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Projects Tires won’t come off!!!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Boden, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. Any larger & wider tire on the rear of a 52-54 Ford is going to be a problem when removing, especially out on the road.

    The way the rear wheel well is designed a 7" wheel with a 225 tire is not the easiest to get off. HRP
  2. Mr48chev
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    A floor jack and a bottle jack work with the bottle jack under the axle but you do need a stand or blocks under the frame. If you are going to use a stand on anything except flat concrete you need something to set it on like a square of plywood or heavier piece of metal. I've had stands dig into hot asphalt and had them tip over on dirt/gravel even when I was just holding something up and not working on it. Work safe.
  3. Works for me. -51 Ford with 3" Blocks and 205-15 radials on stock wheels. Will just barely clear the wheel well.
  4. The rear on my '59 Ford, uses stock springs and I run a 235 tire on a 7" wheel. I have to jack the car up under the frame rail just in front of the tire so it gets enough drop. The rear must be off center a tad, 1 side almost drops without a fight. I had the car up on stands when I 1st put them on, had to deflate them and air them up after they were on.
  5. Beanscoot
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    I thought this thread was going to be about the tires being stuck to the rims.
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  6. blowby
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Yeah me too. I'm on board for that. Had some monumental battles...
  7. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Try taking of one of the space saver spares because you want the skinny rim. MFer.
  8. Have u thought about gull wing fender wells?
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  9. Boden
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    What’s that?

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  10. Boden
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  11. Squablow
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    Air shocks with separate fill valves are really useful on these cars. You can jack up each side, let the air out of one shock and pump the other one up, pushing the spring down far enough to help get the wheel off. On the side of the road you'd need a portable compressor to do it I guess, but it does work.

    Air shocks are also nice on lowered cars if you plan to carry passengers or heavy cargo and your just-right lowered stance turns into a driveway dragger.

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