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Features The Official 60-66 C-10 Chevy Truck Picture Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TexasHardcore, May 8, 2006.

  1. I own and have owned dozens of the 60 thru 66 trucks. And the heater sucks. especially the 64 thru 66 trucks. The air is drawn from the cowl thru the heater core and even when new they didn't work very good. Having a 160 or 180 thermostat didn't help. My dad bought a new 64 and on a 20 degree day it wouldn't defrost the windshield. What I do is put duct tape over the cowl vents. and open the passenger side vent. That way the already heated air is recirculated . and use a 195 degree thermostat. I have a van that has a second heater core and fan under a rear seat. I think I will install it in my wifes 66 C20.
  2. Merry Christmas to all the C10 junkies.
    It christmas morning and I am drinking my coffee watching a Joe Kenda marathon Pat is in the bathroom doing her morning thing and the granddaughter is still asleep. Soon we will gather and open presents and all will be well with the world for a few brief moments. The sweet potato pie and strawberry cake are ready the ham is in the oven as are the rest of the fixings.
    And all I am thinking about is clearing all of the christmas project leftovers from my shop and giving it a head to toe cleaning so I can finally get my C10 frame in and start on it. Merry Christmas all!

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  3. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    It's a repeat but here's a little inspiration.
    My Suburban chassis.
    20190429_181345.jpg 20190429_181459.jpg 20190429_181432.jpg 20190429_181535.jpg 20190429_181636.jpg 20190429_184958.jpg
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  4. Happy new year!!!
    Lookey wat i got!!
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  5. I like your pile

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  6. I have a question..
    How wide is a c10 hood at the rear?
    It seems i have a bigger truck at 76" wide
  7. DDDenny
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    from oregon

  8. Thank you,
    No i just got those parts at a great price
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  9. This half ton hood measures right at 76”, so sounds like what you have will work on a C10.

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  10. Thank u so much
  11. So dose this mean you are looking for the rest of the truck or going to sell parts?

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  12. Im going to sell/trade parts to buy more parts for my 7 projects
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  13. Jimmy71
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    I need help de-coding the rear end in my truck. It’s in my 64 C-10. 12 bolt that I had built, Eaton posi, 342’s and yukon axles. I believe that the pinion bearing is going out and I tried to look up the numbers but I can’t find any info. There’s WA 12 31 on the driver side rear axle tube and N 3838227 on the passenger side front of the pumpkin and GM5 on the driver side front of the pumpkin. These are the only numbers that I have found. Any help will be appreciated.

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  14. BackPayne
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    Here's my '64 C10. It has bags on all corners and now has an Olds 455 bored 0.060 over, which I just installed. Haven't driven it yet as I have some patch panels to finish and install. I'm going to paint it satin gray one day.

    Here's a link to a video of the 455 running:

    Attached Files:

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  15. IMG_20180217_093753~2.jpg This one is at the local wrecking yard.
  16. IMG_20190720_083335.jpg IMG_20190720_083348.jpg IMG_20190720_083143.jpg Found these as well.These are for sale as complete projects.
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  17. flux capacitor
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    flux capacitor

    4AF6A240-CBF3-4290-BE78-FD29F825D1CF.jpeg B2397FA5-73ED-4B79-9366-0DE1148B1639.jpeg 97E8DC50-5F23-4183-B94C-470C68E9FE3A.jpeg EAEDCFCC-4AFC-4AFA-AFA6-29690022564A.jpeg 09C7D5D2-0B5C-4F93-9CB1-84DDD080E2E5.jpeg 14 months in & on the back stretch........
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  18. Making progress on my sons 63 SWB and also picked up a pretty decent 62 GMC as a parts truck last week.

    8163B1E7-83A9-4B10-99D2-B6C23337DA64.jpeg 440995E5-1AFD-4C4D-A3BE-E40EEF1E86EE.jpeg
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