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Torque converters. Explain stall speeds to me.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TINGLER, Jan 22, 2007.

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  2. usedall9
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    Basically, your gonna leave the line a 2400 rpm rather than the stock 900 rpm. Real hard launches.But fun....
  3. SinisterCustom
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    A STOCK C-6 should be good for over 300 HP........
    The stall speed is the @ rpm when the converter is fully locked up/ not slipping.....I say @ because it depends on how much HP the motor makes......

    Not really......A car with a big stall will still move and drive at low rpm, and even spin the tires under the rated stall speed.......
  4. O boy, where to start. I higher than stock stall is simlar to popping the clutch on a stick shift car at a higher RPM. Pop the clutch at 2000RPM and the car dies. Pop the clutch at 4000RPM and the car burns rubber. If you have a lumpy, hot rod type camshaft it'll usually sacrifice low RPM power, and smoothness for high RPM power. To compensate for the lesser, lower RPM power, and to get you to the RPM where the power is made, you loosen up the torque converter to allow higher stall (basically the RPM where the brakes won't hold and the car pushes forward). This gets you to your power quicker. I hope this makes sense. 2400 stall? I'm sure it'll be fine, but a little more than stock trans cooler won't hurt
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  5. I think that small motor's gonna welcome the additional stall with open arms, and it'll be way more fun to drive. It won't be slippery at all, but increase the trans cooler volume some. I think it's a good choice.
  6. SinisterCustom
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    I ran a 9" converter in my heavy Charger w/ 440 for 5 years on the street. Rated at 3200 RPM.....but actually stopped slipping at @ 3800 rpm....heavy car + a lot of power=higher stall speed. Now I could foot brake the car and bring up the revs and it would spin the rear tires (powerbrake) before reaching the 3800 rpm.....but if I were cruising @ 40mph and nailed it, then the converter would slip until @ 3800 and it pulled HARD.

    I converted it to a 4-speed last year.....WAY more fun! hahaha

    I take it this is for the Fairlane????
  7. usedall9
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    Na.....Like sinister said...The car will still move under said stall spead, But will definitly have more get up off the line when desired. I'm running a fairly stock 390, and am intalling 2000 stall. Basically a towing, Mild street aplication...So your 2400 should be quite managable..
  8. also, make sure you have lower than stock gears, if your cruise rpm on the freeway is 2200 or so your screwed, cruise rpm always has to be higher than the stall speed or you'll burn it up. cant believe you sold out and got an automatic! :) hahaha
  9. Not to rain on the parade, but the C-6 will consume over 50HP more than a C-4, and the C-4 will handle plenty of HP.
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    Ahh yes, the hi-stall convertor. You'll love it. Goucho's tellin ya right as are all the others. The cheapo Chevy way used to be a Vega stock convertor in a BBC street racer. Then came n2o and they started blowing out the mains in the motor and the pumps in the trans from "ballooning" the convertors. Too much power.

    I had a 9" 5500 stall race version in my Camaro bracket car with a 400 and Hipster brake. What a rush 2 steppin @4000 and lettin go.

    You'll love it. Definately re-think the gearing unless you have a good one already and add some extra cooling. Have fun.
  11. Got it. I thought this was for your Fairlane, which I was thinking was a 302.
  12. Jason, if you're not changing the camshaft....and you're under 3:50 rear ratio...just buy a stock converter and you'll likely be a whole lot happier. If you DON'T have all that rompity-romp at idle, and you're talking about maybe tuggin' the Fairlane to the strip on a (gasp) trailer...all that big converter is gonna do is slipslipslip aaround town, motor revvin' like a slipping clutch, and you're gonna be PISSED to have to change it back to stock....
    My .02---if you don't have a big hp motor, all a large stall converter is good for is bragging rights
  13. SinisterCustom
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    DOH! I was thinkin' the same....hahaha!
    The auto will be a better choice for the truck, esp. if you plan to use it as a truck.:D

    FWIW....I have a stock converter in my "rat rod" with a pretty radical idle, and it's fine......I just pop it in neutral at stop lights..he he
  14. Lots of opinions here. I would not worry about your cruising speed on this combo. 2400 (advertised) is almost stock behind that small block. Increase your cooling, and enjoy. In theory, the cruising speed thing's an issue for sure. But, in reality, you're not extreme enough on the stall for this to matter. Again, an opinion. But it's a good one. Just ask me so, and i'll tell you. LOL. Move forward on this project. You're good here.
  15. Bugman
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    A QUALITY converter like the Street Edge will drive like stock untill you mash the gas. Then it flashes to it's stall speed and the car takes off. Nothing like old tech or cheap converters where the car won't hardly move untill it reaches it's stall. Personally, EDGE is the ONLY brand of performance converter I will put in my cars.
  16. 61bone
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    Since no one else addressed this- Stall speed of a converter is the point at which the motor will not increase rpm if the output shaft cannot turn. So what a higher stall converter does is make a more or less solid fluid coupling at a higher rpm so the engine is in its power band.
  17. BigBlockMopar
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    I've had a 3800 stallconvertor in a heavy 4750lbs '67 Chrysler with a souped 440 under the hood and 3.91:1 gears in the rear. Convertor would 'flash' to 4300rpm.
    Highway-CruisinSpeed RPM was around 3200 @ 55-60mph.
    In a lighter car you can often get away with a higher stallspeed.
    It would worry one bit with a 2400 convertor.
  18. Hey Tingler, you definately wont have a problem with that stall. It's no transbrake, for sure. I have a 292h comp cam in my prostreet. Orig. built the trans with 2200 stall, then 3300 stall & now have 4300 stall all B&M converters. I have found that you have to have a Transbrake for the trans to act like it has one. The stall converters dont do that.

    What I've noticed, is like at 30 mph, I can give the throttle a decent nudge without the car lurching forward. Same at a stop sign, bring the idle up pretty good without the tires letting go. It does not in any way take off like a transbrake. With the lumpy cam, the car isn't lurching forward at a slow rolling idle. You here the cam, but the cars just kinda going along smother than you would think. Carl Hagan
  19. Oh....Props on your art man. Awesome. Have the mag from a month or two back with your work in it. Killer man. Carl Hagan
  20. RacerRick
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    A 2400 stall converter is a nice mild street converter. Many cars have that much stall STOCK - 340, and 383 mopars for instance. Hemi's ran a 2800 stall stock. For your setup, I think its a really good stall.

    The looser converter will kill gas milage if you are cruising under the rated stall speed because of slippage. Always run a big cooler on a stall converter. Its just good practice because slippage = heat.

    A good race converter can hit like a transbrake if its built to hit hard with low torque multiplication. Higher torque multiplication softens the hit because of how its done in a torque converter.
  21. bcharlton
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    from Buffalo NY

    Now I am totally confuesed. I have decided to leave in my 247 to 1 gear ratio in my 9" Ford rear end (1979 Versaille). I have a 350 SBC motor with 3 deuces. I need to cruise at 70 mph with out losing my motor or my hearing. 29 inch rear tires. I have a 350 turbo transmission. Can I get off the line a little faster (even with my cruisen gears) by using a 2400 Stall. I was going to rebuild the 350 transmission next week so I have to make a decision on the converter. Any thoughts. I would like to burn a little rubber on my 5 window Olds ever now and then. The car will wrigh only about 2000 lbs.

  22. 85-percent
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    Hey TINGLER, it took you 4,284 posts to FINALLY ask that???

    I been car oriented for 42 years and I still don't know what a "stall speed" is!

    Thanks for askin'


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