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Technical These Manuals Aren't (No They Are) Enough

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Johnny Gee, May 26, 2020.

  1. Understood your first post - I actually have the same 1956 book and the 1955 book. Also a 1958 book by the same publisher. For some reason the info is not in there - so I have others for reference and I just like books for reference.
    Sent Jim a Corvair manual a while back because I had acquired duplicates and didn't see a Corvair in my future.

    Been taking some to Swap Meets as well......
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  2. 51504bat
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    OK. The OP got some answers/suggestions. Whether he chooses to use or act on it is water under the bridge. Lets try and stay on track and get back to hot rodding. JMHO.
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  3. RichFox
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    You can lead a horse to water. But you can't make him think.
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  4. It truly pays to so say ones sorry's before bedtime. No really! I had a wonderful dream last night. Something to do with cheese and...
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  5. 08626561-66BF-43A8-8F38-DDD0C76F711A.jpeg I’m just glad that Motors manuals are available,,,,,,had I not already had one,,,I would not have known they existed.
    My dad is an old man,,,,91,,,,,he was and is old school,,,,,worked on everything himself,,,,cars ,,trucks,,,heavy equipment,,,,he had to .

    Anyway,,,,,after I got my Flathead last year I decided I needed a manual to go back further in time,,,and search it all out .
    Motors manuals are easily bought online,,,now I have three .
    One is a 54 book,,,it covers the years 1940 through 1954,,,,the second is a 56 book,,,,it covers years 1946 through 1956,,,,and my original one is 62 book,,,,it covers 1953 through 1962 .

    There is an enormous amount of information in these manuals,,,,,many makes and models I had never heard of .
    I recommend to anyone,,,,shop around and buy some of these,,,,what’s 20 bucks or so,,,when it can save a lot of headache and aggravation ?
    I go to them all the time now ,,,,even to help people on here with questions .

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  6. squirrel
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    I have Motors and Chiltons manuals for cars back to the 30s, and use them occasionally for quick reference. I also have a bunch of factory shop manuals, mostly Chevy, covering most of the 1950s-80s cars. The factory books have a lot more information, but you do have to search for it, and they generally only cover one year and make/model.

    The internet still comes in handy for looking stuff up, when I'm not out in the shop actually working on something. I seem to get a lot more useful info about working on a Model T from searching the Model T forum, than I do from the old Ford service book.

    I have discovered that you need to have all the reference material that was available for a vehicle, if you really want the full details about everything. Owners manual, brochure, shop manual, assembly manual, parts book, and restoration information kit (from GM Heritage). And it never hurts to have the HAMB family, to answer those really tough questions!
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