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History The "Antique Doll" Flathead Dragster

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by D_Lazaris, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    They won't let Dave McCain and Ed Houtz flathead dragster run either. Seems no blown fuel is allowed there either not even a flathead... A--holes
  2. Like Jungle Jim said a long time ago, never trust the NHRA.
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  3. "I feel this would have been different if they were just enforcing a new rule. I knew the day was coming when we wouldn't be able to run our dragster at NHRA strips, but the back and forth and personal remarks that were made makes me upset. I am all about safety, and appreciate the efforts the NHRA does, but when they pick and choose what cars can and can't race and especially out of spite, that is where I draw the line. "
    I gave up my vintage altered for two reasons....1, I couldn't find tracks that would let me make passes, and 2, I would give up my race car before I would let the No Hot Rods Anymore browbeat me into feeling inferior because I don't have $35-40,000 to spend on what they think is an appropriate race car. And they wonder why they have lost the spectator numbers they once had.......
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  4. 56sedandelivery
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    You're in Division 7, so get ahold of that DIRECTOR, and explain/plead your case to him. Technically, my cage was't legal either back then, but I would "scrunch down" as best I could so the helmet face would be the required 3 inches back from the front hoop. Car was only a 3 point cage, and I never had any problem with Bremerton or Seattle. The guy I actually built my car to take out had a short WB FED also, and it was really marginal at best; he even gas welded his cage to make it "legal". His chassis was notched to clear the starter motor, and gas welded together. Now gas welding can be strong, but he was't a weldor. I wish I could post photos. I have some of a dragster that was a real POS; we used to call them "the hippies". Bunch of dirty, long haired, guys.They arrived with the dragster in the back of a pickup truck, then would use some wooden planks and brute strength to get it out. The real deal is, that car ran in the EIGHTS! The EIGHTS!!!!! SHORT FED with Model A wire wheels and hubs (Maybe Model T-not really sure), the cage looked like it had been bent up in a muffler shop. Powered by a big block MOPAR, with the block water evacuated into the zoomie headers. In the finish line lights, there'd be a big water vapor cloud. The guys firesuit was a leather welding jacket and hardware store gloves. They ran at Seattle all the time.
    I am Butch/56sedandelivery.
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  5. Stogy
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    You sure a form of a tribute to the past Mr. Brown is smiling back at you...You and your Missus have a way with Vintage Perfection...Congratulations...AND Happy Birthday to her as well...

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