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Hot Rods Tips on repariting my 35 Ford grille

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Do it Over, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Do it Over
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    Do it Over
    from NYC, NY

    I'd like to repair my grille but I don't know where to begin. Thought about using solid rods like a BBQ grille. Fold it in the center.then curve the bottom bars. Where are the men with grille skillz ?


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  2. Budget36
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    Macs and Sacramento vintage ford used to carry the pieces
  3. This style of Grill Bars are very labor intensive to do well. It also includes hand making bucks as well as bars. No not dollar type, bucks to fit inside the bar for repair. I measure the inside gap between the sides and try to find a piece of plate that fits. If it's not a nominal size then find a piece a little fatter and mill it to correct size. Now you can repair each bar (the good ones that is). Some times it takes a little heat, sometimes just a little squeeze but for sure a hole Truck load of patience. I also use Duck Bill pliers quite a bit (you'll figure that out) and a Tig welder for the cracks. If you try to use a Mig Gun you better be Damn Good. I've been welding for 50 years and would go to gas weld before using Mig if I didn't have a Tig welder. Once your done you will have a whole new Respect for the ones you see that are Flawless. Oh ya, then there's the Chrome Shop. Good Luck there, they can cause you days of more repairs if they get heavy handed. Buy more than one set of Key Hole files. Don't think the Chrome shop will fix heavy pits. If your lucky a Jewelers torch and some silver solder will do, if not make a new bar and replace the ones with heavy pits. Also I make a fixture to hold the Grill so it stays in shape and it needs to be able to stand on all 4 sides and fasten solid to something very solid. I also make it so it's suspended 6 or 8 inches up be it laying on it's back or front so I can get my hands behind my work. Be prepared to walk away and breath many many times.
    The Wizzard
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  4. One more thing. When the Grill itself is Tweeked out of shape you shouldn't try to just bring it back around by itself. It's a package deal if you want things right. You should have your body and chassis done and fit. The doors should be in final fit to there openings because that may mean adjusting the body on the frame. Then all 4 fenders and both running boards need to be finalised so the Hood can be adjusted to the Cowel and then that Grill to the hood. Lot's to take in there but that hood to grill fit must be correct before you start mending the bars and the Hood must fit the Cowel and back and back and back. I have seen friends but Cheery new Chrome grills for these at Swap Meets and pay Big Bucks only to learn they don't fit there Cars. After many days of adjusting body, doors, fenders end up needing to correct the Grill and the new Chrome pays the price and it turns up not such a grate deal.
    The Wizzard
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  5. Vics stuff
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    Vics stuff

    Like what has been said , Those grills can be a labor of LOVE. Good way to practice your patience. I know been there and still do that .
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  6. reagen
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    Here you go

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