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Event Coverage Theft at Motor City Cars & Parts Swap Meet Toronto

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by quickchangeV8, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Yes Ive learned that maybe catching them is worse than the theft. I had a guy that stole two loads of valuable cedar logs. I was angry. I cut off the stumps and went to every sawmill around. I did Find the logs and it was a guy who knew me supposed to be a friend. Well the deputy investigated however the prosecuter woundnt do anything I wanted revenge and I was spending too much time thinking about it. I could have got in big trouble doing some of the paybacks I thought of. So after much thought I just quit giving it free rent in my head. I decided to let Karma take care of it. A short time later that thief was walking across his yard and died of a heart attack. Ok just reciently some thief tore down the fence and stole a couple of loads of scrap from My old place. I went to the scrap recycler and spotted a couple of things. I asked one of the hired hands who brought it in. It again was someone I knew. I never went to the law. I posted on Topix telling about a thief stealing my scrap. Never named any names. just mentioned I would live without it and they would have to live with it. And that Karma would pay them. Well it happened again that guy also dropped dead!

  2. Same thing happened to me; 2 different guys, years apart.
    Both cost me a job over nothing.
    Both killed in car crashes, both driving Mustangs.
    Steep interest on bad Karma.
  3. Old Wolf and Unkl - Weird isn't it. And it seems to come back around much worse.

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  4. D.N.D.
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    Yep it only takes one to give you a bad day, maybe you could use thin braided stainless line that cant be cut with a pocket knife like a fishing leader

    Then when you get a sale cut the stainless with some side cutters, now days you need to make it bullet proof

    You can get small lead sleeves that you use and crimp it tight over the cable to make a loop or run the cable through a part, and the other end fasten to your table

    Yaa the trade show thief sure gave me a wake up call 45 yrs ago on how the real world works, its a sad fact but the bad guys are out there

    6 yrs before that in 65' two guys followed me home after running my gasser at the drags, and wanted to get a closer look at the car so they said

    Not knowing they were casing my house & garage and on a Sunday nite about 1 am they broke into my garage and were going to steal the Hilborn Fuel Injection, I heard the noise and turned on a bunch of lights a scared them off

    Next am I was looking around outside and found a bag of tools with allen wrench's and a taped over flashlight , so they knew what tools to use for unbolting the injector

    I was lucky to get the lights on fast enough so I did not loose my racing engine parts as the injector & vertex magneto were setting on the bench

    Yep don't fool with that Karma stuff as ' Bad JUJU ' is not a good thing and like they say what comes around goes around, sometimes not fast enough!!!

    Some days you luck out, G Don
  5. I stopped vending at the Toronto event for that same reason..we lost a couple die cast trucks..that was a few yrs ago...

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