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History The Fuller, Nullines, and Pines '28

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Ryan, Dec 7, 2023.

  1. Ryan
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    Staff Member

    Ryan submitted a new blog post:

    The Fuller, Nullines, and Pines '28


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  2. Adriatic Machine
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    Adriatic Machine

    I love the looks of a pickup or sedan cab on an FED!
  3. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    Era correct for sure.
    I know it was a regular thing in "days of old" but I still don't get that whole whitewalls on a dragster deal though!
    Just imagine how it would have looked as the Fuller-Howard-Roth car!
    That's as in Kent, Kenny, and Ed.
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  4. Marty Strode
    Joined: Apr 28, 2011
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    Marty Strode

    It's too bad someone hasn't written a book on Kent, it would have been a perfect opportunity for Mike Bishop who spent lots of time with him 25 years ago, he had quite a mind ! Back in '99 we took a couple Roadsters to the GNRS at the Cow Palace, and were able to go to Vern Tardel's place. When we walked in the door, I asked Vern, if Fuller was around, he told me he was in a room in the rear of the building. When I walked in the room, Kent was welding on something that was upside down, perhaps a Volksrod. He lifted his helmet, looked up and gave me nod. I told him, " I had owned one of his dragsters", he said "which one ?", I said " John Mitchell's". He promptly turned off the welder, and we talked for a half hour, I wished I could have taped the conversation. When I walked back into the main part of the building, Vern said, "what did you say to him, he never turns off that welder for anyone" ! It turns out that car was one of his favorites, super light, and one of the skinniest noses he ever built. Time well spent with a Legend ! 2012-09-14 163930.jpg

  5. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    I should have prefaced my prior post with "with respect to Kent Fuller".

    I really soak in all your reports on conversations you have been able to have with so many of the legends of the hot rodding/drag racing world.
    Keep them coming!
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  6. dana barlow
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    dana barlow
    from Miami Fla.
    1. Y-blocks

    The Whitewall thing> as you put it;;;;; Well,understand first they were drag tire recaps*,and what ever used tire was best casing was pretty much used in a matched set* ,whitewall or black wall,to hold the dragslick cap*. Whitewalls were very much a in thing on most streetcars at the time.=Those WW casing were also the most around. Point being,ya got what was ready to go,weather WW or BW from the capper. Except if order one way or other...
    I'm old ,so point of view is from being there then my self.
    Hope it put a little light on it. :D
  7. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    Yeh, I get it Dana, that makes total sense.
    I'm guessing I'm a little younger than you and the sparkle of the wide whitewall had faded some by the time I started this whole hot rod shindig.
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  8. tractorguy
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    Also just musing as an old man......were whitewalls more of a "premium" tire at the time.....blackwalls were cheap, entry level OEM tires. People with a little more $$ bought whitewalls....Cad.... Lincoln.....Chrysler.....which gave a larger tire size to use as a foundation for the slicks and also a better constructed "premium" carcass.
  9. alanp561
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    The largest passenger car tire in the late 50s/early 60s was the Goodyear 3-T Suburbanite. It was a 9.00-15 white wall, and if you were going racing, bigger was always better.
  10. jnaki
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    It wasn’t the whitewall tires for premium cars, most of the late 40s early 50s cars were starting to randomly have whitewalls. By the time my brother started driving at 15, his stock 51 Oldsmobile 2 door sedan came stock with whitewall tires.
    It was typical of a young teenager’s car. Simple, standard car with the normal off of the showroom floor appeal. His Oldsmobile sedan was Pale Yellow and had low miles on it when he bought it. It also came stock with whitewall tires.

    Then, over the next year or so, the small custom items were added. Lowering, Lakes pipes under the doors (which came off a week later due to lowering and scrapes, etc.) Oldsmobile three prong flipper hubcaps, dodge lancer 4 prong flipper hubcaps were put on over time.

    Just before he sold the lowered Oldsmobile sedan to a friend, he put on new whitewalls, painted it Lime Green and his final touch, Moon Discs. Why go through all of the custom stuff and then sell it?

    A new model sedan that came stock from the factory in the fall of 1957. His new 348/280 hp Impala with stock narrower whitewall tires… Firestones from the factory.
    Our first real 7 inch wide slicks we bought, were a set of Bruce Slicks and they were black walls. But, we were told that they were Firestone carcass based. Not our stock Firestones from the factory, but a Firestone tire none the less.
    Bruce Slicks

    We could run with them in the time trial runs, including opening our custom down tube exhaust outlets, too. Even though we were in the factory A/Stock class. As soon as the eliminations started, we changed over to a factory stock allowed setup including whitewall Firestones.


    upload_2023-12-9_3-11-22.png 1958 with a bevy of black Impalas racing, including a new fall season 59 Impala. More than likely, in the S/S class.

    Speaking of whitewall tires from the factory, in 1965, my new 327 powered El Camino came with the ever popular Firestone 14 inch tires as stock. It came straight off of the showroom floor, not an extra order, but as part of the factory specs and parts. After running them as whitewalls for a few hundred miles, I reversed them to blackwalls by turning them inside out. Now, it had the racer look with silver painted rims.
    When I was ready for the first set of different tires, I contacted the So Cal Inglewood Tire Company and wanted a set of wide “Posatraction” Redline tires for all around on the El Camino. The dealer/shop asked which tires were on the car right then. I told them old/new stock tires from the factory. He was very interested in which brand. When I told him, Firestones, he said that is excellent.

    There was a discount for using Firestone tires as a carcass base for their Inglewood “Posatraction” Redline tires. He put on a set of loaner, Chevy rims and set of good tires for the week it took to get my Firestone Tires made as those Inglewood Brand Redline Posatraction Tires.

    Note: Those new tires were great from the Inglewood Tire Company dealer, but I had them at the local "tire true" location and despite being new tires, there were a lot of rubber shavings on the floor after each truing of the “new” tires. Now, that they were round, the wheel balance/wheel alignment guy came next and they were the smoothest running tires while driving anywhere.

    The Inglewood Tire Company dealer said that for various build quality reasons, Firestone Tires from the factory were the best for using them as a base for the newly created Inglewood Redline Posatraction Tires of all sizes. Those tires were used in all sorts of surfaces, from desert sand, rocks, to smooth highways to salt water beach gritty roads.

    They lasted the longest of any tread pattern tires we had used over the years we drove the 65 El Camino. Total miles used after the stock tires… 100k on several sets of Inglewood Redline Posatraction Tires on stock silver painted steel rims…YRMV
    upload_2023-12-9_3-19-18.png V Nak photo


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