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History The SCPC '35 Ford

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Ryan, Feb 26, 2024.

  1. corncobcoupe
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    Staff Member

    Pure Art Deco Times.....
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  2. 427 sleeper
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    427 sleeper

    ^^^^^ At their finest!!! ^^^^^
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  3. Ya, Gregg worked out a deal. I wanted it but let him go for it. I'm too into my 29-roadster project. We will be driving up sometime soon to pick it up. I'm coming up with him.
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  4. ... don't ever see anything on 29 Roadster,, Greg sent me a picture of the body he bought.. .. will be hanging with Bruce in the Harbor !
  5. It looks to have taillights on the front and none on the back.
  6. Paul M Cochran
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    Paul M Cochran

    Am I just the custodian or care-taker of such things? I can see that the person, who “owned” my 1936 Ford before me, treasured it and kept it in a close to factory condition. For what you may ask? Why didn’t he chop it, section it, customize it, stick a blower thru the hood and giant tires on the back or change it in any major way?

    To me the answer is truly a quandary of my feelings and automotive history. Who am I to take a perfectly fantastic stock piece of history and cut it up?

    And that’s where I am today. I realize with my age now that sometime the history and enjoyment of a vintage piece or iron is just that. A way to be the Guardian or custodian if you’d rather, to simply enjoy it and hand it down and share that feeling of a true vintage lover of older engineering and history will experience what it was like way back when and imagine where it went and whom also shared this feeling.

    A friend of mine once quoted “anyone can keep it stock, but it takes real balls to chop one up” Funny at the time I guess. If it were just a body and two doors all beat up, then yes I could do it.

    Except when I’m long gone this classic 5 window will still be here, but will it be under new ownership or will there they still be the guardian, the care-taker to look over it, enjoy it, drive it and let it live on in history?

    So I asked myself, what AM I? Well I have realized that I’m just the temporary keeper of a time machine, one packed with old memories, feeling and some odd smells from time to time. An I will pass this on to the next player in the game and just pray that it not be chopped and found in some scrapyard in ten years with it memories crushed like so many have before it.

    So I continue to look for someone that is willing to carry this torch and not try to change its history, Just someone who feels and shares the pride of true history.

    Be a true Guardian, don’t chop up history.

  7. Gr8laker
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    from Michigan

    Wow, they used the convertible to tow-start the midget.
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  8. Elmo Rodge
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    Elmo Rodge

    That storage was Gene Scott's yard in Irwindale.

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