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Features The Javier Mejia '55 Safari Wagon

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Jive-Bomber, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Jive-Bomber
    Joined: Aug 21, 2001
    Posts: 3,119


    Jive-Bomber submitted a new blog post:

    The Javier Mejia '55 Safari Wagon

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    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  2. Tim
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
    Posts: 8,709

    from Raytown Mo

    Pretty cool! Pretty sure there’s one running around kc that’s a mild custom as well.
  3. Cool Car. @Jive-Bomber I believe his last name is spelled with an e not an a Mejia.
  4. Very nice! Whatever happened to that wagon???
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  5. chopolds
    Joined: Oct 22, 2001
    Posts: 5,561

    from howell, nj
    1. Kustom Painters

    He's a very talented builder, love the wagon, but love his wife's Lincoln even more!

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  6. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
    Posts: 9,301

    from Burton, MI

  7. wvenfield
    Joined: Nov 23, 2006
    Posts: 4,584


    Not enough customs with curtains.
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  8. vonpahrkur
    Joined: Apr 21, 2005
    Posts: 879


  9. Jive-Bomber
    Joined: Aug 21, 2001
    Posts: 3,119


    You are correct- And I went to his wedding, so I have no excuse! Just fixed that...
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  10. All I can say is "Damn"
  11. 302GMC
    Joined: Dec 15, 2005
    Posts: 5,295

    from Idaho

    The '55 Safari is hands down one of the slickest motor vehicles ever to come out of Detroit.
    1969 - A friend who always had an eye out for "something besides a '57 Chevy" found his in a Sears parking lot - belonged to a young fella, the front end & brake man in the shop. The asking price was $700 … friend Marvin started hanging out there, helping the kid out even though he didn't work there … couple weeks later, he bought it for half the asking price. It was "beer bottle brown" & white, few options other than steering, brakes, & Wonderbar … it took him about 3 days to get it rubbed out, waxed, lowered, pipes, chrome wheels with black tires, & saddle soap the leather. A few weeks later he was offered stupid money for it & took it.
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  12. Wish I'd kept this 56 I bought but some other guy offered me 3 times what I paid for it. 56safarindrive.jpg

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  13. They look great with 55 nomad wheel well openings! 56safariart.jpg
  14. Puka
    Joined: Dec 29, 2011
    Posts: 20

    from Arkansas

    I had a '56 Safari as well that I wish I'd kept. Along with a half million other keepers. Ha!
  15. Stutz
    Joined: Feb 1, 2006
    Posts: 1,769

    1. Wyoming H.A.M.B. Members

    The Watson style panel paint job is exceptionally good looking on that body style
  16. exterminator
    Joined: Apr 21, 2006
    Posts: 1,256


    I wish you sold it to me.
  17. Gahrajmahal
    Joined: Oct 14, 2008
    Posts: 348


    Does anyone know the details of the paint job? My initial thought is abalone pearl. Is this a dry flake you add to the clear? Or is it part of the base coat with a candy spray over the base like traditional bass boat style metal flake.

    Enquiring mind wants to know.

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