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Toploader Trans. Mount Ideas

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 36 ROKIT, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. I've decided to replace the LaSalle trans. in my 36 coupe for a mid-sixties top-
    loader and need some ideas for a cross-member. The Mustang mount will line
    up about even with the original trans. mount bolt holes. The simple answer seems to be a "cradle type" mount, similar to the original that would be only 10" wide. Since I don't have a plasma cutter, I'll have to fab something with an angled drop under the trans.

    Would appreciate any ideas and/or pics of what you might have come up with
    for a decent looking crossmember and mount.
  2. Rokit, I used the trans mount kit from Chassis Engineering when I put the Muncie in my 36. It worked out nice although I did have to modify it some for the mount for my unsplit wishbone. Im not sure how the top loader mounts, but its worth a look at what they got. Mike.
  3. Thanks, Mike, will take a look at theirs. The problem I have found w/ kits is that the mfr.
    assumes you are gutting the 'X' member and splitting the wishbones. I don't want to do
    any cutting (or much welding) on the frame and am leaving it all stock. So the kit types
    are usually much too wide.

    Anyone else have an example??

  4. Roket, the Chassis eng. mount fits in the stock X-member, no butchering. I sent you a PM. Mike.
  5. 36tbird
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    I've done exactly this set-up Mitch describes for two '36's, one a Muncie the other the Ford top loader with the Jeep shifter. I have not got the top loader project on the road yet, but the Muncie set up works great. The bottom back sump of the top loader is a little closer to the unsplit wishbones, but I do not think it is going to be a problem. Lots of movement at the front of the axle translates to just a little bit of movement at the back when you sit and analyze it. If I do have a problem, I think just a little heat and a little dimpling with a ball peen will take care of it. Both of my set ups are mounted to flatheads so the positioning of the transmissions is driven by the stock front mounts. Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks guys, I'll have to see what I can find on their website. Without a pic, its difficult
    to see how this can be done w/ the stock 'X' member.

    Anyone else have examples of mounts they have fabbed??
  7. 36tbird
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    Take a look at the bottom of a stock center section and imagine copying that to the flat bottom piece of the CE center section. If you buy the CE piece with the intention of doing this, buy one without the bungs for a split wishbone, i.e., one for an IFS. I put in a bit of a spacer to move the ball down for a little bit more clearance and that will change your camber (castor?) a tiny bit but I have not noticed any bad steering or tracking.

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