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Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by SCOTT GILLEN, Oct 31, 2012.

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    from California

    The Rare 1932 Sedan Delivery
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  2. 3wLarry
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    from Owasso, Ok

    some guys up north do a great job recreating one out of a tudor sedan...Poteets car was one of them...
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  3. BCR
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    Krylon32 had him work on his also. Might be Kemps but I am not sure.
  4. BCR
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  5. Well lets see 404 built, hmmmmn, 200,000+ on the HAMB alone that would make your chances 0.2 in 100 of finding one among HAMB members alone, now factor in the hundreds of thousands of restorers and collectors not represented on the HAMB and the odds go down exponentially. Where are they all at no doubt someone is hording all 404 of them away.

    I probably would not put an ardun or a halibrand under one unless I could come by a set of original Ardun heads (less of those made than the sedan delivery I beileve) and a magnesium halibrand. :rolleyes:
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  6. Stu Padasso
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    Stu Padasso

    Heres a rear end shot of Lawson's Sedan delivery. Try to find one of those bumpers!

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  7. According to the Early Ford V8 Club of Americas archives there were 406 sedan delivery's built.

    58 V8's were built in the United States and that accounts for all the Model 18's,,there were 342- 4 cylinders built in the United States.

    3- 4 cylinders were built in Canada and 3- 4 cylinder were built overseas,,none in Australia.

  8. 1947vert
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    from Minnesota

    The 32 Delivery is my favorite 32. Kemps in Michigan does a fantastic conversion from a tudor.
  9. kennkat
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    Well they are making New steel 40 Ford wannabees... maybe it's time for one of these....
  10. Nope what they need to repop are those old vegetable venders with the soft sides. I'd get me one of those and go careening around the neighborhood hollaring, " vegies he'ah, get yo veggies he'ah. I gots carrots and collahd greeeens . . ." :rolleyes:
  11. Weasel
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    The production figures I have say body Type B-410 sedan delivery: first unit October 1932, last unit Jan 1933. Factories: Cincinnati, Norfolk and Memphis.

    Domestic V8 58 units
    Domestic B 342 units

    Canada 3 units Model B
    Mexico city 3 units Model B

    Total 406 so HRP is right.

    Weight 2592 lbs V8, 2492 lbs Model B. Weight body only 798 lbs

    Jules Alvarez has a real one he has owned for many years. He brings it to the Outriders Picnic where he and others cook a killer tri tip - mmmm....;)
  12. I don't think you took your medications this morning did you Beano? :D HRP
  13. My buddy [and body man] Jimmy were just talking about this last night while slaving away on my 34's door jambs. He said he knows of a guy selling a roached out deuce 2 door sedan body. He showed me ,on a customer's 32, 2 door sedan in his shop, where to cut it and splice, fill the sides/c-pillars to make a delivery. I asked him if he could make up a back door from the sedan's skin and he said it's a lotta work but yeah, he could do it.
    I asked him to tell the guy I have something to swap for the 32 body...hope he goes for the swap. I'd love to cruise a 32 delivery, even if it was a counterfeit.
  14. Did so took 'em twice. :D
  15. outlaw256
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    well i did!!! thats why im laughing so see [​IMG]
  16. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    A fairly standard attrition rate for any given vehicle is 8% per year.

    So, with 406 built and only 92% of vehicles surviving each year, that means there is statistically one-half of one car left in 2012. lol

    That doesn't account for the ones that were lost in WWII scrap drives or the ones that were destroyed to restore or hot rod a more desirable roadster/coupe. But it also doesn't account for the people that have always kept back any '32 Fords they find.

    Suffice to say they have always been rare. ;)
  17. Buster (3Deuces),built a rear door for his daily driver 1932 sedan but and didn't fill in the back seat windows.

    I've been trying to locate some photos,,I'll post as soon as I find them. HRP
  18. bobby_Socks
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    from ǑǃƕǑ

    I thought that G. Poteet's was a real 32 Sedan delivery:confused:
    It was built by Dave Lane of Fastlane Hot Rods with some
    mods done to the sides and doors.
  19. 49ratfink
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    from California

    saw one at Pleasanton a few years back well on it's way to being restored. painted, rolling but I don't think it was running. maroon in color. he was asking $90,000.00. I have a picture somewhere.

    mentioned this to a friend who had a 32 for 30 years. he simply refused to hear me when I told him fewer were made than B-400's. should have bet him a hundred bucks.
  20. Mazooma1
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    at the L.A. Roadster show, 2008




  21. Normbc9
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    Here is a factory brochure rear quarter photo. The US Forest Service ordered these by the dozen for their Forest Management staffs in the cold northwest and Rockies area National Forests. There are still photo's in their historic archives of them in use by Survey Teams, Timber Cruisers and Timber Sale staff. Chevrolet also had a truck frame version that was a larger vehicle. Some were called a "Canopy Express."

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  22. Pretty smooth mazooma.

    Well there is one of them.

  23. F&J
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    Hey, my eyesight is not perfect, but I say that is a 33, it IS a 33 Chevy. A hamber had a very rare 33 Chevy US Forest Delivery, with the super rare rear quarter glass, instead of the steel fillers.
  24. noboD
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    About 40 years ago I tried to buy a '35 Chevy like that. It ran and drove and had original paint for $1500, but my Dad wouldn't loan me half the $$.
  25. Racinman had a real 32 sedan delivery he bought from a mutual friend,,I didn't have the cash at the time,,as I recall he sold it to someone that lives in the middle part of the state.

    Deuce Roadster knows the guy. HRP
  26. thewildturkey46
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    from Rice, MN

    I have a converted tudor into a sedan delivery. Doug Mcgrae in Topeka supplies the complete conversion, Kemp installs it...(mine was installed here in Minnesota by someone else), came out nice. Its the same kit that Poteet and Kylon32 used.
    PM me if you want Dougs phone number. Dale
  27. thewildturkey46
    Joined: Dec 4, 2005
    Posts: 747

    from Rice, MN

    Here is a pic of mine Dale

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  28. Deuce Roadster
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    Deuce Roadster
    Member Emeritus

    He also has a past America's Most Beautiful Roadster winner ( 1932 Ford roadster) and a couple of other 32 Fords. A 5W, a phaeton and a few more roadsters.
  29. Salt Flats Speed Shop
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    Salt Flats Speed Shop
    from Utah

    Brizio did one with an ardun and a quickchange. It was really impressive in person. Theirs was a stock tudor that they did the conversion on to change it into a delivery. Thats probably going to be your best bet. Heck I'd do the conversion for you here at my shop, I've always wanted to do one. :)







  30. Ghost28
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    The picture you showed is a 32 chevy delivery. check out the headlight bar and the tail light, with the bowtie.

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