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Features The Best Custom Material of 1964...

Discussion in 'Traditional Customs' started by Jive-Bomber, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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  2. Engine-Ear
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    Alliance Vendor

    The '64 to '65 'transition' on GMs B-Body (Catalina, LeSabre, 88, Impala) cars is striking. I was told by someone involved at Pontiac that the '65 body was originally intended for '64 model year release but various delays postponed it. In that regard, owning a '64 GM B-body gives you another year of engineering refinement under the skin while still keeping the flat side glass, top-bow roof and what I call "the look".
  3. 31fordV860
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    I love the marketing renderings that go in the brochures and ads for the these cars, they always draw them to look slighty wider and lower than what the real car is-

    Just sayin' ...
  4. jcmarz
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    from Chino, Ca

    The Mustang is considered "The First Pony Car" not "The First Muscle Car"

  5. veedolpaul
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    I have always liked the styling of the early 60`s GM cars in general, but the Pontiac`s really do it for me. The renderings done of these cars make them look low and wide because they really are. I took my 64 GP to the Revival in Baltimore last month and felt like I was piloting the Enterprise, looking over that massive hood.[​IMG]
  6. autobilly
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    Mustang, first Muscle Car? The first secretary's car was a pony compared to the '64 Pontiac GTO.
  7. I'll wholeheartedly agree....although I might be biased. ;) Now if I could only finish it after kicking it around for 30 years. LOL

    Stripping it to metal in '86:


    One of many interim primer jobs 1987:


    It's last primer job 1991:


    Coming out of storage and moving back home in 2007 and sadly, how it still looks. I got rear ended in '95 (you can't see the damage in this pic) and it has sat since until I get the time to cut off the back end and put a new rear clip on. One of these days....

  8. cmyhtrod
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    from ct

    When I was 7 or 8 my parents got me a remote controlled car for Christmas that was a take off on the Catalina. I cant remember what they called it, but the damn thing didnt work and there weren't anymore when we took it back for a replacement...
  9. MRpants
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    from pea ridge

    64 cadillac all the way
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    This is a tough call for me, personally at least. I'd take the sexy "bulbous hips" of a 65 Grand Prix or Bonneville any day. Same with an Impala, way better, sleeker, and IMO lends itself to any form of mod from all out creamy custom to bad ass boulevard bruiser. The 64 GTO gets a nod as being 1st, but it's kid brother for 65? They nailed it big time on essentially the same car. Comet? 65 there too, but it's one of those cars that if you had one or the other you might lust after it's sibling just as much. Sure the 64 is tough lookin with the 4 lights filling up the grille but the stacked lights for 65 rule. Both could take equal treatment and come out swingin.

    I'm on board with the Cadillac. 64 was very refined, a "mature" use of fins and several subtle details that simply ruined the 63 in my eye forever. In a 4yr stretch I'd prefer a 61 but a 64 would do, especially with the extra grunt offered by the 429. I could go on and on but I won't for now. I never understood the 64 "cut off" in many shows and frankly here either. To me things should die off in 1970. Even the OEMs were involved in what we do, making ever more power. 1970 was still a year of front engine dragsters, funny cars still looked like the cars they were patterned from, Super Stock still kept fans in the bleachers, and Pro Stock was also a real car. It started to die in 71, and of course by 75 with exception of a precious few we could stick a fork in it. Some reasons were good like side door beams and crumple zones, but some just took the emotion out of play. Just sayin...
  11. I like the 64 Galaxie as a Custom.....
  12. Good thread. The entire BOP line-up were all good looking automoibiles.
    I was bitten by '64 Oldsmobiles in college and have since owned 6 of them. The 98's and Starfire models are my favorite. So stylish inside and out. Lavished with chrome, stainless and polished aluminum...yet not gawdy like the late 50's versions. Actually owned a '65 Starfire convertible as well and the whole "coke bottle" design scheme not as enticing, as it's predisessor. Needless to say, they make make awesome mild customs.
    Sorry Ransom and Lansing, but I still yearn for a 62-64 Grand Prix.

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  13. My first car was a '64 Impala 2dr HT... GM tried transferring some of the "sporty" looks of the Corvette to the bigger cars with Coke-bottle beltlines... But there was a bright spot in '65, Thankfully, the full-size Chryslers started look less like a bloated '63 Dodge Dart and more like their sleek pre-65 cousins at GM and Ford.
  14. flamingokid
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  15. The big Ponchos of '64 are just plain old fashioned elegant. I prefer the Buick models for that year though. As far as the "a" body cars from G.M. go, I like the '65's over the '64's on most of them.
  16. rixrex
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    Best custom material ever..64 Buick Riviera

    best custom from the factory..64 Studebaker Avanti
  17. ford40
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    from pa

    Galaxie all the way

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  18. banditomerc
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    Riviera of course...
  19. R Pope
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    R Pope

    I like the '64 Merc Marauder fastback. Had one in '72, got another now!
  20. Glass_Packs
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    ford40 - LOVE your Galaxie, it looks great with the 1960 Mercury grille and tunneled tail lights!

  21. 40StudeDude
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    Here's a couple of '64 Chevys I did...the first one is kinda mild...a little Bel Air two door with two-tone paint and five spokes:

    The second is a SuperSport with a few mods...can you spot them...???

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