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History The Proof Is In The Performance

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Ryan, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Ryan
    Joined: Jan 2, 1995
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    from Austin, TX
    Staff Member

    Ryan submitted a new blog post:

    The Proof Is In The Performance


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  2. 41rodderz
    Joined: Sep 27, 2010
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    from Oregon

    Thanks for sharing. Nice history lesson.
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  3. Jalopy Joker
    Joined: Sep 3, 2006
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    Jalopy Joker

    always a good one to watch
  4. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
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    Nice old Bonneville film. We had seen it before and the "fuzziness" was a little bothersome, but history was preserved. Back in those days, my brother and I were enthusiasts of any thing that moved and moved fast. In 1957-59 we were able to get a pair of XL Wynn's Friction Proofing bright jackets from our dad's friend in Los Angeles.
    [​IMG] He also gave us a case of the Wynn's Friction Proofing oil additive and that helped in our cars. The idea of wearing the jackets at Lions Dragstrip was to attract possible sponsorships for a hard charging Impala or our 1940 Willys Coupe with the 671 SBC motor. It was starting to work as the cool air at Lions made us wear the jackets. People started noticing our cars racing and in the pits.

    But, the whole era was those early pioneers using everything they could get and build to go fast. The streamliner was a fabulous build and the Hot Rod Magazine Plymouth was awe inspiring.

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  5. Jim Hassad
    Joined: Aug 9, 2015
    Posts: 58

    Jim Hassad

    I was there in 1957 with my dad and mom, running our 241" Dodge modified roadster. 151 mph on gas! As a six year old car lover, I thought I was in heaven. I did not know the difference between a hemi or a flathead, but the 777 car had 3 engines! Incredible! Seeing those 12 Strombergs all in a line is so cool and I realize now how modified they were to run alky as I have six of them my dad ran on a Crower log manifold; no jets, siphon tubes replaced with 3/16 brass tubing!! Bast looking push truck and car combo can be seen at 8:16, John Cramer from SDRC with his brand new Ranchero and matching modified roadster with Ardun power, ran in the 190 range. Great memories seeing Bob Higbee, another family friend, who was the legendary starter for many, many years. He always double checked that my helmet visor was snapped shut every time I started down the course on my cycles, many years after this movie.
  6. Neat old film, thanks for the link!
  7. Great video,,,,,,it’s always a great time to see all the stuff happening back then .

  8. Enjoyed the whole 25+ mins.
  9. dirty old man
    Joined: Feb 2, 2008
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    dirty old man

    Enjoyed the film immensely.
    But it did remind me that back in those days the Wynn Oil Co. was a big player in all forms of any kind of racing using internal combustion engines. Every gas station sold it and all had a display rack out front right beside the display of motor oil. Are they still around? I don't remember seeing any of their products in a long time.
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  10. dana barlow
    Joined: May 30, 2006
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    dana barlow
    from Miami Fla.
    1. Y-blocks

    Another awesome old film.
  11. We need some Friction Proofing for the Circus, we are record hunting this SpeedWeek
  12. Spooky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
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    YEOWZA!!!! I have not seen this flick since I was in Jack Richard's living room in the 1990's!!!!!!
    I had a copy of this that sadly disappeared, that I actually sent down to the great Karol Miller. I have a signed letter from him in which he says "Thanks Mark, it was sure nice to hear the ol' gal run again."
  13. dwollam
    Joined: Oct 22, 2012
    Posts: 1,007


    I really enjoyed the movie! Thanks for posting it Ryan!


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