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Time lapse video of 2013 blizzard.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 52HardTop, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. 52HardTop
    Joined: Jun 21, 2007
    Posts: 970


  2. Difficult circumstances but a great video. thanks

  3. brewsterg6
    Joined: Dec 20, 2010
    Posts: 65


    You should have kept the camera running while you shovelled it all!!
  4. JB_roadrage
    Joined: Feb 25, 2011
    Posts: 372

    from Caintuckee

    Man that is crazy....
  5. DrSweeneyRod
    Joined: Sep 1, 2012
    Posts: 204

    from England

    Amazing...and when we get any snow in England people panic and everything stops.
  6. general gow
    Joined: Feb 5, 2003
    Posts: 6,312

    general gow
    Staff Member

    i just finished 2 days of cleaning my mother inlaw's driveway, my mom's, and now finally mine. i think i am going to hibernate the rest of the winter.

    we got 30" up at my mom-in-law's, and about 2ft at my mom's and here at home. i hate long driveways...
  7. lawman
    Joined: Sep 19, 2006
    Posts: 2,665


    NOW,That is a snow !!!!!
  8. Marcel8u
    Joined: Nov 21, 2012
    Posts: 62


    We could use some of that snow out west!!! It's been a dry winter here in colorado
  9. KRB52
    Joined: Jul 9, 2011
    Posts: 1,067

    from Conneticut

    One of the local stations (WFSB, Channel 3) did something similar with a yard stick and a clock attached to a pole. Time laps video of cleaning up afterwards? Anywhere from the same amount of time to get a calendar instead of a clock. I spent roughly two hours Saturday just doing the walk to the driveway and half of my wife's car. Started at 0900 Sunday to finish our driveway, the rest of my wife's car, then start on mine. After mine, I finished a neighbor finish clearing her car. I got back in the hours about 1540 (3:40 pm). Two brief stops to get something to drink and one stop to drain it back out.
  10. ntxcustoms
    Joined: Nov 10, 2005
    Posts: 910

    from dfw

    Wow! In Christopher Walken's voice.
  11. 23 bucket-t
    Joined: Aug 27, 2005
    Posts: 1,366

    23 bucket-t

    We got 30+ inches in Orange, Ct. It took me about 5 hrs. to clear our driveway w/ the help of my brother, my room mate, and my niece and her boy friend. And it took a 1 1/2+ hr to make a path around the house for the dog ... this storm was not as bad as the Blizzard of 78... rain is expected for Monday..
  12. Baizie1999
    Joined: Sep 8, 2008
    Posts: 56

    from The Ky

    Crazy...Cool video
  13. gimpyshotrods
    Joined: May 20, 2009
    Posts: 19,218


    Yeah, that's about where I grew up, and largely why I don't live there anymore.
  14. What a cool idea. We Northeastners have been hit hard for a while now, It's time for this shit to stop!.............................Easier said then done though.
  15. im sure everyone else will hate me for this but. if you dont want it, send it here. we are so low on water. i would take it just so it would melt and give us some good ground water.

    whats funny is everyone here bitches about getting snow and rain. they were really happy with last winter cause we didnt have any of that. but then they bitch about about how hot and dry it was during the summer...doesnt seem to make sense to me.
  16. 1950heavymetal
    Joined: Sep 9, 2008
    Posts: 323


    Cool vid! thats a lot of snow. For some reason I thought that all the snow on top of the table looked like a really big doughnut. Not sure why, I guess i'm hungry!
  17. jesse1980
    Joined: Aug 25, 2010
    Posts: 1,355


    Damn, that's worse than Chicago!!
  18. Hemiman 426
    Joined: Apr 7, 2011
    Posts: 676

    Hemiman 426
    from Tulsa, Ok.

    Since moving from western Pa. to Tulsa, I'm glad I don't have to shovel/snowblower that kind of snow anymore.. Used to have to take the blower up on the garage roof to keep it from collapsing.. Do miss the snowmobiling though!
  19. Sam Navarro
    Joined: Jul 16, 2009
    Posts: 758

    Sam Navarro

    One word....... Texas.

    Haha hope you guys are staying warm & all is okay.

  20. HomemadeHardtop57
    Joined: Nov 15, 2007
    Posts: 4,241


  21. Fiddytree
    Joined: Sep 7, 2008
    Posts: 204

    from Durango

    Great time lapse!
  22. Rain doesnt sound good right now...
    That much snow is heavy without any rain.
    I'd be clearing all my roof area in a hurry!
  23. Buddy Palumbo
    Joined: Mar 30, 2008
    Posts: 3,871

    Buddy Palumbo

    Very cool video - thanks for posting
  24. Dave Rondou
    Joined: May 26, 2008
    Posts: 665

    Dave Rondou

    I sure don't miss shoveling snow.
  25. KoolKat-57
    Joined: Feb 22, 2010
    Posts: 3,038

    from Dublin, OH

    Used to live Stratford, sorry, don't miss CT!
    Took the '57 out for a blast Saturday, 48 Degrees, not bad!
    Hope you're OK, in North Haven.
  26. 36cab
    Joined: Dec 2, 2008
    Posts: 760


    It reminded me of a big white 'shroom and it made me want to dig out my old Allman Brothers "Eat a Peach" LP and listen to it.
  27. japar
    Joined: Jun 30, 2007
    Posts: 263

    from Seekonk Ma

    If you look realy close you can see Bigfoot in the woods at 13 seconds
  28. Jay Tyrrell
    Joined: Dec 9, 2007
    Posts: 1,631

    Jay Tyrrell

    Not really pre 64 custom, hotrod but really really cool!
    Jay :)

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