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"the desert express.1951 ford coe pick up"

Discussion in 'The Antiquated' started by iwanaflattie, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!< old man . Blue
  2. Happy birthday Seth!

  3. Thanks..
    So another stupid truck for my birthday
    And found another 17.5 wheel that is not a widow maker, now I have 3 and this one was in the yard I just didnt pay attention.
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  4. Stupid app.

    Attached Files:

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  5. Happy B Day man!
    Can't wait for the aftermath stories.
  6. JF
    Joined: May 15, 2008
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    from Utah

    Happy birthday man! And for gods sake stay out of tha damn tree with those mags and glaze!!! :)
  7. shopdawg
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    from alberta

    Happy Birthday! I have T-shirts older than you HaHa.
  8. kscarguy
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    Happy B-day "ol' man"

  9. Thanks guys...theres no more alcohol but we kept the party with geritol.!!!
  10. So the Desert Express COE is finally getting the attention it deserves.
    Right now I have the Drive train all figured out(finally made my mind up) and its almost time to think about wheels and tires.
    I have a budget of $800.00 U.S dollars for wheel and tires or just tires
    There is only 4 kinds of wheels and Tires I am considering.
    I am in love with the stock 17.5 Ford innie NON SPLIT wheels with the Ford f3 center caps and 17.5 Cocker tubless military tires.
    As seen here: downloadfile-23.jpeg downloadfile-23.jpeg $_1-5.jpeg


    ● i have most of the wheels but 1.
    ●tires are readily available
    ●will go a bit over my budget but not bad.
    ●they look factory.
    ●will survive the Apocalypse IF well made.

    ●I need to find a 4th wheel.
    ●i need to clean/paint wheels
    ●hardly ever somebody buys these tires so the ones I buy will be "new"but have been in storage for a long time
    ●cocker has bad reviews on some of their tires.

    800.00 for tires
    100.00 for 4th wheel
    120.00 for hubcaps
    Total of a bit more than 1000.00

    I found this trailer wheel and tire site where a lot of chevy guys are buying their wheels and tires for their 3/4 tons,with a lot of praise.
    This are 16"×6 steel wheels and 16" tubless tires.


    ●Wheels are clean and painted
    ●they seem to have a good market so new wheels are probably manufacture often
    ●they fill the weel well as good as the 17.5
    ●will last forever
    ●tires readily avaliable
    ●they dont look as sweet as the Ford innies.
    ●i need to modify them to accept inner hubcaps

    Just under 800.00 shipped to my door.
    These are your regular Chevy/Ford/Dodge 16" steel wheels and 285/75/16 tubless radial tires.
    SPECS: plain wheels and tires.
    ●tires easy available
    ●will save me 50% off my budget for other goodies
    ●i have several sets of wheels.
    ●Radials might drive better than the other options.
    ●wheels need to be cleaned
    ●they dont look as nice
    ●They dont fill the wheel well as good
    ●need to modify wheels to accept inner hubcaps .
    Theres is a couple more options.
    I could find 3 more 16" innie NON SPLIT wheels from a 1960-1966 Ford F250 that will accept the Ford F3 Hubcaps.
    ●they look factory
    ●more tire options (even whitewalls
    ●accept ford f3 hubcaps
    ●practically non existant,you can find a hot,beautiful,smart,girl that is not crazy and loves sports and old trucks, but not these wheels.
    ●wheels are probably expensive.
    ●would need to clean wheels

    My last option would be to cut Ford f3 SLIT WHEELS center part and have it welded to 16x6 outer wheels.
    That way I have both of the best worlds,ford innie centers and more options for tires.
    The con is the modification it would have to be made to make them work.

    Is this a trick question?
    Is my headache the result of this "who's on first nonsense shuffle"?

    Its been more than a year,I took a long deserved vacation from the wife and when I got back,I built a shack to work on the COE and whatever.
    I have some concrete and shade now..
    No more laying on gravel.
    Ive been doing some stuff to the COE,and been picking up parts here and there.
    ●Picked up some studebaker valve covers for the vortec.
    ●New brake calipers
    ●New shoes
    ●Got the emergency brake working
    ●made lower steering wheel bearing/floor support
    ●fabbed lower Shaft support bearing/braket
    ●bolted running boards
    ●mounted Radiator craddle and bolted fenders to it.
    ●picked up new linkage kit column shift.
    ●picked a new electric fuel pump
    ●fabbed new motor mounts.

    I put my new carb on my friends F1 (my old one)so i need to get it back.
    I need to rebuild the rear drum brakes
    I need to plumb my carb
    I need to buy new gas tank
    I need to buy a starter
    I need to buy correct flywheel
    I need to fab trans crossmember
    I need to buy a radiator

    I already talked to Bowtie Overdrives and Im having them install their kit to my transmission.
    I also started the paperwork to get my title,so far the VIN checked out clean,i just gotta do the Vin verification and get a weight slip.
    I am staying positive and hopefully will get it done by the next viva las vegas.
    2015-06-20 03.54.17.jpg
    Lower shaft bearing support
    2015-06-20 03.53.50.jpg
    Radiator craddle mount bracket
    2015-06-20 03.53.31.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
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  11. good to see you back at it. sounds like you have made some good progress.
    the wheel choice has me stumped on which way i would go also.
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  12. You go boy ! I'll lift a glass of Jack to you tonight .
  13. Lower steering wheel bearing.
    2015-07-24 04.55.50.jpg
    2015-07-24 04.56.24.jpg
    Motor mounts
    2015-06-20 03.53.03.jpg
    Not done yet
    2015-06-20 03.52.30.jpg
    Need to drill a hole in the center of the base
    2015-07-24 05.03.31.jpg
    Old vs new
    2015-07-24 05.04.44.jpg
    2015-07-24 05.04.21.jpg

    No kidding!
    Especially since I'm gonna have to live with the ones i chose for a few years.
    And the money spent is not to laugh about,you can feed bean laden's kids for a day with that kinda dough.!
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2015
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  14. Nice to see you back at it Seth. I'm on the hunt locally for wheels for you........
  15. So you had a birthday and I wasn't invited? What the hell man? :D

    Glad you made it another year. The next year will be better then the last. ;)

    Ok I am looking at your pics and I got to say you need to back off on the craftsmanship. I thought that was a scab it together truck. :rolleyes: :D :D :D

    lookin' good my friend. Welcome home. ;)
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  16. chessterd5
    Joined: May 26, 2013
    Posts: 870

    from u.s.a.

    Dude! you say some of the funniest stuff! How's the truck coming?
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  17. drtrcrV-8
    Joined: Jan 6, 2013
    Posts: 1,602


    TECH TIP : After you have the wheels that you are going to use ; check your local LES SCHWAB tire store for a price on powder-coating! They do a lot of commercial accounts, & they did all 7 of my 20" Budd wheels (With Split Rim Rings!) in RED for a total of less than $300.00!! (a local powder-coat shop wanted $100 ea!!) When I dropped them off they told me to call in a wk to 10 days, & they came back on pallets, separated by cardboard & 'shrink-wrapped' . I was impressed enough to pass this along to the HAMB!!
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  18. King ford
    Joined: Mar 18, 2013
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    King ford
    from 08302

    Glad your back at it Iwanna! ....imho stick with ford innie wheels , aftermarket shit looks.....well like shit! And I second the props to you on your craftsmanship , VERRY nice, a specially for workin in the dirt and a "shack!"
    Joined: Oct 14, 2006
    Posts: 434


    interested in buying your arrow turn signals-in NJ at 08054
    how much ?
  20. Hi Ted.
    How u been?
    No updates...
    I found 2 more wheels for the COE and i found a hamber that will start working on it as soon as i save my money..
    Maybe this winter...
    Het Ted do you knoe the part number for the Model a tailight square license plate lense?
  21. been working like crazy, way too much on my plate now. all good.
    i don't know the part number off hand. are you looking for one?
  22. Yes i am..
    U need a hand out there Ted?
    Literally 20160909_115348.jpg
  23. Just wash it off with JD , it'll be fine . Good to hear from you .
  24. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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    Wow, one of those deals were paper towels and duct tape just wont do. Take care. Bob
  25. No wonder my wife dint wana havesxexy time
  26. hotrodjeep
    Joined: Feb 3, 2009
    Posts: 867

    from Tama, Iowa

    @iwanaflattie IMG_8082.jpg IMG_8083.jpg IMG_8084.jpg IMG_1275.jpg I think I have 3 of the 16x6 non-split rim wheels that you need, Only problem is I'm in Iowa.
    Did you solve your wheel problem? Am I too late to Help?

    Thanks Jeff
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  27. Hey Jeff I do have 2 of those 16" wheels
    But i havent decided what way to go.

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