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Technical Torque Thrust D vs Original

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HRS, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. HRS
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  2. bowie
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    Torque thrust original has strait spokes whereas the "D" spoke has curved spokes. Both only resemble the original issued ones.
  3. These are the first re-issues Torque Thrust D's... they were bought new in the early 90's .. 90 or 91 .. These used the shank style lugs... not sure when they changed to the acorn style nut DSC02154.JPG ..
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  4. The early as in pre TTD use a shank style lug bolt. The new wheel uses a different center cap and a standard tapered lug nut. There is a couple other very minor things. The new come in different width than genie's. Close but not the same. I'll post up a side by side photo a little later. When the New old ones first came out I had Torque Thrust Terry up in Sedro Woolley machine a pair of the New to look as close to originals as he could. Turned out pretty good. He didn't want to do another pair for me.
    The Wizzard
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  5. The new 'original' TT will clear discs as will almost all current custom wheels. The original TT-D was designed for one specific car; the then-new Corvette with 4-wheel discs. Because of wheelhouse limitations on the 'Vette, the wheel was designed with the curved spokes in order to fit larger sizes. The other major change was the redesign of the rim profile on the backside to clear the caliper, which was the main reason the original TT wouldn't fit disc-brake-equipped vehicles. This rim profile design was eventually adopted by all wheel makers; by 1970 you would have been hard-pressed to find a new custom wheel that wouldn't fit discs. AR hung onto the TT-D design not because it was still needed, but because it was a unique-to-AR design and allowed them to differentiate their 5-spoke wheels from all the others.

    I've never personally considered the TT-D to be a 'traditional' wheel as it's mid-64 release date and limited fitment made its use rare until later in the decade when AR expanded it's size/offset ranges.
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  6. HRS
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    The curvature on the D is so slight that it is hard to see in photos, but if you look close, you can see it.
  7. bowie
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  8. gnichols
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    from Tampa, FL

    The D is my all time favorite wheel. It looks good on everything from Checker cabs to dragsters. Too bad it is a "new" wheel. What did the very first TTO look like? Gary
  9. flamedabone
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    These are the repop Torq Thrust TTO straight spoke, 15X5 and they clear disks just fine.


    You can tell the difference from the countersunk lugnuts and the large center cap pattern.

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  10. The first series TT-D were magnesium...
  11. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    In my opinion the Halibrand five spoke is a better looking wheel then the new gen Americans, these are 16's, clears disc brakes, even late Corvette.


  12. buzz4041
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    from Texas

    I agree.
  13. abe lugo
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    abe lugo

    When I had Thrusts on my wagon, I got lucky and found the earlier style with the shank style lugs, and they we 15x6" which was fine on my wagon, the newer ones only have 15x7 or wider, no 6" wide.

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