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History The Kustomrama Survivor Truck - 1955 Ford by Barris & Dick Richardson

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Kvipt, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. verde742
    Joined: Aug 11, 2010
    Posts: 5,498

    1. a veteran died today

    its a 1949 ford, but I am the only one that cares.
  2. 51 mercules
    Joined: Nov 29, 2008
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    51 mercules

    X's 2!
  3. Hot Rods Ta Hell
    Joined: Apr 20, 2008
    Posts: 4,147

    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    Awesome find and story!

    Good karma; after having your wagon stolen, it was destiny that you and Gearge were brought together and you're the new caretaker of the historic truck.
    Send us a shot of you and the 3 girls jammed into the cab!

    On a side note, do you think the Jeffries mural is still on the wall albeit under several coats of paint? At SDSU, they recently uncover a long forgotton historic mural done by a rather well known artist during a remodel of an old building. Would be cool if you could rub out a sample of the wall to see if the mural is there...
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  4. If it's like most give-aways these days, they would have sold tickets at various events all summer then raffled the car late in the season.

    This thread is epic.
  5. 40two
    Joined: Feb 19, 2012
    Posts: 1,853


    what a read, Olav! and the truck landed in the best hands! what a joy to see this nice fellow leading you to magic places, well done!

    Carsten ;)
    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
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    This is a once in a lifetime view into how things really were. This story plays out all over this country, and now all over the world. Gotta love this place.
  7. Slim Pickens
    Joined: Dec 15, 2008
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    Slim Pickens

    Best. Have fun.
  8. hacknwhack
    Joined: Jan 25, 2006
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    from mass

    Subscribed. Need more of this tale.

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  9. haychrishay
    Joined: Jul 23, 2008
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    This is a great thread and I'm glad you found that truck....still bummed about the wagon though.
  10. nowaxn5
    Joined: Apr 15, 2007
    Posts: 813


    Rediculous... words can't describe just how good this is. Thank you for taking the time to share
  11. [​IMG]

    Here we have today's photo from the George Contaoi Photo Collection. This used to be George Contaoi's 1949 Oldsmobile Fastback. It was mildly customized and striped by Pat Eskibar of San Bernardino. The engine was hopped up by installing a set of experimental heads he required from the GM dealer, with larger valves.
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  12. [​IMG]

    Today's photo from George's collection, is a photo of John W. Britton's 1949 Ford. This is the second version of John's car, with different side trim and paint.
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  13. rusthaug
    Joined: Jan 2, 2007
    Posts: 23


    Awesome story Olav, Thanks for sharing ..
  14. Fantastic thread, you are very lucky to have met this man.

    Cool guys with cool cars... That green shoebox is perfect!!.
  15. Ryan
    Joined: Jan 2, 1995
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    from Austin, TX
    Staff Member

    This thread is amazing.
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  16. missysdad1
    Joined: Dec 9, 2008
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    How easy it might have been for George's historic pickup to have fallen victim to black primer and red wheels (or worse yet been turned into a trendy rust patena'd "RR") - and all of George's priceless photos gone into a dumpster after his passing - had it not been for one person's diligence and the resources of the H.A.M.B.

    There are more Georges out there with memories, photos and even nearly forgotten cars and trucks just waiting to be discovered. What's the lesson here? When you get a whiff of hot rod history, don't ignore it. Track it down - and then share it with those of us who live for hot rod and custom car tradition.

    Thanks, Olav. You have done us all a priceless service.
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  17. I agree. This was a cosmic intervention, something outside the grasp of our understanding of the world. I think this is my favorite HAMB thread ever.
  18. johnod
    Joined: Aug 18, 2009
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  19. 4444Design
    Joined: Aug 25, 2012
    Posts: 292


    cool story

    cool truck

    absolutely unique to meet such a person like Georg

    keep the updates comin'
  20. general gow
    Joined: Feb 5, 2003
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    general gow
    Staff Member

  21. Couldnt get any better!
  22. Two of those cliche saying come to mind.

    One door closes, another door opens.
    Everything happens for a reason.

    That wagon was cool, but this is incredible.
    Congrats, this was meant to happen.
  23. stretch58
    Joined: Apr 9, 2013
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    Great story and build!!! keep it up man!
  24. Rusty
    Joined: Mar 4, 2004
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  25. dellyjonut
    Joined: Sep 19, 2009
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    from St. louis

    I vote best thread ever!
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  26. Beachcomber
    Joined: Aug 4, 2010
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    from Phoenix,AZ

    The green on that shoebox is killer! what am I saying... This whole thread is killer! Thanks for the updates Olav, been watching on IG...
    Joined: Dec 16, 2007
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    Simply Amazing!

    Can't wait to see when that tailgate filler panel is removed!
  28. dirtybirdpunk
    Joined: Jun 24, 2006
    Posts: 304


    Looks like the truck fell into the perfect hands to do it justice! Ive been pulling for you to get your wagon back, but this gives new meaning to the whole "every cloud has a silver lining" saying.....
  29. jonspin
    Joined: Jan 1, 2013
    Posts: 33


    Love this stuff! This is why I joined the HAMB! Thanks for sharing this story. keep it coming.
  30. SAVAGE
    Joined: May 13, 2002
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    Alliance Vendor

    Super cool story and amazing photos!!!

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