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History The Fred Zaft Coupe: Where is it now?

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Jive-Bomber, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    The Fred Zaft Coupe: Where is it now?


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  2. 62rebel
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    sweet coupe; wonder what became of it?
  3. Tim
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    from KCMO

    That’s pretty fucking cool man
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  4. texasred
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    from Houston

    only his hairdresser knows for sure

  5. Bdamfino
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    from Hamlet, NC

    Sweet five window! Quite a few similar builds today, so look NEVER out of style. Maybe it's under some boxes in a garage/ basement somewhere....
  6. Here's the ZAFT CRAFT '32 article from the August 1953 issue of HOT ROD Magazine:

    ZAFT CRAFT '32 - HRM - August 1953 -pg 44.jpg
    ZAFT CRAFT '32 - HRM - August 1953 -pg 45.jpg
    ZAFT CRAFT '32 - HRM - August 1953 -pg 46.jpg
    ZAFT CRAFT '32 - HRM - August 1953 -pg 47.jpg
  7. In the early '80s, I joined an O/T car club (i.e., the "Alfa Romeo Association of Northern California") . . . both George & Fred Zaft were members (George was the editor of the club newsletter: "Overheard Cams") . . . and during all those years in the club, I never made the connection that the Zafts had been Hot Rodders in late '40s & early '50s.

    Unfortunately neither of the Zafts are still with us . . . I believe Fred Zaft passed away in 1995 and his cousin, George passed away in 2013.

    Wes Ingram was also a member of my Alfa club (and like the George Zaft, wrote articles for the monthly club newsletter) . . . and just like with the Zafts, it wasn't until I joined the H.A.M.B. that I made the connection that Wes was the "Ingram" of the famous Davis & Ingram Fiat Topolino & Jewel "T" Altereds of the '60s . . . Wes is still with us, but I doubt he knows much about Fred Zaft's '32 5wd.

    The late Rudy Perez was friends with George & Fred Zaft ... I seem to remember Rudy telling me a story or two about Fred's '32 5wd . . . but don't recall any of the details . . . that stated, HAMBer, Glenn @akbo47 Yamasaki posted this in @Jimmy B's "==VINTAGE CAL-NEVA DRY LAKE & DRAG PICS (EARLY 50S)==" thread:

    Fred Zaft (002).jpg
    The channeled 5 window belonged to Fred Zaft San Francisco Ramblers.

    Here is what Rudy Perez wrote:

    Just remembered how Fred channeled his 5-wdo...Ever hear of this... Body on frame, he decided where he was gonna chop the frame off to fit inside the trunk... Lifted the body off...Drilled thru the upper frame body bolt holes down, and drilled new body bolt holes in the lower rail...Took the firewall out...Tilted the frame 45*degrees and shoved it into the body...The body got bolted to the lower frame rails...They all lined up...He cut the firewall at the crease, chop'd it down to the step board and welded...Look'd stock but minus 5 inches...He sold it to a guy live'n near the Cow Palace, and I never saw it again
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  8. 31Apickup
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    That’s the same way my dad and uncle channeled their A coupe on a 32 frame back in the late 50’s.
  9. Here's Fred Zaft's '32 5wd on a Dry Lake near Reno NV ... early 1950s:

    Fred Zaft's '32 5wd - early '50s on Nevada Dry Lake - JimmyB (1).jpg
    Fred Zaft's '32 5wd - early '50s on Nevada Dry Lake - JimmyB (2).jpg
    Fred Zaft's '32 5wd - early '50s on Nevada Dry Lake - JimmyB (3).jpg
    Fred Zaft's '32 5wd - early '50s on Nevada Dry Lake - JimmyB (4).jpg
    all images from the @Jimmy B archives
  10. Ed Angel
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    Ed Angel

    My coupe is done that way and done back in the 50s

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