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Technical TRANSMISSION - T5 Tech Links

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Flat Ernie, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Flat Ernie
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    Flat Ernie
    Tech Editor

    Here are some good threads with info on T5 transmissions & adapting them to our hot rods. Focused mainly on adapting it to the Flathead Ford, there's still lots of good info regarding other adaptations.

    Ultimate T5 Tech

    T5 Oiling Funnel Info for tailshaft swaps

    Swapping the tailshaft - a common question well documented

    General T5 Info

    Fordbarn post

    Other T5 Posts w/Good Info
    Brewsir documents a 235 Chevy install - nice details in this one:

    Another Chevy thread - lots of good tech in here:

    Here's a good tech piece on shortening a stock shifter's throw:

    This one covers more than just the T5:
    Be-All End-All Flatty Tranny Post (Kilroy)

    Shortening the throw of a T5 shifter:
    More Shifter stuff in these posts:

    Here, crazydaddyo shows off his way cool Jeep T5 to Torque-Tube conversion:

    For the stovebolt guys, here's Tony's T5 adaptation to a 53 Chevy:
    And another great Chevy T5 adaptation:

    One of the common questions is about the throwout bearing. In this post, Vergil shows us how he adapted the S10 T/O bearing to the Ford fork:

    Here's a good thread over on the 67-72 Chevy truck site:

    Stuck with an electronic speedo and need a cable, the easiest (and likely most expensive) is cable-x:

    Here's a neat thread on using the very late model Mustang (05-07) V6 T5. These are short and have a yoke on the back. The shifter requires some work and this is how our veteran enjenjo did the trick:

    And since you can't search for character strings less than 3 letters using the internal search engine, try using Google. Just type in:

    "T-5" or "T5"

    It'll keep you busy!

    For those interested in something different - here's an excellent thread about using a Toyota Supra 5-spd:

    tremec borg-warner borg&warner bw b&w b-w
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  2. nmartin2
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  3. nmartin2
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    Hello all, I want to thank everyone in advance, these are good T5 articles. However, I have a problem which I have seen mentioned.
    Will a T5 WC bolt to a 1969 350 V8 Camaro, with GM 621 bell housing.

    I just noticed the T5 WC trans mount is at an angle, which means it will not
    bolt to the cross member in a perpendicular fashion. Any ideas? Are there
    any conversion plates for the trans mount. Will this cause any other problems?

    I was just informed the later Camaro T5 bell housing has a tilt to it to compensate for the angled
    mount, but then the shifter will not be straight up, in addition I would have to
    convert to a hydraulic clutch. I had not planned on this, but I might have to along with determining what else I will need with the hydraulic clutch.

    One of my options is to try to make an adapter plate for the angled trans mount. This was not planned or mentioned in any website I visited before my conversion.
  4. nmartin2
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  5. reefer
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  6. Holy cow!
  7. Johnboy34
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    from Seattle,Wa

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