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Tire Yellow Dots

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by C9, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Am I remembering right?

    The yellow paint dot on a tire signifies the heavy side?

    Or is it a different color?
  2. zman
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    from Garner, NC

    Yellow dot at the valve stem is what I was told by Dunlop years ago.
  3. Great, thank you muchly.

    Got a pair of tires on the 4 1/2" x 15" slot mags, but can't air them up unless I take them to a tire shop . . . or if a little trick I have in mind works.

    Tried straps arount the tire etc.

    Not doin' the ether & tossed match bit....
  4. slimey lube...we use it at the truck stops..makes it easier for it to slide up to the seat once ya catch enough air in it to move it...good home substance is liquid dish soap...and really pour it on.......slippery-er the better:p

  5. halfcockedcustoms
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  6. Trucked Up
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    Trucked Up

    Get the stuff inside the tire and it will keep the tire from balancing properly.
  7. well its not like ya want to use a gallon or 2....and inso far as balancing goes, it won't be a problem..a good liberal coating of the rim seating edge and the tires bread area is recomended from the manufactuers..and it is also recommended that the tire be laid flat for propper seating on the bead...
    and the dot is supposed to be lined up with the valve stem....this is directly opisite where the final overlap of belts ect is...or in other words, dot is directly oppisite the "heavy spot" in the tire from manufacturing process....
    i deal with warranty claims and mounting tires all day every day...these guidelines are from all the major tire manufacturers...brigestone, dunlop kelly yokohama, ect...........just make sure ya stay away from the balance sands and the golf balls..these will for sure fuck up a balancing job...the golf balls will go to the egged spot and the sand will clump from condensation ........
  8. yellow dot is the LIGHTEST spot of the tire as identified by the manufacturer, this dot should go to the Heaviest part of the rim, and thats the valve stem location.
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    from Manor, TX

    Remove valvecore, Use air line female end and press on the valve stem, now you dont have any loss due to valve cores and air chucks

    Works every time, never had a tire I couldnt seat the bead on.

    And an extra valve stem can be used to extend you out a little. Just wedge one on top of the other.

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