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The One That Got Away

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by niterunner71, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. niterunner71
    Joined: Nov 26, 2010
    Posts: 102


    I searched and did not find a thread like this so if there is one and I am rehashing please excuse me.
    I was thinking about this today and decided I would share it with you guys and see if any of you have any similar stories.
    In the summer of 86 I was 15 and looking for my first car. I ate, breathed, and slept hot rods. I was not impressed by all those air conditioned, fuzzy interiored, billet laden 80s belly button cars that usually graced the pages of the magazines. My passions were for HOT RODS. My first love was a white, Olds powered '40 Deluxe coupe that sat in a garage under about an inch of dust a few blocks from my house. I went to see it regularly for about 3 years, and finally learned the owner absolutely would not sell it. About a couple weeks after learning that I was out for a drive with my mom when I spottted and orange 55 Chevy 2 door with a FOR SALE sign in the window "STOP MOM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!" So she stopped. I went all over the car chacking out every detail. It was a 55 Bel Air 2 door sedan, painted hugger orange, with radiused wheelwells. The radius cut into the side spear and I though that was so cool. Ity was a survivor from the 60's or 70's, it had black diamond interior, and I will never forget that Dixco Tach with the stars and stripes cup screwed to the dash. The owner came out and I talked with him, I opened the hood tosee the 327 andnever will forgwet those fenderwell headers and the polished aluminum M/T valve covers. He went on to explain it had an Engle cam, Offy intake,and a holley 650 double pumper, fired by a mallory dual point. It had a muncie 4 speed and just the right look with big and littles on cragar ss rims. It was no showpiece by any means, left rear 1/4 glass cracked, bondo bubbling in places (especially over the eyebrows) and a riveted-on snorkel hood scoop which someone did not do a very good job of. But it was a car I could work on and drive. I never will forget how my adrenaline surged when he let me start her up and that wonderful thump of the cam.
    He was asking $1800.00 for it. Which was good for a 55 even back then. My dad specified a budget of $1000 for a car. I tried to come up with the rest but the 80's were kinda strage economically and it was hard for me to find work. Long story short, the Chevy was sold a few months later. My high school ride became a worn out 72 Ford Pickup that was broke down more than it ran. $800.00 stood in tha way of me having my dreams come true that year, Reaganomics really sucked. My Dad said it really hurt him that he wasn't able to give me the money. I think he wanted a father/son hot rod too.
    25 years later I have my first love (40 Ford Coupe) in my garage. But I always will want a radiused wheelwelled, hugger orange 55 Chevy 2-door.
  2. neilswheels
    Joined: Aug 26, 2006
    Posts: 625

    from England

    How about a 40 woodie!! I even had two chances to buy it! It used to belong to a buddy of mune, and when it came up th first time, it had all new wood, but was in piece, the frame was bent, and had no documents. I really wanted it, but decided to let it go, and kicked myself ever since. I was about 22. Then, about 6 years ago it came up again! It was advertised in a UK mag that another friend of mine got on subscription, so he saw the add before it hit the stands. i phoned the number and was told that someone else was on the way over, if it didn't sell he would phone me back. No phone call, so i phoned him, it was sold! Oh well, maybe one day.
  3. derbydad276
    Joined: May 29, 2011
    Posts: 1,222


    I grew up in the 70's and I drooled over the the older kids in the neighborhood with their muscle cars, gassers and sleepers
    4 doors down from my house sitting the the garage was a 64 fairlane sprint
    289 /4 speed it belonged to my neighbors son that never came home from (NAM)
    he left in 68 they hung onto the car when I was 16 I asked if they ever thought about letting it go ? they said not right now so I wound up with a 71 455 trans am
    (which is a story on its own)
    a year later another neighbor kid asked and they sold it to him for $500.00
    buy of the century
    the car turned out to be a (baby bolt) 289 hi output 11 to 1 motor solid lifter cam dual point distributor 4 barrell toploader 4 speed 4.11 locker nine inch
    the damn thing was the fastest car in school the little 289 never ran out of power
    I dont remember what he ever did with it but I allways wanted it!
    30 years later Im running around with a 60's f 100 that im turning into a rat rod shop truck thats turning into a father and son project
    I am addickted to the HAMB and love reading threads
  4. mine was a 67 mustang gta fastback. i had a 67 coupe at the time 1993 or so. it nedded a fuel pump. it was gold with red interior.i could not sell my coupe fast enough to get the coin to buy it.
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