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History The Lamplighter Chevy

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by J.Ukrop, Mar 3, 2023.

  1. J.Ukrop
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    J.Ukrop submitted a new blog post:

    The Lamplighter Chevy


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  2. lippy
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    from Ks

    Great car!! Just a word on the firesuit. Gasoline is the worst fire you will ever be in. Nothing at all wrong with being prepared. Lippy
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  3. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    I remember this gasser running at Fremont Drags, we were younger then...
  4. That one simple , clean race car.. and got with the program.. Wonder if it's still around ? 37 Chev's are killer..
    better yet with a nasty 302 GMC straight six !
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  5. 37-38 Chevy Coupes make killer gassers!
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  6. 427 sleeper
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    427 sleeper

    Completely agree!!! To be truthful, if I had a choice between a 37/38 Chevy or a 40/41 Willys, I'd take the Chevy. JMO... :cool::cool::cool:
  7. That character line that extends into the door makes it easy to I D 37-38 Chevies!
  8. 1929rats
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    I love any kind of '37 chevy coupe! Thanks for sharing these
  9. Image 3-4-23 at 3.29 PM.jpeg Image 3-4-23 at 3.30 PM.jpeg In the Oak Cliff area of Dallas there was a similar car called Snuff Box owned by Afroamerican's They all helped finance it and it ran at Yellow Belly Drag Strip and the old Cedar Hill Drag strip the locals referred to as Cheater Hill Drag strip. The man responsible for this creation was Lennell. Their shop was located on Clarion Dr. close to Corinth St. We also had a welding shop run by A.W. Tacket . Referred to as Tacky Tacket
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  10. jnaki
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    Very nice build of a 37 Chevy Coupe. Obviously, it was after 1960 for the Moon Gas Tank ruling that moved it out of the inside cab to the area behind the grille. Not totally safe and sane for the street legal, but none the less, safer than inside the cab. In 1960, full fire proof coveralls were not required for street legal class hot rods. Some of the fuel racers in Northern California made some fireproof face shields to go along with the suits for total coverage. But, some wore them even with gasoline as the years went by.

    We know all about gasoline fires in competition cars of all kinds. It did not help that during those times, the Moon Gas Tanks from the late 50s to September 1960 were still being placed inside of the cabin and had access to the hand pump for more pressure to the motor.

    But, right after our incident with an exploding clutch and legal scattershield resulting in a massive fire, the rules committee made it mandatory to have all gas tanks outside of the cab, preferably in the trunk, but allowed the to move to the front behind the grille. (For race cars at the drags)

    Competition cars used the area in front to mount the Moon Tanks. But, for street usage, those were instantly exploding items in a fender bender on the public streets. Competition cars that were street legal were lumped into the full competition class rules and everyone no longer had gas tanks inside of the cab. But they could be placed anywhere beside the cab. Not totally legal for the insurance street car policies, but no one or very few people had insurance inspections on their cars at the time. Registration of licensed street cars were much the same. No mention of where the gas tanks would be.


    So, this year of 63 was morphing into the final years of “street legal” competition for the Gas Coupe and Sedan class. Within several years, were lumped with other classes and then soon disappeared as a whole. The younger generation only saw competition match races and not elimination runs in the separate classes of the old days.

    This Chevy coupe had all of the power and speed parts of the day. SBC motor out to as much as possible without too thin of walls of the bore and those classic speed parts, Hilborn two port, 671, M&H slicks and Halibrands.
  11. 41 GMC K-18
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    41 GMC K-18

    A pair of 37 Chevy's from the "ADDINGTON SPEED SHOP".
    As seen at the 2016 CHRR at FAMOSO.

    DSC_3535 (2).JPG DSC_3536 (3).JPG

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