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Customs The Artist At Large '50

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Ryan, May 15, 2023.

  1. Ryan
    Joined: Jan 2, 1995
    Posts: 21,483

    Staff Member

    Ryan submitted a new blog post:

    The Artist At Large '50


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    Last edited: May 15, 2023
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  2. That's a perfect 50 Chev.

    I know the article isn't really about OU, but we drove through the campus yesterday, and Adams is being torn down.
  3. Moriarity
    Joined: Apr 11, 2001
    Posts: 29,284

    Staff Member

    Man... I have known Dennis almost 40 years. He introduced me to you at the KKOA show in Wichita in 2000. I remembered you as being a very quiet, reserved almost beatnikish guy.... I first met Bunny at a show in Arkansas in the early 90's. She and Dennis were running a booth there selling his artwork. I bought one of each that they were selling that day and Bunny said "Man you are our best customer ever!" When I was building the Futurian and had wasted about a dozen rolls of fineline tape trying to figure out the layout for the paint job and couldn't get it. A call to Dennis and came up and stayed here for a couple of days and totally nailed it. He gave me and my daughter both tattoos while he was here too.... When I owned Roths Road Agent and brought it to a KKoa show that Dennis was at I let him drive it around the fairgrounds. He came back and told me that Bunny was really going to be mad at me. Because I just ruined sex for him by letting him drive a Roth car... Dennis is absolutely the salt of the earth and a man that gets it in a way that can't be explained....

  4. Tim
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
    Posts: 16,402

    from KCMO

    The new chevy really hits the nail on the head, you know that’s a Mcphail car from a mile away. I started into hot rodding obsessively re drawing his little “race?” Front view hot rod I found on the hamb two and a half decades ago and now my walls in the garage and tattoo shop are well populated in his prints.

    very happy to call him a good friend to my whole family.
    IMG_3764.jpeg IMG_3763.jpeg IMG_3773.jpeg IMG_3762.jpeg
    Mcphail sucks ;)

  5. krylon32
    Joined: Jan 29, 2006
    Posts: 8,962

    from Nebraska

    Chevy is very cool. I'd call it done and enjoy it.
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  6. Michael Ottavi
    Joined: Dec 3, 2008
    Posts: 250

    Michael Ottavi

    I'd say your college tuition was well spent, you should get a Hot Rod Pulitzer Prize for the above.
  7. Sprout
    Joined: Mar 26, 2001
    Posts: 774


    I was there that day. Crazy to think that its been that long, good times. Love the both of ya..... McPhail Sucks
  8. That car is rad
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  9. Ryan
    Joined: Jan 2, 1995
    Posts: 21,483

    Staff Member

    The feeling is mutual homie...
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  10. Yep, Dennis’s 50 is kool as well as all the other cars he has had that I can think of. Thanks for the great pics and commentary.
  11. silent rick
    Joined: Nov 7, 2002
    Posts: 5,113

    silent rick

    you said sticky icky
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  12. Spooky
    Joined: Mar 3, 2001
    Posts: 2,151


    Great post, man, this takes me to the dawn of the HAMB board when I stumbled upon it in 1997.
  13. flamedabone
    Joined: Aug 3, 2001
    Posts: 5,370


    Love Dennis' work, I have one of the very first McPhail skull shifter knobs he ever let out into the public.


    PS. We're gonna need a picture of that tattoo....
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  14. You sure? Once seen it can't be unseen. ;)
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  15. Lone Star Mopar
    Joined: Nov 2, 2005
    Posts: 3,693

    Lone Star Mopar

    Trading a bag of "weed" to a guy who's going to produce drug free urine in return, great plan man... & Yea Mcphail just gets it right with any car he owns. One of most my prized pieces of art is a pen/pencil hand drawing of my 52 Chevy he did during the covid lockdowns.
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  16. Moriarity
    Joined: Apr 11, 2001
    Posts: 29,284

    Staff Member

    Here’s mine

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  17. corncobcoupe
    Joined: May 26, 2001
    Posts: 6,951

    Staff Member

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  18. sketch.jpg
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  20. Hotdoggin DaddyO
    Joined: Jul 23, 2011
    Posts: 691

    Hotdoggin DaddyO
    from Hays, Ks

  21. I thought this would be about his 50th birthday. LOL. I have had some of his art work on the wall for maybe 2 decades or more. It's been long enough that I don't remember when I purchased it but the father of one of my friends made the frame for it. That made it very special. :) I went to the 3rd Kustom Kulture art show in December. Mrs. McPhail took my money for art and a shirt. I got to be the 1st person she used her credit card device on. Not every day you share a 1st time with anybody. :) I'm not able to understand the creative minds of artists, I'm just thankful that they are here. :)
  22. Rand Man
    Joined: Aug 23, 2004
    Posts: 4,836

    Rand Man

    I used to see him posting regularly on the HAMB around twenty years ago. Haven’t noticed him here lately. I have followed that Chevy on another site. That low-buck paint job is inspiring.
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  23. TexasSpeed
    Joined: Nov 2, 2009
    Posts: 4,631

    from Texas

    Dennis is THE MAN. He has never failed at making me feel welcomed whenever we run into each other. He truly is the salt of earth.

    I love his new Chevy. And I love that he drives the shit out of it. Hero.
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    Joined: Dec 3, 2002
    Posts: 1,206


    He's a kool kat for sure!
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  25. Roothawg
    Joined: Mar 14, 2001
    Posts: 24,177


    Man, I like it. A lot.
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    Joined: Jun 3, 2005
    Posts: 10,036


    Amazing how custom restraint comes from unrestrained types. Living dichotomies. That story takes me back, tells my stories in my head. Some you don't wanna know, trust me...
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  27. WhitewallWill
    Joined: Mar 5, 2014
    Posts: 617

    from N. Van, BC

    Have to admit, I don't know anything about Dennis and have since started looking up stuff about him. Gotta say he has a rare but, Rightous Swedish name though (sarc)!
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  28. BrerHair
    Joined: Jan 30, 2007
    Posts: 4,945


    The Origin story comes in pieces scattered over the years. Thanks for this piece.
    We will be forever grateful to you for this inspired combination, and that it was done by a nineteen year old is epic. Pretty cool.
    It's almost enough to get one to appreciate OU :p
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  29. That's taking things a little far...:eek::D
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  30. Outback
    Joined: Mar 4, 2005
    Posts: 2,204

    from NE Vic

    Not so much OU, but I was just musing about how good it was hearing some of the background, the culture that this Board was conceived in, by nurture & nature it has grown up into something that has helped foster the Traditional Hot Rod scene as it is today, it has inspired thousands of folk to appreciate the past while juggling the present.
    Thanks @Ryan for setting this thing up, for being driven in the way you have to curate this space. & Thanks to all the OG's for contributing to the environment & culture:D

    Edit - Oh & that 50 is grouse! ;)
    Last edited: May 18, 2023
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