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The whole story of my 1936 Ford 3 window coupe "barn Find" and how I am preserving it

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by INLAW MODEL A, Jan 1, 2013.

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    congrats on the find...but the packers suck!
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  2. That smile on Orville's face says it all!!

    Good score on your part. Jeez, now you've got me considering seller's remorse for letting mine go last week.
  3. 60 Belair
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    60 Belair

    Wow! congrats and its a driver now sweet
  4. Here is the history that I have uncovered so far. It seems all the old timers knew the car and I have talked to most of them. I had lots of visitors to the house who heard the the story and could not believe I had the car. I was told by several people that they were glad I got it and it could not have gone to a better person. I feel pretty humble.

    As far back as i can find info on the car, it looks like Hildegard D. bought it used in 1947 and sold it in 1950. It was dark blue. Herb K. bought it and painted it grey and added the red and white interior. He sold it to Denny H. in 1960. All he did was drive it. He sold it to Orville in February 1965. The 21 stud engine was no good at this point and the car had 98,000 miles on it. Orville had a repair shop and on February 17th 1965 he installed a 3 3/16" bore 24 stud flat head that was a fresh rebuild. He wrote it on the hood with a grease pen.


    He added fresh oil and put a sticker in the door jamb. It has almost 1000 miles on the engine since 1965!

    So are you wondering why the axle was broke?

    Here is the story I got: This was dad nice car. Older son was 16 and just got his license. When mom and dad were gone he would take the car out and cruise with it. The road behind Fleet Farm was fresh blacktop in 1976 and he would take it there and drag race other cars. He said it did awesome burnouts. He would do full throttle clutch dumps and as luck would have it, the axle snapped one of those days. They pushed the car home and got an ass chewing. Orville was pissed and said he would not fix the car because the boys were just gonna wreck it. So it was parked under the lean to roof in the summer of 1976 and was there until September 2012. 36 years it sat there. Also the car was parked in '76 and it is 76 years old. Kinda weird how the numbers work out.
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  5. 345winder
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    awesome find/awesome story! congrats! you must be livin right!
  6. Thanks, I think karma paid me back or something.
  7. I was was wondering when you you were going to make a thread on this car!!Glad it all worked out.I think you got the car the very next day after I called and asked if you had heard anything from the owners yet.Can't wait to see it it in person.
  8. Ester Eddie
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    Ester Eddie
    from Alaska

    So cool to see him with that huge smile!
  9. Here are some interior shots. The moth balls must have worked. I could not believe there was no mouse nest in the glove box. I only found a few mice but they have been dead a while. There was some meds in the glove box for Orville.

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  10. general gow
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    general gow
    Staff Member

    great car and a wonderful story. that's a top 5 car by all rights. you must be beyond stoked.
  11. Rckt98
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    Great story. Good things happen to good people.
  12. historynw
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    Nice score, good luck with your project.
  13. Fringe
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    from Sacramento

    I think cars tend to find the owners, the 36 found a good one. It is wonderful that you made the family feel good about their decision, by including them in its recovery.
  14. manchild
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    hells yeah , awesome story man , I'm definitely looking in all the wrong barns.
    Enjoy driving the fuckin shit outa that thing!!!!!!!!!
  15. historynw
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    Old Orville was "over the moon" at getting the chance to ride in his old girl. They seem quite happy to see its getting fixed up again.
  16. goodgarb
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    from TACOMA,WA

    :DIt just can't imagine a better story for both parties! Congratulations, Hell ya!
  17. Rob68
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    That may be the nicest "barn find" I've seen. DIG IT!
  18. ss34coupe
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    Congrats! Great find!
  19. Lucky Mike
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    Lucky Mike

    Awesome grab! Well done. What are your plans?
  20. TagMan
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    Congratulations, great find. Glad to see another one saved.
  21. Rob Paul
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    Rob Paul

    Thats a great story. Im glad you ended up with it. I know its in good hands. I cant wait to see it!!

    Later, Rob
  22. jstanotheidiot
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    Saw the car at Iron Invasion, Dried tarp still present looked way cool,Owner there and willing to talk to everyone. Great car,Great guy,IMO. Good Luck.
  23. guitarmook
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    from Austin, TX

    I was gonna say you should take Orville and his wife for a ride as soon as you get it running, then I saw that you did.

    Well done, all around!
  24. oldwood
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    from arkansas

    My view on this car is that Orville should be able to drive it from time to time. That is where the REAL magic happens.
  25. Hotrod1959
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    Great story.....Glad you are the new caretaker.
  26. Fairlane Mike
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    Fairlane Mike

    Great story, you sound like a nice guy! Probably added several years to Orville's life span! '36s are just about my favorite! Happy New Year!
  27. Checkerwagon
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    Fantastic story, you did well in every fashion.
    All the best,
    Cleveland OH
  28. What an awesome story! so what did the guy say that wanted that car? haha! tell him, "don't hate! i just got better game than you!"
    gorgeous car..even the wheels and tires still look good!
    good luck w/ the car! she's a beauty
  29. haha!!! i like that idea too, Oldwood!
  30. wagoon78
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    that's awesome. Orville looks like a happy man!

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