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"the desert express.1951 ford coe pick up"

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by iwanaflattie, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. It's not's what I can afford
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  2. Finally legal...can't wait to drive it on the road IMG_20201025_120835.jpg
    Also picked up a couple more rusty things
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  3. blowby
    Joined: Dec 27, 2012
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    from Nicasio Ca

    Cool plate!
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  4. Thank you.
    Dmv asked if it had to o anything with guns..
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  5. You should have replied ignorantly. "Whatever are you talking about?"
  6. gale
    Joined: Nov 7, 2009
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    from colorado

    i like your pickup , on the gas in your oil ,is your gas tank above the carburator .if it is it might be siphoning gas to carb and overflowing to the engine . it will do that if gas level in tank is above the carb, ( tank behind the seat ) , if it is lower then the fuel pressure is to high which sometimes too much pressure will push needle off its seat. i run 2.5 lbs on my 32 but they are stromburg97s / does it get gas in the oil when the pickup is running or when it is parked . i have run across this over the years of working on oldstuff, . dont overthink it ,its usually something simple every thing needs to bein its place , timing gas supply , ignition , compression. etc. nice job on fabrication ,good stance . i really like it .. question - what bed did you use? thanks for the thread
  7. Thank you for the kind words.
    This is the history on the fuel system..
    I have the tank behind the seat(Above the carburetor)
    I had the tank cleaned but I never sealed it.
    I ran new lines to carburetor.
    1st carburetor was an ebay carburetor that had no float adjustment.
    I started the engine with new carburetor 10 years ago once for 30 seconds then it sat.
    Carb gaskets dried up after sitting for years so it leaked.
    Fuel filter started to fill with fine rust grains I assume from the unsealed tank.
    I bought a "rebuilt" holley from some guy in offer up,it leaked at first but then I replaced a couple parts then it was OK for a while..

    Afyer a while, everytime I'd run the engine,I would pinch the rubber line with needle nose vise grips so the carb wouldn't siphoned fuel after sitting..
    The last time I ran it was in about July,I ran it for about 20 minutes then I pinched the line and I came back a month later and when I started it,fuel smelling crap came out from the tailpipe and oil shot out the oil check tube....
    I also notice. Gas had leaked from the butterfly rod...

    Im installing a mustan tank under the bed,new lines,new carb and new spark plugs hopefully this week and see what it does..
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  8. gale
    Joined: Nov 7, 2009
    Posts: 10

    from colorado

    i would bet that will work to get the gas below the carb , that gas has to be coming from the tank somehow and getting it lower should work . it could possibly siphon to carb yet so might have to install an anti siphon check valve in line somehow . good luck i sure like that pickup .here is my project 100_4387.JPG 100_4387.JPG
  9. Hello Hambers.
    Im happy to report that the truck is running great after a carb going to let it sit for a week and start it next weekend.
    I installed the aftermarket fuel tank in the rear and ran a new line..
    I still have a flat spot in the transmission shifting.
    It wont kick into 3rd when im going 1k to 2k..only when i rev to 3kto 4k it kicks in and it starts going through the gears.

    It drove around town where i found it and it went to get its own fuel..
    Swapped the alternator and added some power steering fluid that im losing somewhere..
    It drove great..
    20210110_091402.jpg 20210110_091402.jpg 20210110_091441.jpg 20210110_091410.jpg 20210110_091459.jpg 20210110_091507.jpg 20210109_125147.jpg 20210103_150628.jpg 20210103_150639.jpg 20210103_150546.jpg
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  10. What's the story of the pick up parked beside the COE? Please enlighten us.
  11. That was my first truck.
    I bought it in Perris Ca,in 09.
    It was complete and running but the guy was in the middle of a step notch and homemade 4 link and quit.
    I bought it with the unattached rear axle unattached bed and fenders,called a tow truck and I took it 180 miles home..
    I reworked the rear and got it running..
    My friend bugged me to sell it so much that i gave in.
    It needs a lot of work
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  12. gatz
    Joined: Jun 2, 2011
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    an early anti-theft device ?


    can't quite read the notation on the decal, says something about disconnecting battery to work on it?
    Tried googling PowrKraft electric fencer, but only Wards saws with fences came up.
  13. I believe it was an electric fence thingy
  14. gatz
    Joined: Jun 2, 2011
    Posts: 1,565


    yes, I believe it is. Wards made just about everything they could copy.
    Don't hook it up and see if it works by putting your finger on it.
    The results may be shocking
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  15. Everybody knows you pee on it while holding onto someone else.:eek:
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  16. rod1
    Joined: Jan 18, 2009
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    Always fun to check in..
  17. Got a bit more work done and got to drive my coe
    20210130_161929.jpg 20210130_161919.jpg
  18. Looks great Seth! Glad to see you driving it!
  19. Great work! Keep plugging away at it.
  20. Seth, your the man!!!!
  21. Thanks thinking of going to Bonneville this year depending on how the year goes..I hope to see you there!
    I might take it!
    Its a dream to drive..I cant believe it!

    thank you are the man Ted!!!!
  22. Someone added more color to my picture
  23. Are you going to rebuild that camper? It looks like a late 40's model. Are there any manufacturers names on it or is it home made?
  24. It says 'Taylor" on the sides..
    I dont think its home made.
    The leaf springs are covered in leather and the inside is very well made with kitchen,bedroom etc..
    It has to be 1930s,1940s..theres stainless steel hardware and appliances.
    The plan is to restore it after im done with a couple of projects.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2021
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  26. HEllo hamb world. I've been driving the COE around Vegas and I gotta say,its running very well.
    I even took it on the freeway last Thursday.
    It did pretty nicely 65mph@ 2k rpms..
    I have to raise it or put stiffer springs because
    It'll bottom out in bumps and such..
    The coe is residing in its new house where hopefully more projects will come out rumbling out.
    I did run out of gas on Thursday so a gas gauge is in the plans and I replaced a very leaky power steering pump.
    Well till next time.
    20210325_081828.jpg 20210318_162923.jpg
    Here's out side school playing with the big boys
  27. I've been busy between shows,work,building a matching trailer etc.
    received_1380740252305592.jpeg received_1380740252305592.jpeg received_815776452402729.jpeg received_523559028992069.jpeg received_321811796209982.jpeg received_1377194515980763.jpeg received_873769650227677.jpeg received_1202794400162307.jpeg received_969910060487448.jpeg received_314014133566030.jpeg received_168177801922454.jpeg received_529597344880980.jpeg received_795631101357718.jpeg received_455877622141351.jpeg received_171704614817465.jpeg received_448227479807680.jpeg received_3975463015870714.jpeg received_387315418982383.jpeg received_206586887681743.jpeg
  28. Makes my day when I see you’ve updated this thread.
  29. Morning gentlefolk.
    I've been driving this old truck all over las vegas for around 500 +trouble free miles in the summer.
    The sbc likes the heat.
    I really appreciate all the help I got on this build..
    My first one ever.
    There's a little surprise for next week I hope it comes through.
    Been to a few different shows and it has good responses from people..its about the 5th cabover in Vegas.
    Also working on another coe for a guy at work,similar to this one.
    Stay tune! 20210722_134947.jpg FB_IMG_1625608452049.jpg FB_IMG_1625371539178.jpg

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