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The Gentleman's Coupe

Discussion in 'Cars For Sale' started by wex65, Aug 7, 2016.

  1. wex65
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    from WV

    City: Kearneysville

    State: West Virginia
    Price: 74000 OBO
    Please note that this car is for sale elsewhere also, eBay etc. I will try to make timely changes to the listing as things change.

    1930 Model A – ‘The Gentleman’s Coupe’

    This is MY car, I am not a dealer. This is a private sale and the car is in my name with clear WV title. The car is registered as a 1930 Ford. This car is my pride and joy and only being sold due to an ongoing medical condition which will only worsen.

    To start with, this is not your average Model A "Street Rod". This was designed to be a high quality hot rod, in the style of cars being built in the 50s or 60s but to a level which would have been included in magazines at the time.

    This is a multi award winning feature car, it is well known in the old-school hot rod circle.
    The build was carried out by a team of professionals at Hilton Hot Rod and Ross Racing Engines, Mikeyseats provided the top quality leather interior and the paint was expertly applied by North Jersey Kustoms.

    The car is a true hot rod, old school down to the’55 Buick Nailhead topped with numerous rare 50s and 60s speed items which just cannot be obtained now. Often the question is how much would it cost to replicate a car, this one cannot easily be replicated. It took a very extended period to collect together the rare parts that make up the motor, dash and interior.

    The body is an original 1930 Model A coupe, chopped 4 ¼ inches and with the original firewall, reversed to clear the vintage Spalding dual point distributor. The chop was performed to retain the ability to open the windshield which still pivots out at the bottom as original.

    All new wood in the roof but we opted to leave some of the original wood in the interior to show blend of old and new.

    The body work took several months to get just right and each panel is arrow straight. I have tried to include some photos below which show just how straight the car is. You are more than welcome to visit and view the car.

    The paint is a late 1940s Ford standard color (1948 Ford Silvertone Gray), to carry through the old school look.

    The car runs 1930 Model A headlights, these are actually the ones original to the car.

    The body sits on top of a brand new ’32 frame, from Dropped Axle Productions in Cincinnati, which has been pinched at the cowl and rear wheel wells. It has a ’40 rear crossmember and Model A front crossmember.

    Drive Train
    The motor is a ’55 322ci Buick Nailhead which was completely worked over by Tony at Ross Racing Engines, one of the most respected builders of vintage engines. The motor is without doubt THE best ‘322 in the country. Many internals are totally custom and the car is both powerful and reliable, having driven TWICE from its home in WV to Austin, TX for the Lonestar Roundup. The engine alone was a significant investment and I have receipts to prove the cost.

    The engine has a steel nitrided crank, 4340 steel H-beam connecting rods, forged pistons, custom grind camshaft, stainless valves, dual valve springs and a competition valve job. The engine runs an aluminum flywheel and is very responsive.

    The intake logs are rare 60s Edelbrock 6 x 2 which were fully polished before fitting. These are topped with 6 brand new Stromberg 97s which in turn are topped with ultra rare, and original, polished SP Tops from the late 50s. These simply cannot be found now anywhere. The carbs operate a custom progressive linkage which amazingly provides for @19-20MPG on a run! All polishing was performed by a company that regularly works in Ridler cars. The carbs are topped with custom 1-off (well, 6-off!) filters. These were custom made by Ross Racing Engines to take into account SP Tops have no filtering.

    Moving to the ignition system the car sports an original, totally rebuilt dual point, dual coil Spalding Flamethrower from the 60s. Spalding Flamethrowers themselves are fairly rare pieces but try to find one for a nailhead, you won't. This IS however an original nailhead distributor, again a VERY rare piece. I have only ever heard of one other nailhead Spalding.

    Even the fuel hose clamps are super rare Wittek aircraft clamps from the early 50s, matched to an old school Eelco 6-way fuel log. The attention to detail on the motor is extensive.

    The cooling system features a new Walker brass radiator, the best there is.

    The transmission is a brand new T5 with a custom clutch and Cragar bellhousing. The transmission was a compromise made to ensure the car would be a pleasure to drive.

    The lake headers are old school ‘driveshaft style headers‘. In the 1940's on the dry lakes guys would use a 1935-1936 ford driveshaft as the cone to the lake header. The 35-36 ford driveshaft was tapered on both ends with a nice narrow diameter and it was the perfect choice, cut the driveshaft in half and you had a set of tapered cones for your lake headers

    Absolutely no expense was spared on the Manchester Oak distressed leather and German square-weave carpet interior. The leather is top quality and designed/installed by Mikeyseats, a true craftsman. Many in the old school hot rod will know his work. The trunk is similarly finished along with a body colored gas tank. The car even has its own custom leather key fob.

    The roof features a snap on panel to allow for roof-less driving around town . The brand new roof woodwork was stained to match the leather. I love driving this car without the roof in place. The interior lights up when the sun is let in and it hits the chrome.

    The dash is ’36 Ford featuring totally rebuilt original ’36 Ford gauges and a rare rechromed '36 Ford cabriolet dash waterfall. The steering wheel is a rebuilt ’48 Ford piece.

    Even the gear shifter is unique, a ’38 Ford shifter handle topped with an original 19th century Victorian English coin with the Gentleman’s Coupe skull engraved into it by an expert engraver that works for the mint.

    The interior of the car is stunning and a high point of the car.

    Wheels and Tires
    Original 1941 Ford wheels. It took a year to find 4 in the condition we wanted for the car. Painted black and fitted with Deluxe Ford center caps. Tires are Firestone bias plies.

    The car has been expertly aligned and setup. It drives straight and tire wear is even.

    Front Suspension/Steering
    Front suspension is a 5 inch dropped 1938 Ford I beam axle, transverse spring, 1940 Ford spindles running modified backing plates and ’40 split wishbones.

    Again, attention to detail with the inclusion of a custom cowl steering setup. Rare to see these days but it operates perfectly and has been fitted with a hidden dampener to prevent bump steer.

    Original 46-48 Ford backing plates with a self-energizing conversion mated to new Wilson hubs and the traditional Buick finned drums which were blasted and resurfaced. All new bearings.

    Rear Suspension
    ’36 Ford split wishbones, ’40 Ford transverse spring, large bearing, rebuilt 9 inch with 3.70 gears from a 1960s Bronco. This car will cruise at any speed all day long.

    The car has been featured in a multi page feature in The Rodders Journal in 2016, was the front cover of the Good Guys magazine in July 2016 and has had numerous inclusions in other magazines.

    It debuted at the Detroit Autorama in 2015 and placed top 3 in its class.

    It was the recipient of a Street Rodder ‘Top 10’ at Syracuse where Street Rodder magazine picks 10 cars out of the 8,000 cars in attendance.

    It was a Good Guys Hot Rod of The Year 2015 contender in Indianapolis.

    At each and every NSRA/Good Guys show it attended in 2015 it picked up a Builders Pick where professional builders pick 5-6 card out of a LARGE field.

    Bottom line…
    If you are looking for a top quality old school TRUE hot rod this is undoubtedly one of the best out there and being sold for less than half what it would cost to replicate IF the rare speed parts could be found, which they can't. Feel free to ask any questions.

    In addition to the car I am including the awards it won along with a box of custom Gentleman’s Coupe tshirts and a California Covers car cover. Again, this is a feature car and not a run of the mill build.

    I will sorely miss it once sold.

    IMG_3893.JPG IMG_3909.JPG IMG_3910.JPG
    IMG_3892.JPG IMG_3889.JPG IMG_3888.JPG IMG_3896.JPG IMG_3898.JPG
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  2. wex65
    Joined: Dec 19, 2012
    Posts: 1,102

    from WV

    SOLD, thanks for the interest.
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