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The car that got away, deals missed, ect.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by NONAME, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. 5CHERO8
    Joined: Feb 22, 2013
    Posts: 71


    In 1975 (or thereabouts) I got an offer from a former CanAm racer to sell me his McLaren M8C with two 494 engines, and tons of spares for $6000, there being no venue at the time for retired CanAm cars. As I was a postdoctoral student making $8500 a year, I had to pass up the deal.
  2. HotRodToomer
    Joined: Jun 25, 2006
    Posts: 857


    A worn out 56' Continental when I was 14.
    I was too broke, it was too expensive.
  3. young51
    Joined: May 11, 2009
    Posts: 27


    Summer of 85' or 86' at the Palo Alto Concourse at Stanford in the car corral, a 1955 Mercedes 300sl gullwing. Original owner with factory matching luggage, alloy knock off wheels and an aluminum body ( I think, or maybe an alloy engine?) Guy was down to $45,000. I told my dad and he said I was out of my mind. Check the price on one of those lately...
  4. Speaking of 300SL Gullwings, I had a chance to buy one in 1968. Price was $6500, which was a year's salary for me at that time. I seriously considered buying it, but wisdom won out. I am sure that I would have not kept it long enough to see the value go up.
  5. jkeesey
    Joined: Oct 12, 2011
    Posts: 652


    about a year ago I checked out a car for a family that their father had built and then died. It was a 32 Chevy coupe, chopped top, lowered, fenders bobbed and welded to the body real 60s style. The only downside was it was all in parts. I told them from a repair aspect if it was in my shop it could take a very long time to rebuild which comes out to a lot of money. Mostly they had a large pile of parts. I said they would be lucky to sell for $3,000 tops, $1,500 for a quick sale. If I had a pocket full of cash I could have had it right then. Hell I still don't have that much cash.
  6. falcongeorge
    Joined: Aug 26, 2010
    Posts: 18,341

    from BC

    The one that bothers me the most is kind of a different deal. I was 9 years old, so there was no way in hell I could have bought it anyway, but for quite a while, the gas station next to my elementary school had a CHERRY '37 Nash Lafayette coupe for sale for $600. It was the late sixties, and I had visions of torque-thrusts, lace panels and blown hemis dancing in my juvenile brain. That one still haunts my dreams to this day. REALLY wanted that car, but for a 9 yr old, it may as well have been $1,000,000.

    When I was fifteen, a guy I knew had a pair of '56 fords for sale, a roughish crown vic, and a 2 door sedan parts car that was in excellent shape, $500 for the pair. I wanted the sedan. If I'd used my brain at the time, I could have bought the pair, and flipped the crown vic, probably wound up maybe $150/$200 out of pocket for the sedan.

    The other two were non-Hamb friendly, a grey primered but complete and solid 4 speed Rebel Machine in the early eighties asking $900 (Really shoulda bought that one!)
    and a VERY rare car, a base model QQ1 '66 Coronet factory 383 4 speed car, just a shell though, the only thing there was the original posi 8 3/4, no engine or trans, for $300. Not really a great deal, but the car was so rare, and something I really dug. The car was a friends, sat for a long time, I sent the vin to chrysler historic, car was 1 of 6 with a stick.
  7. So many.....

    Three come to mind though; the first one was a stone-stock '62 Galaxie, 406/tri-power/four speed for the princely sum of $600 in '68. Being in high school with a part-time job, I tried my best to come up with the money but it was gone before I had even half of it...

    The other two were '57 T-Birds. One was offered to me for $1500 in '70. A driver with no hard top, repowered with a 406/tri-power/four speed, and one of the most butt-ugly paint jobs I had ever seen. Multi-colored, lace painting, fogging, spider-webbing, murals, you name it, it was on that car somewhere. I could swing the purchase price, but couldn't afford to repaint it too.

    The other was a stocker, complete with both tops, driver-quality paint/interior, and a blown-up 2-fours 312. The owner had it on a trailer and was 'shopping' it at a wrecking yard for price. He needed $500 for it, including delivery to my driveway... still not sure why I didn't buy it....

    Oh well.....
  8. Kentuckian
    Joined: Nov 26, 2008
    Posts: 755


    In the early 80's I heard about a '63 Galaxie 500 XL boxtop. It was an original G-code 406/405 4-speed. I called the guy and he "over-described" the bad points of the car. He said the carpet was wore out, needed the driver seat replaced, had the end carbs blocked of, and he had hit a deer with the left fender. I passed on the car because he wanted $1200 for it. When I hung up the phone I told my wife that the car was not worth driving the 50 miles to see.

    When I saw the car 2 weeks later after the new owner had it, I knew I had screwed up big time by not going to check it out. The carpet was lightly faded, the driver seat had one seam that was opened up about 4 inches, the end carbs had the linkage hooked back up, and the left fender where the deer had been hit was so slightly dented it was not even noticeable. And to make matters worse the new owner bought the car for $800.
  9. traffic61
    Joined: Jun 15, 2009
    Posts: 1,499

    from Owasso, OK

    Being a broke assed college student, I had to pass up a '66 Corvette roadster with a 327/4 Speed. Pale yellow with Torque Thrust D's all around. Nice car with a price tag of $5k back in the early 80's.

    Another one, a local kid was going through his inheritance one car at a time and his latest toy was a black '69 Vette roadster with a 350/4 speed combo and a nice flame job. He blew the engine one night in about 1983 and in a pissed mood sold it for around $1,500 if I remember correctly. Several of us found out the day after and were chapped that we missed it.
  10. Dan in Pasadena
    Joined: Sep 11, 2009
    Posts: 861

    Dan in Pasadena

    My brother in law tells the story of his dad, a pilot, coming home from WWII with a pocketful of cash and cars were hard to come by right after the war. He'd always wanted " of those big open town cars" and through a friend of a friend heard about an older woman in Oxnard (then - and still - kind of a farming community north of L.A.) whose son had died in the war and left a big car she wanted to get rid of.

    It was a long trip in those pre-freeway days but he went up on a weekend with a truck & trailer. The car turned out to be a Dusenberg(!) in beautiful condition with four flat tires and some mice damage in the upholstery. She just wanted it gone because it reminded her of her dead son. She'd take $1000.

    But it wouldn't fit on the trailer and had four rotten tires. He promised to come back the next weekend....several times... but ultimately crapped out on it!
  11. 1968 - I'm working two summer jobs to get money for college and buy a car. Two blocks from warehouse where I work, a block from the bus stop, there's a '37 Plymouth coupe parked often in front of a residence. After seeing it two or three times, I decide to knock on the door and ask about it. Two elderly sisters, Addie and Edna Wygand, live there and it's Addie's car. She's owned it since new, and wasn't interested in selling, but I liked them and kept dropping by about once a week just to say hello - and keep my hand in, so to speak. By the end of the summer, just before I'm heading back to school, I see the car with a bashed in right fender and front end. Turns out Addie got slammed by a car running a light. She was okay but the car wasn't. She still didn't want to sell. I ended up buying a '29 A coupe, my first car. Often wondered what became of the sisters and the '37. They were gone by the time I returned to the job the next June.

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