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Tri-Five Gassers...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by CDN34Pickup, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Nope, but I’ll try...but one of my favorite wheel combos on any sort of drag inspired hot rod...

    Fronts are likely 15x5 and the backs are likely 15x8...maybe 10...
  2. The wheel tire sizes on it are just about perfect. I feel like I always have a tendency to want to go with a wider rear tire but it's funny how you see one of these cars once in a while where you can say that is the perfect size rear tire.
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  3. Badass! Love the tunnel ram & no front bumper.
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  4. loudbang
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  6. A couple extra doors.... 302960CD-DCE0-414E-8640-1737458D50E6.jpeg
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  7. My old 55 which I ran back in the late 1970's at St. Thomas Dragway .....hard to believe I'm still driving her after 43 it's been a fun ride.

  8. Love your car....hope to make the ELTA deal this Summer...
  9. And, it's still revered by many!!! It's good to see that '55 hot rod, again.
    DSCF3334.JPG DSCF3335.JPG DSCF3336.JPG
  10. Thanks brother....I still carry wonderful memories of having the 55 in Maryland for the JalopyRama Show all those years's much appreciated. Here's a few more from that awesome weekend in Maryland brother....thanks again for great memories with great friends.
    74160699_2503824409846486_8823495905693925376_o.jpg 74172199_2503825049846422_9148193144053956608_o.jpg 75107739_2503828179846109_6160909704533901312_o.jpg 76638481_2503823689846558_1613762574820573184_o.jpg 75210737_2503826933179567_5180052982170910720_o.jpg
  11. Butch M
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    Butch M

    one of the coolest ever
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  12. 1pickup
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    Only pic I have of one I should have kept. Had 'glas '57 front. Wondering where it went. Still around southern WI?
  13. loudbang
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    Any Idea what the dagmar looking bumps are?

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  14. 55Belairman
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    That is the normal place for the horns on a 55. My guess is they are chrome plated horns.
  15. chevy57dude
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    Chrome covers are available for '55 -56 horns.
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  16. rooman
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    Not really complaining as I suggested in my post that the car was probably a little too new for the HAMB but my recent post of Bill and Austin Carter's candy red 55 just got deleted. My concern is that it was deleted for being too "pro street" while other posts such as this one are considered OK .

  17. Wow...anymore details...drivetrain set’s..
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  18. 1pickup
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    et: as fast as we could push. No engine or trans, gutted interior, no roll bar, stock front a arm suspension. I think it may have had a bigger GM rear end. Hard to recall from 30 years ago. I bought it cheap, and sold it for a little more, without doing much to it. Always regretted it. My kid wishes it was still here, as he'd love to build it now. Was hoping it would ring a bell for someone that could give me some more info as to where it came from before I got it (80's) & where it went after I sold it. Maybe a Union Grove car from the 60's-70's? Guy I sold it to lived near Lodi, WI. He's passed. never found out what happened to it.
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  19. Can’t keep em all....wish that we could..
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  20. Nice one on the track... D3E4CA4C-4E67-45B6-98D1-2BA10205766C.jpeg
  21. Off hand, I'd have to say horns, but my pic was so long ago that I just can't recall. Perhaps Fast Elvis will chime back in with the answer.
  22. Great car, great times, great memories, great friends. It doesn't get much better than that!!! Great to see you back on the HAMB, too! Those are some terrific pix of your visit. That '55 is the best looking car on the road! Here's one more that I overlooked when posting the others.
  23. Just about have the interior and exterior buttoned up. I did add a set of ceramic coated long tubes (not period correct, but screw it) not seen in the pic. Need to figure out an exhaust now. tcEyWtc.jpeg lcuM7Vl.jpeg

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  24. I love that Ford hood on that Chevy haha.... very cool car...more details?
  25. Well, I've been through every nut and bolt on this car in the 14 years I've owned it. No history on the car, but it was originally a 210 with a V8 and a Powerglide. Local car it's whole life. Bought it from an older guy in Jersey. Was young and dumb, paid too much and didn't check it over well enough. Should have been more suspicious on the test drive when I couldn't leave the parking lot in it. Looked like a solid car, but was a mess after I got it home. Had a tired 400 small block with milled 305 heads, Victor Jr intake and a 600 Holley. 3 different style valves in the heads. Wouldn't rev over 3000rpm in gear. It had what looked like a stock 55 rear end, but some asshole swapped the factory center section for an early Nova piece. Found that out after I blew that to smithereens after installing the new engine. They also welded the bearings to the axles. So the nice old guy that sold it to me either threw it together with garbage to make a quick buck or someone else did the same thing to him. Fenders and doors are from different cars. Floors were patched, driver side rocker was hacked in, many of the floor supports were toast and the perimeter sheet metal was rough. Rear shock mounts were blown out from air shocks. Wiring was a total rat's nest. I've rewired a bit of it, and I have a complete new harness from American Autowire waiting to go in. On the surface it was your standard street rod 55. 2" drop spindles up front, metric front disc brake conversion (found out the rear drums never worked when I replaced the rear a few years ago), shit like that. It was just very poorly cobbled together once you dug into it.
    Anyway, it's been a slow and constant evolution, one piece at a time like Johnny Cash said. It's never been off the road for more than a month or so. I decided to go gasser with it about 4 years ago, but a lot of the work I did in the past still remains.
    First major job was the engine. Pulled the 400 and replaced it with a low mileage Vortec 350 my dad and I built. Kept the factory crank and rods, but added Keith Black 10.8:1 pistons, Comp XR294HR cam, Comp solid pushrods, Scorpion rockers, Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, RPM Air Gap intake, and Holley 750 Street HP carb. MSD and Summit ignition. Walbro 255lph EFI fuel pump and an Aeromotive bypass regulator to bring the pressure down to carb levels. Headers are Hooker Comps and right now I'm running Car Chemistry baffled turn downs that don't do much to tame the open header sound. Engine should make around 425hp. It's now the oldest drivetrain component at 11 years old. Still running strong and holds great oil pressure.
    Trans is a built TH350 with a B&M 2400 stall and shift kit. Local joint called DelTrans did the work in late 2015. Rated to 600hp. It's shifted with a Hurst Quarter Stick.
    Rear is a Quick Performance custom big bearing 9" with 3.70 gears and an Eaton TruTrac and disc brakes. That went in 3 years ago.
    Suspension up front is still on factory a arms, but I raised the front with stock height spindles and Moog 656 springs. Added CPP disc brakes setup up front to replace the old disc setup that was in there. Freshened up the front end and added ball joint spacers and Monroe shocks. Rear suspension is stock height Posies springs and a shock mount bar welded to the frame. I'm running Gabriel helper spring shocks in the rear. Those ones with the coil spring on the shock.
    I haven't touched the body other than the lettering, that's how it looked when I bought it. I did swap the 210 spears for Bel Air units, and added some gold flake vinyl to them. I also swapped the stock hood for the VFN Thunderbolt style hood last Fall. Yankee the front bumper and fabbed a tow bar for the front. Swapped the rear bumper center section for a wagon unit to get the license plate off the trunk lid. Pulled the bumperettes as well. Trunk is gutted save for the battery and factory style rubber mat. It's got Rocket Launchers up.front and American Torq Thrust D's on the back. 205/70 front tire and Towel City 9" cheater slicks out back. The lettering is all vinyl for now. Wimpy's Speed & Machine is a tribute to my dad who passed in 2015.
    The interior is diamond heat embossed vinyl on the door and rear panels. Factory style mesh package tray. Just put new ACC carpet in it when I did the Procar 90 buckets and custom trifive mount. Had the factory bench in it. Yanked the back seat and covered the hole to the trunk with sound deadening material and carpet. Factory speedo and fuel gauge still do their thing, and I added an Autometer 3 gauge pack for the rest. Did the electric wiper conversion years ago and now never run the wiper arms. Still has working heat since I drive it year round.
    I plan to do some nostalgia drag events with it locally. I doubt it will be competitive, but I just want to have fun with it.

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