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Technical Tire Size for 1932 Rolling Bones Roadster

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by ruppi1932, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. ruppi1932
    Joined: Jan 16, 2018
    Posts: 22

    from Germany

    Hello everybody.
    The assembly of my 1932 roadster is slowly starting. I will present the project in a separate thread. I would like to order tires but I am still unsure which size I should drive on the front axle. The car gets a Rolling Bones front end. I want to install 7.50x16 Excelsior on the rear axle - at the front I fluctuate between 5.50x15 and 6.00x16.
    What do you think looks better?
  2. adam401
    Joined: Dec 27, 2007
    Posts: 2,347


    I like 6.00 16 on the front. Looks better proportioned to me. Also thats the stock size tire for a 1940 Ford from the factory so I always liked the idea that back in the day if you junk yarded a pair of front wheels and tires thats what youd find. Thats my thought process anyway I'm too young to have been there.
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  3. Budget36
    Joined: Nov 29, 2014
    Posts: 5,285


    I think it depends on your build and what you’re looking for, just lowered or a rubber rake?
    I’m sure there’s a thread or two on ‘32s with tons of pics to give you ideas
  4. I have 7.00 x 18 on the rear of my coupe and the small 5.50x 16 on the front. Excelsior's. I like the exaggerated cartoon look a bit. Mine fill up the wheel well nicely but it is a 34. Mitzi-Valenzuela-DPP_246878-scaled.jpg
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  5. Almostdone
    Joined: Dec 19, 2019
    Posts: 384


    Here’s a look at a ‘31 A with 7.50 x 16 rear, 5.50 x 16 front.

    C1FCD22C-31DE-40BA-ACEE-5AE1A0C7E9C5.jpeg 5D8D3268-9BD5-4E38-B8D2-125F28B55C19.jpeg
  6. Aspenridge roadster
    Joined: Oct 13, 2008
    Posts: 40

    Aspenridge roadster

    I have 820x17 and 5.00x16 tire combo on my "The Spit 32" roadster

    Attached Files:

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  7. alfin32
    Joined: Jun 20, 2006
    Posts: 1,413

    from Essex, Ma.

    5.50 x 7.50 Excelciors IMG_9136.JPG
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  8. alchemy
    Joined: Sep 27, 2002
    Posts: 16,250


    Seems to me the Rolling Bones guys never use oversize (6.00) rubber on the front. They usually use small, like 4.50 or 5.00 x 16.
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  9. sloppy jalopies
    Joined: Jun 29, 2015
    Posts: 4,436

    sloppy jalopies

    6.70-15" fronts and 7.60-15" rears ...bias ply... the frame is Zeed 5" in front and 7.5" in the rear...
    . DSCN6975.JPG
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  10. krylon32
    Joined: Jan 29, 2006
    Posts: 6,950

    Alliance Vendor
    from Nebraska

    I've got 2 open wheel deuces and have 500/16 front and 750/16 rear Excelsior's on both of them.
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  11. JWL115C
    Joined: Jan 28, 2010
    Posts: 178


    I went with Diamondback Auburn tubeless radial blackballs with 750R 16 rear and 560R 15 front on my 32 3-window fenderless coupe. Most pleased with the rake and look of the tires.
  12. I’ve only seen one rolling bones built coupe. It had 7.50x16 rear and 4.50x16 front.
  13. Are they 16” ? Nice

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  14. ssffnomad
    Joined: Jul 23, 2008
    Posts: 634


    I was there last week But I am not a Spy
  15. thats a good look.. .. 18" rear tires look stupid on Coupes and Roadster. to big... ( JIMO) 16" solids or wire rims ? Good luck..
  16. ruppi1932
    Joined: Jan 16, 2018
    Posts: 22

    from Germany

    Ok- thank you all !!! I order the 5.50x16 "and 7.50x16" tires.
    Regards Matthias
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  17. krylon32
    Joined: Jan 29, 2006
    Posts: 6,950

    Alliance Vendor
    from Nebraska

    I'd go with the 500's rather than the 550's. Just personal preference?
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  18. to late ! he's already ordered them .. lol:D

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