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Thickstun 2x1 intake for Chevy Stovebolt.....qun

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rat bastad, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Hey fellas.....

    Any of you guys ever used one of these intakes on a Stovebolt?

    If so how did you find it tuning/fuel distribution wise and general street manner?

    How does it compare to an Offy, Nicson, Ellis etc?

    I have one of these intakes with a pair of fresh, matching #s Carter YF carbs that I rebuilt.

    Anyone played with this kinda combo and how did they find it?


  2. hotdamn
    Joined: Aug 25, 2006
    Posts: 2,092


    I have owned one but never ran it. I can tell you though that I have ran an offy, it was okay, and a 2 pot McGurk that runs not too shabby. but the yf's, they can kiss my ass.

    I bought remaned ones for waaay too much and have had nothing but problems out of them since.

    I have the same intake (McGurk) on my 51 and it has 2 w-1's and that cars purrs just as pretty as you please!

    now grant it the car with yf's has a hot stovebolt, milled .125 bored.60 and a howard rough idle cam, but those carbs load up constantly.

    I thought it was me being an idiot at first so I sucked up my pride and paid a guy to dial them in...

    waaay too much bread later they still run like shit.

    so moral of this story is McGurk 2 pot with w-1's. they ay be a little more pricey but they imo are a much better carb!

    oh and dont care what any one says, hook up you heat riser or tubes. my cars runs much better hooked up vs. not...
  3. Thanx for the info.....

    Perhaps with your hot cam the idle vaccum was real poor down low and necessitating increased idle speeds which uncover the idle transfer slots for a rich mixture at idle? What was your eng vac at idle?

    Im also planning on running the heat riser for good atomisation.....its not a super modded mill so I don't care about a colder/denser intake charge, just good street manners/drivability; then again we dont get snow here so....

    Funny you had dramas with the YFs ...all the data I've managed to scrounge up has been positive in terms of their user friendliness.

    I rebuilt these and they look brand new. Thoroughly cleaned on the inside, blown clean, recoloured, fresh kits, and nice tight throttle bores. I usually have very good luck with carbs so we'll see how we go. I usually have no issues dialling in duals with a vac guage but this is my first I6 so we'll have to wait and see.

    The engine is fresh with about 4k miles on it but basically stock. Im guessing a little more CR for TQ/efficiency would'nt hurt...maybe a head shave/thinner head gasket might be in order a little later on.


    Last edited: Feb 18, 2011
  4. xderelict
    Joined: Jul 30, 2006
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    Member Emeritus

    The one I have seems to run well. It needed a lot of work in the runners to match the head ports.The casting left it with about 30% of the runners blocked.Im running Stromberg BXOV-2's

  5. hotdamn
    Joined: Aug 25, 2006
    Posts: 2,092


    the vacumm is around 10 I believe at idle. I may be wrong about that but thats what I seem to remember...

    yea I always heard great things about yf's too...

    maybe I should hand them off to dickster and see if he can find whats wrong...

    hell it may be the cam like you were saying.

    it's a fairly hoss cam but I didnt think it was gonna be like this!
  6. Not too much fuel pressure overpowereing the needles/seats?

    That would explain the rich mixture.

    I6 guys - who else runs these carbs/intakes of both?


  7. Snarl
    Joined: Feb 16, 2007
    Posts: 1,639


    I've never seen a performance test done with the "dogbone" Thickstun. I would suspect that the design on the ends would stifle flow above 2500 rpms though...

    You're not going to see a whole lot of difference performance wise with any of the old log style intakes, especially on a stock 216. Since you already have the Thickstun, then use it. it is the coolest looking intake ever...
    If not, then try to find a Tattersfield 2x1. This intake will give you the best results according to what I have seen and read. the shape of the runners is better.
    As for carbs, technically, any of them should be able to be made to work, but using the Carter W-1 is supposed to be the easiest as they do not use a vacuum operated power system. all of the other "usual suspects" do.
    When using multiple carbs, make dam sure they are truly identical carbs. All 1 bbl carbs came in different sizes over the years. Also, make sure they are initially adjusted with the linkage disconnected so that you can be sure of getting them both set at the best vac signal possible, then connect the linkage. Use an intake that has a crossbar style setup, the cheesy Offy type linkage they sell with their intakes is a pile of crap.
    If the carbs you are using have a vac operated power system, make sure you don't block off the vac port that's on the bottom of the carb. Those thick base gaskets have a slot in them for a reason, so make sure they line up correctly with the hole in the carb.
  8. carbking
    Joined: Dec 20, 2008
    Posts: 2,855


    The YF's can be made to run, and run well! A few suggestions:

    (A) Check the orifice in your fuel valve seat. Most of the generic kits use the 0.101 designed for the Ford 300 CID six because it is the most common used YF. Carter made many different fuel valves, with orifices as small at 0.076. Too large an orifice could cause "loading up".

    (B) The YF uses a vacuum spring to control the metering rod. If you have a "rough idle" cam, you may have insufficient vacuum to keep the metering rod on the proper diameter. How much vacuum do you have at idle? Some of the YF's can use AFB vacuum springs, which are available in several different tensions.

    (C) Idle jets in the YF are changeable. Perhaps the ones you have are too large.

    (D) And probably the most important. Carter made the YF in sizes to fit everything from a 134 CID (Willys) to a 300 CID (Ford). Choosing carburetors incorrect for the application may not give the desired results. Which carbs do you have?

    And yes, I also like the W-1's.

    Will be happy to further discuss your issues. 573-392-7378 (9-4 Mon-Wed central time).

  9. Dyno Dave
    Joined: Feb 18, 2011
    Posts: 244

    Dyno Dave

    Thickstun Intake Performance; I was selling one at a swap meet several years ago... An older guy was looking at the manifold, commented that he had run one on his '57 Chevy in high school and that he stayed with the 283's...
    Now before the SBC diehards begin, these would have been " High School " 283's not the 11,500 RPM's SBC's that we often hear about today... Would have liked to run that Thickstun, no more interesting Stovebolt manifold out there, but I was hooked up and commited to Corvette sidedraft stuff that I had brought years before... Dyno Dave

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