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Hot Rods The Hot Rod Company- Still Open for Business???

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by phartman, Dec 7, 2020.

  1. Anyone ordered recently from The Hot Rod Company? I tried to go online and order some parts last week, but never received confirmation for my order. Left a message for them and sent an email but have gotten no response. They are an Alliance Vender. Any info is appreciated here. I'd like to support them if I can, but it is difficult to assess what my order staus might be.
  2. Btt. Anyone?
  3. back up for Pete.
  4. I sent two emails yesterday, one to "Sales" and another to "Service" but got no response from either.

    And checked with Paypal, and the Hot Rod Company got good funds, so they have my money.

    Cause to wonder what is going on with the company, just in case you are doing some Christmas shopping.
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    You know Pete, with the current situation in the world today, I would not be surprise if they temporary closed their doors. With that being said, there is no reason for them no to reply.
  6. fuzzface
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    Don't know about online orders but those pages seem to be old ones to me. I do know that their physical store is permanently closed.
  7. HAMBer side_valve is the owner so maybe send him a PM?
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  8. I knew he was a member here, but didn't know the HAMB name. Will do on the PM, thanks for the suggestion. I would like to see them stay in biz. We need to help our own if possible.
  9. 5window
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    Since they're an Alliance vendor, maybe Ryan can help you out.
  10. Sent a PM, but not encouraging. No activity here on the HAMB since June, 2018. MIA all-around.
  11. After opening a dispute with PayPal and reporting the problem of lack of communication, I did hear from the vender. He tells me parts were on back order, and he will be shipping tomorrow. I will keep you posted.

    As a side note, it is interesting that on the same evening- Tuesday, December 1- I ordered parts from Amazon, which I received the next day; and Speedway, which I received this past Saturday. I am not a fan of either company, but it isn’t difficult to discern differences in the customer experience. They have set the bar higher and higher for small specialty venders.

    But still, no confirmation or any other communication here after a week of multiple emails? Hard to understand.
  12. arkiehotrods
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    Amazing how the back-ordered parts arrived at precisely the same time as your paypal dispute. Sounds like a classic "business-circling-the-drain" cash flow problem. I wish you luck in getting what you ordered.
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  13. continentaljohn
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    I haven’t seen sidevalve at the shows or swapmeets in a few years now . I know it was a number of years ago when he got flooded but hope all is good with sidevalve “Mike I believe” was his name and super nice guy..
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  14. Yes, Mike. Hoping he wants to make it all right.
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  15. Update: my order was supposed to ship yesterday, because of backordered parts. But I got a PM from the owner that he decided to cancel my order and issue a refund. He was paid by me via Paypal, $132 and change on Dec. 1. I was always under the impression that a refund was immediate, but it isn't.

    The transaction on my account is noted as "Refund Pending" meaning that Paypal has to get good funds from the vendor before crediting to me the money owed. And it is my understanding that they- Paypal- don't advance refunds, not making the assumption that the refunding party has good funds to complete the transaction.

    Their FAQ indicates the process could take up to a week, assuming they get good funds to return to me. Otherwise, it appears I am out the $132, and going forward Paypal will try and collect on my behalf.

    Is my understanding correct? Anybody else have experience here? Thanks.
  16. 5window
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    Everybody's outside, I guess. I believe you are correct, but let us know how it plays out. Sorry.
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  17. My experience with pp is that if both parties are on the same page it will happen in a few days.
    If not file a claim with pp and they will make you whole.
    Sounds like a little patience right now is what's needed.
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  18. It isn't a matter of just patience, unfortunately. It is a matter of the seller making good funds available to PP. PP facilitates transactions. They don't extend credit, and they aren't a collection agency.

    It has been a week, and the status of my refund is still "Pending." That means that the seller has agreed to a refund, but hasn't delivered good funds to Paypal. PP can only refund if the seller has a bank account they can draw from; or a good credit line available through a credit card. If there are no available funds from the seller's bank account; or if they have maxed out their credit card with no available balance for PP to draw from, the refund is stuck in "Pending".

    PP can't advance refunds if there are no funds from the seller to advance. PP and the stiffed buyer are creditors that the seller owes money, but no source to repay. So you have to wait until maybe the seller decides to make good on their obligation.

    Here's my beef: 1) the seller gets paid right away, but the stiffed buyer has to wait for the refund, hoping the seller makes good on the promise to pay; 2) Why is this company still listed as an Alliance Vendor if they won't or don't make good on their service to HAMB members? Where is the policing?

    Not happy.
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  19. So be advised: if you use PP and have your checking account as the source of payment, that money is gone to the seller as soon as you click "Payment." No way for you or PP to get it back if the seller decides to not make good on the promise to refund. You are on your own as far as disputing with the seller.

    If you decide to have your credit card drafted for PP purchases, you can ask the credit card company to open a dispute on your behalf. I did that yesterday with VISA. But that only means they will try and collect for you, again, dependent on the seller to make good on their promise to repay. VISA does not require you to pay the disputed amount when your monthly statement comes. But it remains an open item until some resolution is reached.

    But to be clear, all these avenues depend on the seller having good funds to make the buyer whole. The seller agreeing to a refund doesn't make it so: good funds delivered to PP makes it so.

    My advice is to be careful about where PP drafts funds from you as a buyer. Use your credit card and not a debit card or directly from your checking account.
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  20. krylon32
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    from Nebraska
    1. Central Nebraska H.A.M.B.

    Just an update. I have tried a couple times to refund a customer via pp and it's become a headache. To expedite the refund I just send the customer a company check. It's not instant but they get the refund.
  21. 48fordnut
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    Member Emeritus

    Mike delivered my order, plus a HAMB discount.
    The way P/P does it, it looks like a refund of your purchase price, not. Anyway the amount was taken off my card.

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