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Technical Transmission install help needed

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by askforjonny, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. Lastnight I got the flathead in my 49 fordoor car and I'm having difficulty trying to get my transmission mount to line up correctly with the holes in the cross member..... im struging.
    I have installed the mount both sides up. I'm not sure exactly what the hell I'm missing.
    Maybe someone can throw me a bone.
  2. Lost in the Fifties
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    Lost in the Fifties

    A picture might help to see what is going on. Leave all bolts in cross member and mount loose. Start all bolts before tightening. Can you start all bolts in trans. mount before attaching to cross member?
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  3. dwollam
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    Is it the original trans from this car or one you picked up somewhere? I ask because you see these advertised as '49-'51 or '49-'56 and they are not the same. Changed in '51.

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  4. That^^^^ and get a prybar. Even stock you sometimes have to persuade one.

  5. Often a tapered drift or philips screwdriver is all that's needed. Exact line up isn't the norm when installing mount to chassis bolts.
  6. So each hole in the transmission mount is about a 1/2 off lining up with the cross member holes. It is the OG mount.
    I matched it a few yrs ago with the removed old one...... I know crazy but it matched up just almost seems like the tranny needs to go forward a bit but the motor is in and mounted now as far forward as it will go.
    I'm not sure the direction I guess the flat square mount goes. Flat section with holes for bolts towards the front or back of the car?
    I've flipped it a few times. Now...
  7. goldmountain
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    What is an OG mount? Flathead four door? Are we talking about a Ford or Dodge or Pontiac? As was mentioned earlier, pictures would help.

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  8. Well, if everything is Right except something is Wrong then I would take the easiest route and get out a file and make the bolt holes line up. That said it probably isn't that the holes are drilled wrong. Find someone that knows what they are looking at and show them being it seems to be hiding from you. Another option as mentioned is a few photos.
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  9. Boneyard51
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    Go with the rule “ everything loose untill all bolts are in”. Loosen up your engine mounts, your cross member mounts the transmission mount. Loose but bolts still in. Then tighten them all up. Might be your problem.

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  10. ekimneirbo
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    from Brooks Ky

    Does the driveshaft fit correctly like it is?
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  11. Yeah, everything seems to fit together except the pad from s.s. central seems to be off.....
  12. Original mount. Flathead ford fordoor car....
  13. goldmountain
    Joined: Jun 12, 2016
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    s.s. central? If you keep confusing us with your terminology, include a picture.

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