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Hot Rods Tires requiring tubes

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by gearheadbill, Jan 27, 2021.

  1. gearheadbill
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    Definitely not an issue of the wrong tubes. Actually they never even looked at the tubes while all this was going on. They also made a big "WEAR YOUR MASK" deal but that's for another conversation on another forum.
  2. lippy
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    from Ks

  3. Dirty Dug
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    Dirty Dug

    Maybe the age of the tires then? Still never heard of that.
  4. As @squirrel said above, my friend & neighbor took his rod with knock offs to the local tire store chain mentioned (complained about) in this thread to get 1 mounted. They would not do it because no "knock off" spec. We brought it back, took wheel off and returned. No problem this time....except...charged him $52! Just lost 2 customers.
  5. Sorry, more misinformation....

    The 'safety bead' was invented at Chrysler in 1940 for the reason you give; to help keep the bead seated under low inflation. But commercially available tubeless tires were still seven years away, so that wasn't the reason for it's use. Chrysler put the bead on their wheels starting in the '40s but Ford and GM didn't adopt the design until the mid-'60s, probably waiting for Chrysler's patent to expire. Tubeless tires became standard on US cars in '55, so you had a 8-10 year period where literally millions of tubeless tires were factory installed on 'regular' wheels lacking the safety bead. The main issue the manufacturers had was sealing around the rivets still used the join the centers with the rims which they worked out pretty quickly.

    The motorcycles presented different issues. One early problem they had was porous castings, they'd leak right through the rim. That was also a problem with the early custom car wheels, fixed with better casting techniques. While some manufacturers did adopt the safety beads, not all did. In 1978 Yamaha came out with their XS11 flagship, still with tube tires. It had tubes because they were using bead-locks on the rear (like a dirt bike). In '79 they got rid of the bead-locks and switched to tubeless. Wheel changes? Only two; they didn't drill the rear for the locks, and marked both as 'suitable for tubeless'. No safety beads... They sold them like that for another 4 years that I know of.
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  6. Mr48chev
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    Sounds more like a case of the simple fact that they didn't want to deal with the tubes or owner supplied wheel, tire and tube. A simple "we can do it but will stamp the receipt "owner supplied tire, tube and wheel, no warranty or responsibility offered or implied." The guys here in Toppenish deal with tires with tubes all day long so that wouldn't faze them. I'm thinking they even can get Coker tires.

    On the other, that 10 K fine that the mask police might put on a business if they get narked out and are being watched has a lot to do with it. had to wear one to even be on the property of the scrap yard metal dealer I go to even though I was unloading scrap over 100 ft from any living person. That fine scares the tar out of a lot of outfits.
  7. I've always had good luck with LS..... Worked with a single mother, barely making ends meet, about 30 years ago who had an old VW with constant tire issues (flats, leaks). One day she couldn't make it to work because of a flat, so a coworker and I went to her house, put on the spare and followed her to LS to get her taken care of. The manager told us they were backed up, so come back later. When we did, the car was ready to go, with new tires all around. I asked for the bill and he winked and said "The old ones were our tires, and under warranty, so there's no charge." THAT was good PR!
    When Les was alive, he had a policy that they would send a service truck to rescue ANY woman who was stranded with tire trouble, and get them going, free of charge. Great service, the kind of peace of mind you'd want for your daughter, wife or Mother..... Well, some asshole lawyer (is that redundant?) jumped on a bandwagon and threatened a discrimination lawsuit because they didn't offer the same service to men! End of the free help to women! Did I mention 'asshole lawyer'?
    Mr48chev..... I'm sure you get different service from LS because of your location...... You are in an agricultural area, and businesses are more inclined to do what is needed to get the farmer back to farming, or the logger back to logging, as the goal is to keep the customer happy and help their neighbor. In the 'city', they could give a shit less if you don't want to do business or not, there's always a soccer mom waiting in line to pick up the slack.
    Expect LS to get worse since the family sold the business to a holding company!
    OK, I'm off my soapbox now, return to regular programming.
    PS: Reversed non-safety bead wheels sure look cool...

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