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Hot Rods There's a new name going on the Yay-Hoo Cup!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by buzzard, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. buzzard
    Joined: Apr 20, 2001
    Posts: 4,335

    Alliance Member

    Will it be your name that goes on the not-so-sacred Yay-Hoo Cup?

    As you've probably seen on SportsCenter, Fox News, or read in the Ladies Home Journal, Jeff Yocum (Flamedabone) is not driving his fire-breathing beast of a blown Pontiac powered Model A to the Hamb Drags this year.
    I haven't seen an official comment as to why, but we think he deserves
    a year off from the 1300 mile trip to whup everyones butt. That does leave the competition for the Yay-Hoo Cup wide open to all comers.

    This is the year that anything can happen and anybody could have a shot
    at taking home the title. You just have to have the guts to drive your jalopy from home to Mokan in the 100+* blistering summer and run 'er down
    the track faster than any of the Cup contenders.

    Pull that off and you'll get:
    1) a bitchin' timing tag to put on your dash or firewall
    2) your name forever enshrined on the Yay-Hoo Cup
    3) an ice cold Shiner Bock to drink from of the Cup
    4) the admiration and reverence of hot rodders for generations to come

    As always, the Yay-Hoos want as many competitors as possible to take part in this year's race. Slow, quick, or in-between; if you drove it from your hometown to race, we want your name on our list. Come see us at Hoo-Ville just past the bleachers on the pit side. It's the blue pop-up with the Yay-Hoo banner and a bunch of Yay-Hoos lounging around.

    Here's the fine print. The Yay-Hoos have final say and decisions on how the Cup is awarded. You must live and drive at least 150 miles from Joplin. No trailering to 150 miles out and driving from there. You must be signed up on the the list to be eligible.


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  2. RAY With
    Joined: Mar 15, 2009
    Posts: 3,132

    RAY With

    Hell of a deal with the heat and bugs and a long drive to the track!!!!
  3. when and where ?
  4. This is so cool, you guys rock.

  5. buzzard
    Joined: Apr 20, 2001
    Posts: 4,335

    Alliance Member

  6. buzzard
    Joined: Apr 20, 2001
    Posts: 4,335

    Alliance Member

    Thanks Gritz, hopefully we'll see your name on the list!
  7. edweird
    Joined: Jan 4, 2009
    Posts: 3,187


    jeff told me he's flying out there { uh, in an airplane } this year.
  8. The most fun event there is. I still have a stinging sensation from Denise kicking my butt while driving down the strip while waving at the crowd. Losing sucks, but losing to Denise really sucks.
  9. Tman
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
    Posts: 35,917


    Jeff not driving!?!?!?!?! Wow, hell must be awefull chilly about now.

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