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Hot Rods The Austin, Texas Trio

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ryan, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Linford sold the car to someone who went on to flip it during a pass at Little River. I'd be willing to bet Larry over at Performance Plus could give some more details since he and Linford were buddies and he built the engines for Linfords funny cars and dragsters, he's got some great stories.
  2. Rolleiflex
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  3. Buck & Bolds.....what a team they were. They came down to Corpus all the time and ran at Rodd Field, my dads track. Sweet memories of some cool guys. And an Olds to boot.
  4. So, it was originally built in California.
  5. flamingokid
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    It definitely has more of a California look....
  6. From the original post:

    "The Hot Rod Mag article doesn’t go into the car’s achievements, but I was able to look up the ’58 Nats results. The Trio turned the top ET of the meet for the B/R class at 13.36 (109.42 mph), but only managed to take home a 2nd place trophy. A couple of schmucks from California stole their cup."

    I believe their top ET had to be higher than that. I have the time card from my car (which Marshall Robillio of the Memphis Rodders had at the time) at the '58 Nationals. Here's the time card and shots of the car with the number on the side.(on a side note, I talked to Marshall a few minutes ago to ask him about this and he said he was beat in the second round by some boys from California with a small displacement hemi, didn't remember their names...)

    Taking nothing from the Buck and Bohls roadster. Man that car had some history. Thanks for the write-up Ryan. HAMBin' it up right. Love this stuff!

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  7. First I thought you were talking about "High Noon"...!

    But this is just as cool!
  8. Jonnie King
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    Jonnie King
    from St. Louis


    Great article & history ! What a nice machine ! Would have been cool to hear it - and see it - on the run that got it 2nd Place !

    Met Steve W. a few years ago in Salina. What a nice guy, and a true, dyed-in-the-wool R&C lover/owner...who's contributed to the Industry in many ways.

    BTW: Wouldn't mind having that DeSoto that's in the background of this pic !


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  9. cuzncletus
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    I remember the car from when I was a kid in the early 60's. It was in it's red configuration back then and I'm pretty sure it didn't have the motorcycle wheels up front. I remember it with the moons. It was awesome. As kids we thought it might be Tony Nancy's very similar appearing car from California. The car sat in a shop of Koenig Lane and was often outside during the day either acting as advertising or making room for work inside the garage. We'd ride much farther than we were allowed to go by our parents to sneak a look at it. My friend had a real Stingray bicycle. I had Schwinn's version of a PeeWee Herman bike that I'd taken all the sheet metal and fenders off of and put on apehangers and a banana seat.

    Does anyone from Austin remember Oak Hill dragstrip? I swear that thing had a railroad track that crossed at a diagonal right after the finish line. Real fast cars couldn't run it because it would look like a dragrace followed by a jump scene out of Dukes of Hazzard. In the early 60's a 14 second street car was definitely something to be feared and that was about the limit of what ran at Oak Hill in my memory. Even though it was all the way across town to the strip, little boys on bikes could cover some serious ground when properly lured.
  10. Ryan
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    from Austin, TX
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    It wasn't a train track... Well, it was... But the track wasn't for a train. It was for a big cart that the Austin Lumber Yard used to move lumber from one yard to another. The yard was split by the drag strip.

    At least that's what I have been told. I've yet to find any pictures of all of the track. Apparently, the track was converted into highway 71 in the mid to late 1950's.
  11. I lived a couple blocks from that place.

    Somebody had a Google satellite image that you could see where the track used to be as well as the old roads... I'll see if I can find that post.
  12. Dzus
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    From Hecho In Texas:

    Does anybody know if this is true?
  13. SuperFleye
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    Aha, that explains a lot! Thanks for that input Jimmy B! Here are two color photos of the Buck and Bohls version of the roadster from the Marty McDonough photo collection. These two photos were taken at the 1957 NHRA Nationals in Oklahoma City! Do anyone know when and how this car ended up in Texas?



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  14. Wowsers, this friggin' car is amazing ! Talk about a triple threat ! That's the way to build 'em.......anyone else got some stuff to add ? Please.....

    Gotta' love it.
  15. This thread reminded me I have this photo, I believe it is from 1949.

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  16. I thought the Texas trio should include Stinky the Austin Bum!
  17. one37tudor
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    About half of the old Oak Hill Drag strip is still almost visible if you know where to look. The entrance to it was roughly where Williamson creek crosses 290 in Oak Hill and the track ran from East to West behind and across the creek from the little strip shops on the North side of 290. The end of the strip was taken out by the construction of William Cannon just north of 290.

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  18. SuperFleye
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    That's a great shot Jimmy! Looks like the hood has been painted by then?

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  19. Wow guys I'm going to look at the Buck and Bohl's roadster next week. Not the drag car. The drag car was totaled at Little River. The B&B roadster has sat since the 1960's untouched until now. I'll try to post some pics soon.
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  20. Gotgas
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    from DFW USA

    @Tweety's Resurrection any update? :) Kustomrama posted about the roadster today and mentioned there may be recent photos out there, but didn't have any to add.
  21. There are photos, they were posted on the Tweety '32 restoration thread but were deleted not long after. Kustomrama have the photos that were posted but it was decided best not to include them in the article. The car sitting in the Texas garage is the Art Tremaine roadster, later run by Buck and Bohls.
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  22. SuperFleye
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    As mentioned above we just posted a Featured Story about the Tremaine Roadster gathering up the bits of pieces and information we have been able to find about the car. This thread has been very helpful along with some other HAMB threads. Richard "Nobey" Noble shared a handful of beautiful photos with us that Bill Cole took back in the late 1940s:'s_1929_Ford

    Nobey's collection contains rare photos showing, for example, the dash and engine:




    Would love to see those recent photos making its comeback here on the HAMB along with some more information about its whereabouts and plans for the future.
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