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Hot Rods Treasures found in the Basement

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by jrblack30, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. plym_46
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    from central NY

    If you have a sprayer shoot the bare walls with Thompson weather seal or similar then use the drylock over that. Did that in my basement a few years ago used a Wagner paint stick for the top coat.
  2. Fordors
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    Cool plates and a beautiful place to live. I’m envious!
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  3. Alabama still does also but you have a choice of designs, some without the county number.
  4. woodbutcher
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    :D Outstanding Sir.Very beautiful well kept property.A lot of history was surely made there.Thank you for taking the time and effort to take the pictures and post them.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
  5. s55mercury66
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    from SW Wyoming

    Nice find! Wyoming also uses a county number prefix on our plates, Natrona County being #1, here in Lincoln County we're county 12. Very interesting when you get pulled over out of state, they have to give the county prefix first, or it can turn into a huge cluster. When I left Ohio in the late '90's, they had gone to a little sticker with the county name on it, a change from the old "X" that all Athens County tags began with, still remember my first #, it was "X21258".
  6. rusty rocket
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    rusty rocket

    And South Dakota. Kool find!
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  7. Nice might outta keep looking.....and would you believe guys.........they tore down a house in my old hood in the mid 70's - I had bought my first house around the corner in they didn't tear down the garage so I went for a look see.....plates from 1948 up to about 1970 or so nailed to the walls....both pairs and some double plates from years.....
  8. Georgia started putting the county name on the tags at the bottom in 1971. Before that, it was a number indicating the county's rank in population on the most recent census. Georgia has 159 counties (used to have 161, but Campbell and Milton county governments went bankrupt in the Depression and those counties were merged into Fulton. From 1961 to 1970, 1 indicated Fulton County and 159 was Echols County.
  9. The37Kid
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    Nice find, great place you have. Liked the title, when ever my grandson finds something in my basement he picks it up and calls it treasure! Bob
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  10. Hot Rods Ta Hell
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    What a great find! Someone squirreled them away all those years ago. Glad to hear they're staying there on your shop wall. You have a magnificent property! I love old farms and houses. And to think that's Civil War era! Just don't see that in my parts. Wonder what else is hidden around the property (people would sometimes bury Mason jars of money rather than trust the bank). Ever walk about with a metal detector?
  11. My wife and I are amid a 5 year remodel/restoration of the house. Currently finishing the upstairs bedrooms, bathroom and hall. 50% of the first floor is already done. Downstairs remaining are the Front sun room, Bathroom and the most expensive of all THE KITCHEN. To date I have removed 3 40 yard dumpsters of carpeting, panelling, plaster/lathe and blown in insulation.

    I have yet to find any other treasures worth commenting about other than architecture of the house covered by carpeting and paneling. 150year old Oak floors were covered with carpeting.

    I did find what I think is a 53 OLDS or Buick in the creek bed next door. That story is for another day.

    Telling you all this so that you understand why I have NOT had time to work on my 34 3 window.
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  12. 5window
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    I live on an old farm,too. My "Auto Shed" used to house the farm generator-coal fired for a while. I haven't found much usable car stuff that's salvageable, but I did find an old livery stable sign being used as to make a crate in the attic of a falling down log cabin on the property. The sign is now restored. Datesman's Village was the next town up the pike. Oh, and the Ford sign is original. ou can't see the unhung poster,but it's from Ford v Ferrari.
  13. cfmvw
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    I grew up in an 1855 Victorian overlooking Penobscot Bay in Rockland Maine...we found a lot of interesting things in that house over the years! There was a late 1920's Chevy roadster in the barn, but unfortunately it didn't come with the house when Mom and Dad bought the place back in 1973.
  14. Yes, that is true DW and 3X were Delaware County (My home county ).

    This is a 55 Delaware County plate I have in a Dawson Chevrolet Margaretville NY frame.

    Delaware County New York-

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