the only problem as he said the metric lugs. I run 14 '' Americans, about 1/4'' clearance.

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