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History Traditional garage

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 08racer, Oct 24, 2017.

  1. Picture1105171939_1.jpg Picture1105171940_1.jpg This ! is a traditional garage, the one I grew up in, also my present day shop. Note the coal stove behind Harvey who is standing by the pole. The barrel mounted on the pole held used oil which dripped on the coal and made it hotter, The burlap bag ( tow sack to us from the south) hanging above the stove held black walnuts from the trees out back to be dried from the stove heat
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  2. Fourspeedwagon.I had a white 64 buick wagon and a guy t boned me early in the morning taking out the rear door door and denting in part of the quarter panel.A regular door wouldn't fit the rear door and I knew I couldn't fix it and the 3 body shops I took it to said they couldn't fix it either so I had to buy another Buick wagon from N.Y. It was rusty but I got a lot of good parts off of it including the doors I put the dented door back on the parts car.. Then I painted the white wagon plum blue. Heres a shot of it after it was done.Bruce. HPIM0811.JPG
  3. Bruce - Got it! Good to have a parts car for smalls.
    The blue wagon looks sharp- nice job.

    I knew you would have a better explanation than my former shirttail relative that said “ I got a discount for buying the dented fender!” (To replace his slightly worse, dented fender..)
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  4. Thor1
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    NW, I love the pet raccoon! We used to have one years ago. Everyone in my family just loved having her around - except for my oldest son. He used to crab about it all the time. He would be working under his car and Ricki (that was the raccoon's name) would be under there too trying to "help". She loved to play with sockets and tools. It wouldn't take long and she would have all of my son's tools moved out from underneath his car and he would have to crawl out from under it and go round them all up again. It provided us hours of entertainment! Ricki was awesome!
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  5. topher5150
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    so that's where the 10mm sockets have been going
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  6. Beanscoot
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    "so that's where the 10mm sockets have been going "

    Good Ricki! Get rid of those stupid metric tools, we don't need them!
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  7. els
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    Don't be embarrassed, ill bet you know exactly where that 9/16 shallow socket is.
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  8. 20171205_182034.jpg 20171105_174836.jpg 20171123_191056.jpg Currently removing part of the silver wall to add a garage door, man door and a window hopefully, it leads 20160903_194642.jpg 20171106_163618.jpg 20171105_162259.jpg to the back half of the garage
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  9. Beanscoot
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    Swade41, I am envious of how you were able to build your super nice garage where it is... there's no way I could do that in my town, with siting restrictions and the like.
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  10. Fabber McGee
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    Fabber McGee

    Who could complain about a fine building like Swade has? It sure looks better than the one next door, although it doesn't include the mother-in-law apartment upstairs.
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  11. Looks like the beginning of a Farmers Insurance commercial.

  12. Thor, I had Bandit{my pet raccoon} when I had my shop.1 car I was working on{ a chevy chevett} had a green stuffed elephant with black spots on it in the back hatch area. My brother kept teasing Bandit with it hitting him with it. 3 times I rolled out from under that car when I kept hearing thumping noises coming from the car. I asked my brother if it was him .He said no. The 4 th time I heard it I rolled out from under the car and finally took a look around. The back hatch was open on the car and there was Bandit. He had ripped that stuffed toy to shreads. LOL. He remembered what my brother had done to him with it. After that another time my brother was bent over a car working on it Bandit ran up jumped and just bit him in the ass and took off. My brother said boy that raccoon remembers good. I did the local towing for the police in that town too. One night an officer came in the shop saying is this guy yours? Bandit was sitting on his shoulder. He loved people. Bruce.
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  13. fourspd2quad
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  14. I didn't build it but it is the only reason I bought the house. I'm sure there's no way you'd get that variance to go through nowadays either.

    That silver wall used to be the wall of a one bedroom apartment, so you could live in it at one I started tearing out part of that 10 years ago (starting with the bathroom) and quickly found out that I don't know crap about carpentry and shouldn't have started with the bathroom doh ! 20170426_121407.jpg
  15. SHTBOX29
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  16. flynbrian48
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    23316328_10215365236506773_9135396453472697115_n.jpg 23316387_10215372596370765_2858243812846738005_n.jpg If there is even one square foot of available space, fill it with cars, parts, tools, bits of scrap that are too good to throw out but not really good enough to use. A fridge if you like cold beverages, and a place to sit and look at your stuff whilst drinking said beverage. That's how it's done.
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  17. CAL
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    from Neosho Mo.

    1923 vintage. Building was in such bad shape nobody would buy it except an idiot like myself. I completely removed the east and west walls as they were rotted. Jacked the center of the sagging roof over 1 1/2 feet. Every time someone tears down a building or house in town, I ask about windows etc. to keep the same period pieces to the building, and most were free or cheap. The signs and stuff are original rusted cheap garage sale finds. I poured over 125 bags of 80 pound concrete bags for the steps/retaining walls, and curbs , all mixed in a wheel barrel. Still not completed, I work on it when I have the spare time.

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  18. Duellym
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    I'm kinda in the same boat as you, sooner or later I'm gonna have to help my father jack our garage up and replace some of the wood that's rotted out.

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  19. I was in Blackrock section of Buffalo and spotted this great looking building with a lower garage, overhang carport type front and it turns out it was an old gas station in its younger years. 20171110_192338.jpg FB_IMG_1510458275535.jpg
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  20. Nice save. It looks great!!

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  21. 08racer
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    from Gilbert AZ

    That is so cool.
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  22. My traditional garage has a tree and dirt no roof no walls, rebuilt my Q/C in my 29 roadster out there laying on a piece of 4x8 plywood last week.
  23. Traditionally my garage has looked like this one. Clutter is my friend. :)
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  24. Fabber McGee
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    Fabber McGee

    Haha, I wouldn't say that clutter is my friend, but he's certainly a constant companion.
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  25. I learned some of my best dance moves welding while wearing sandals. Those were the days.


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