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Hot Rods The Stump Puller, otherwise known as the ODD ROD

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Nicks Hot Rod Garage, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Coming Soon from Nick's Hot Rod Garage!


    Most of the history has been documented well. Bill Kenz built this truck in 1943 and 1944 during the war, he took it to Bonneville in 1949 and went 140.95. The winter of 1949-1950 the truck was cannibalized and used to create the 777 stream-liner that want on to set world records during the 1950's. With that said, the truck just plain doesn't exist.

    A couple of the local old timers have been collecting parts to recreate the Odd Rod. It started about 6,7,8? years ago when Duane Helms bought a failed attempt at an independent axle Ford Banjo. That got the ball rolling. Duane then started to collect the frames, heads, intakes, build the carbs and idler pulleys, rear end parts, etc. He's a retired machinist, so making many of the parts came natural. He collected photos from Ron Leslie and other locals. He hooked up with Warren Hamilton who kicked in the dough to buy the truck cab and get it ready for paint.

    After T-33 came together, I sat down with Duane and we discussed the Odd-Rod. Duane had been fighting cancer and came out on top. So helping him see this through was a no brainer. The three of us made a deal and Nick's Hot Rod Garage has been commissioned to build the truck with Duane and Warren.

    Hold on, this is going to be a ride.

    If you have any photos that will help us, please post here. Thank you!
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    Getting Ready for the #oddrodbuild


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  2. I'm watching with much interest.
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  3. Marcy
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  4. titus
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    ive always like that truck, good luck on the project.
  5. Legendary Lars
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    Legendary Lars

  6. LWEL9226
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    from So. Oregon

    Right On........... Bring IT !!!!
  7. 3wLarry
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    from Owasso, Ok

  8. AHotRod
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    ........... waiting for more :)
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  9. Look through your older TRJs for pics and full articles of the truck and other cars that they built.

    The later version of the truck had a swing axle ( early IRS)
  10. NoSurf
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    Tick tock. C'mon man. The dust has settled in Georgetown. Is this built yet?
  11. 1950heavymetal
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    You have my attention!!
  12. 55willys
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    That truck is one of my favorites. When does the actual build get started?
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  13. A few weeks ago I flipped the frame upside down and started working on the front end, the truck had a 1937 V8-60 axle wishbone and spring. To the best of our knowledge it was going to be straight forward. We had looked at the photos, the rear crossmember used the running board bracket holes. We assumed the wishbone was going to "Just Fit". Well, it was 3 inches too short. Duane and I scratched our heads, we measured Merc, Lincoln, and Ford bones and couldn't find the exact fit.

    So we decided to stretch the wishbones, Duane took some 1.5 pipe home and turned it down into two spacers, and I welded it in the next day.

    The Spacers..

    Mocked up and fit...


    I welded them and cleaned it all up.
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  14. Then we put it back right side up and started on the rear end.

    I even got my boys to help!

    We are shooting for a 98% accurate recreation here!
    There is lots of studying going on, plenty of research has been done!
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  15. So then the cab had to get set on the front frame to make sure things all fit. It was built with two frames, both trimmed long and welded together. The rear frame slides onto a pinched (in the rear) front frame. Both motors have Lincoln distributors, so we need to make sure there is room behind the cab.

  16. Very neat project! Keep posting pics to share so we can see it come together.
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  17. ronnieroadster
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    Thats going to be a great recreation.
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  18. Last week we were in a thrash to get ready for the Rocky Mountain Auto Show, I was making headers, which double as motor mounts on the front motor, mounting the rear axle, and tacking it all together.



    Alot of people have asked about the rear axle, yes it is independent, yes it uses torsion bars.

    It is constructed out of all early ford parts, this truck was originally built in 1943 and 1944 with junkyard parts.

    Duane had figured out the whole rear axle, and collected the basic parts. He had some of the other old-timer machinists help too, Butch Salter and Bob Marcheese turned the hardened axles and stubs down. We cut out the axle flanges and mount plates. He built the whole thing in his little shop and brought it to the shop so we could get it in the frame.

    At some point I'll post all the details of how it was built, and what parts were used, for now, here's the basics...

    Its a model A center section, 34 ford torque tube ends and u-joints. heavily modified spider gears and axles too.

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  19. Here's a few shots of the truck on wheels for the first time!
  20. volvobrynk
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    from Denmark

    Are you the guy with the T33 Chevy roadster? That is such an awesome rod, I fell in love with that car the first time I saw it! Its so hard to find a fresh build being era perfect with out being a ford, but its so awesome!!!
    I joint that photo-site/app-thing just to be able to follow that car, and it took me some time to figure it out, but it was so worth it! Instagram, and i even send you a friend request on facebook to be up to date on it.
    And now you are doing that awesome truck! you are such a cool guy!!
    do you have a HAMB thread about the T33?

    Keep at it, I will be right here watching as often as I can, and that says a lot from a HAMB-oholic!!
  21. Gearhead Graphics
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    Not sure how but I totally walked right by and missed it at the show
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  22. Yes, same guy. Thank you!
    I don't have a T-33 thread, I guess I should create one.
  23. Another Shot from the Show
  24. I saw the progress on Instagram, you are doing an incredible job recreating this, please keep the pics coming.
  25. Yup, been watching on IG as well, but the picture size here is so much better.

    I gotta say man, you are doing great things for the Hotrod world!
    Thank you.

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