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History The Story of the Dean Moon '34 Ford

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Jive-Bomber, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    The Story of the Dean Moon '34 Ford


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  2. Just because a TJJ Blog and/or a H.A.M.B. thread can never have too many pics:

    Dean Moon's '34 Ford Coupe (late '40s).jpg
    Dean became the third owner of this ’34 Coupe in September 1946, upon returning from his
    Merchant Marines tour of duty in Japan. He and Shirley would take it on their Honeymoon.
    Pictured outside Pop Moon’s Cafe in primer, it was about to be painted black
    when the WWII veteran was suddenly reactivated for the Korean War.

    Dean Moon's '34 Ford Coupe (1950 Whittier Show).jpg
    Dean put his ’34 Coupe on display in 1950 at the inaugural Whittier Hot Rod Show
    at the Urich Gibb Lincoln Mercury dealership, where he worked as a mechanic. He’s
    the dude in the gray suit describing the engine. At this stage, the Coupe still had
    the EVANS equipped flathead and one of Moon's own early fuel blocks on the firewall.

    Dean at work on his '34 Ford Coupe.jpg
    Dean at work on his '34 Coupe

    Ruth Hampton posing with Dean Moon's '34 Ford Coupe.jpg
    Ruth Hampton posing with Dean's '34 Coupe
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  3. And one more, found on Kustomrama. From 1953:
  4. Jimmy B
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    Jimmy B

    & some more, these were taken by Ralph Poole for a magazine article, I have the prints and negatives in my collection.
    jpb-dean-moon-029.jpg jpb-dean-moon-030.jpg jpb-dean-moon-032.jpg
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  5. RussTee
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    Must be parked up beside Wes Collins roadster ..... winks
  6. @Sancho - Thanks for posting that photo from Sondre (@SuperFleye) & Olaf (@Kvipt)'s Kustomrama website ... I have a scan of that same pic (I believe it's from the July 1953 issue of HOP UP) ... but it's so "grainy" that I chose to not post it ... so thanks for sharing it!

    Jamie (@Jimmy B) - Those photos by the late Ralph Poole are fantastic! ... Thanks for sharing!

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  7. LSGUN
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    from TX

    This is funny, I was talking to Lanny Erickson earlier tonight and Dean Moon and his '34 coupe came up ironically. He saw it down from his house frequently when he lived in Whittier in 1953 and mentioned the Stude V8, louvered hood, and his wife daily driving it. He said Dean was still a mechanic at the Lincoln/Mercury dealership at the time. He also mentioned walking by a house one day that had a chopped '32 Tudor in the works out front with a missing grille shell, etc. An older man came outside and he explained to him he was just admiring the car. "Oh that car belongs to my son", turns out that was Dean Moon's father.
  8. 70045D51-1035-4D82-B66F-776AFB3131C2.jpeg 19E19C8A-2B8C-46CE-8AB8-1C313E4AEED3.jpeg C98E0BA3-355D-4DE0-82C4-97F2DB677E62.jpeg In Nov of2016,I flew from Texas to Cali to attend the races at ElMirage. One of our stops was Moon Equip. Co. The manager let us have our run of the place and we went behind closed doors into “the private stash” and I took a few pics. What a great room with many artifacts.
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  9. 2935ford
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    Ok, that's stuffing a lot of engine in that compartment. I do not see a fan? How was it kept cool?
  10. Cool that he ran a Stude.
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  11. 392
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    Great story. Lots of miles and the history is amazing.
  12. 55zephyr
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    Stude in a ford, the only way to go.
    Great story, nice piece of history.
  13. Rusty O'Toole
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    Rusty O'Toole

    Most hot rods back then did without a fan. If you are going over 30MPH you don't need one. In traffic it's different.

    The Ford flathead is a very hot running engine so they put a big radiator on them. The Stude V8 should cool a lot easier in other words, even with no fan you shouldn't have much trouble as long as you don't get stuck in traffic.
  14. 302GMC
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    from Idaho

    Thanks, Jimmy - good to see pictures that weren't in the magazines.
    The fuel filter looking units in the fuel block appear to have adjusting screws & lock nuts - were they pressure regulators ?
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